30+ Best Boy Baby Shower Theme Ideas for 2024

Are you looking for the best boy baby shower themes?

Choosing the best boy baby shower theme for your upcoming celebration is so much fun – you can use your chosen theme to inspire your cake and all of your decorations, or just use it as a subtle accent to the overall shower (for example, if your theme is “minions”, you can carry the blue and yellow color scheme through everything).

When choosing a perfect baby shower theme, consider mom’s interests.

Does she love to sail? Is a day at the Disney parks her favorite vacation? Do her and daddy love to go camping? Maybe they love baseball games! It’s not hard to find a baby boy shower theme that will play into one of mom’s interests.

Whatever theme you choose, it’s sure to add an extra special touch to the celebration of the new arrival. Whether you want to go for a classic soft blue and white color scheme or something more playful, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here we will look at 30+ of the best boy baby shower theme ideas to inspire you!

Nautical Theme 

nautical baby shower themed food table

A nautical baby shower theme is classic and elegant. Incorporating elements of the sea, such as anchors, ships, and marine life, can create a visually stunning and festive atmosphere. Popular nautical baby shower themes include sailboats, lighthouses, and sea creatures. These can be incorporated into the décor, such as using nautical-themed tablecloths, balloons, and banners. You can use a navy blue, white, and red color scheme. Set out the finger food on a blue and white table cloth!

Baby “Under Construction” Theme

under construction baby shower cake

I just love this and think it’s one of the most unique boy baby shower themes – a cute idea if Daddy happens to be a builder! You can incorporate elements of a construction site, such as tool, hard hats and building materials, with bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. Popular “Under Construction” baby shower themes include caution signs, construction equipment, and building materials. Consider using yellow and black balloons and tablecloths with construction-related imagery.

Dr. Seuss Theme 

dr suess baby shower decor

Guests will love a theme based on the beloved children’s books written by Dr. Seuss – they will recognize the colorful characters, playful rhymes and whimsical illustrations! Consider finding ways to incorporate stripes, polka dots and other playful patterns; this can be just as effective (and much easier) than getting all the characters themselves involved. (Although I do think a few copies of the books make for a perfect shower gift, and could also be used as table centerpieces or in place of cards!) This theme is a lot of fun, and easily gender neutral if you’re not 100% certain of the baby’s gender.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

balloon garland at baby boy baby shower

Twinkle Twinkle little star is a classic and timeless boy baby shower theme (or girl, for that matter) and it’s also EASY and cheap, without LOOKING easy and cheap. Star shaped balloons and decorations are easy to come by, and you can do the whole room in shades of blue and white (or yellow and white). Here are some cute centerpieces that can be made for this shower theme.

Lumberjack Baby Shower Theme


A Lumberjack baby shower theme is fun and rustic! Incorporating elements of the forest such as woodsy creatures, trees, along with plain patterns can create a visually stunning backdrop. You can bring the lumberjack theme into the décor, by using plaid-patterned tablecloths for the gift and dessert table, and banners, and wooden elements like tree stumps or branches. Themed food ideas can include like smores, crisp maple bacon, and “Lumberjack lattes”.

Jungle Safari Theme

jungle safari baby boy shower themed decorations

A safari animal baby shower theme is a fun and unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Incorporating elements of the African savannah, such as jungle animals and lush greenery, can create a visually stunning and festive atmosphere. Popular safari animal baby shower themes include baby elephants, baby lions, baby zebras and baby giraffes. These can be incorporated into the décor, such as using stuffed animals, wall decals, or even a cardboard cutout of a safari animal as a photo prop. You can also play games like animal matching or animal sounds guessing game. The food can also be “themed”- like jungle juice or safari punch, and animal crackers. This baby shower theme is perfect for a little boy, although it can also be gender-neutral.

Minions Theme

minions baby boy shower themed decorations

When my best friend from high school had her first baby, I chose a “Minions” baby shower – partly because it’s fun and playful, and partly because my pregnant friend often referred to her baby as a “minion”! (The minions are characters from the animated Disney movie “Despicable Me”, known for their playful and silly nature.) To incorporate this theme into the shower, you can make everything blue and yellow (“minion” colors), and you can use decorations such as balloons, banners, and tablecloths featuring the minions’ iconic overalls and goggles.

Camping Theme

_camping_ baby shower theme decor

If camping is a favorite past time for mom and dad, this shower theme will be a hit! Decorate in colors that are reminiscent of a lake-shore – like blue, brown, and green. S’mores, trail mix, and graham bear crackers would be perfect on the snack table.

Mickey Mouse Theme

mickey mouse baby shower backdrop

I love the Mickey Mouse baby shower theme because I find Disney so magical. The color scheme is easy – red, yellow, black and white! This cute balloon arch made with Mickey colored balloons would make a fantastic backdrop for behind the food (or gift) table.

Lego Theme

_lego_ baby shower themed food table

To make the most of the Lego shower theme, decorate in bright primary colors – like the original Lego blocks! You can purchase a Lego set to use as décor (fill vases with it, sprinkle it around on the tables, use double sided tape to stick it to banners etc), and then give the set to mom as a shower gift. (Sure, it’ll be a few years before baby uses it, but Lego never goes out of style!) I love it when baby gifts can double as décor, and you don’t waste any money on things you’ll throw away – or worse, store for years and never look at again.

“Hello World” Theme

hello world baby shower themed decorations

I love the “Hello World” theme because I love to travel, but also because I have a real thing for vintage suitcases and globes, which would make perfect décor for this cute baby shower theme! To make it more “boy”, choose different shades of blue and green to accent your party. You could utilize hot air balloons instead of airplanes (these are an easy DIY balloon decoration).

Rustic Woodland Baby Shower Theme

rustic woodland baby shower game

The Rustic woodland baby shower theme has so many possibilities – it’s perfect for moms who love cute little forest animals like owls or hedgehogs or squirrels. If I was planning another baby shower, I think this would be it. This theme is perfect for parents who are expecting a little boy and love the outdoors, natural elements and the woods. Decorations can include (cheap found) items such as pinecones, branches, leaves, acorns, and woodsy creatures like deer, foxes, and bears. You can also incorporate natural elements such as burlap, twine, and mason jars to enhance the rustic feel!

Farmyard Theme

arm yard shower themed decorations

This theme is perfect for parents who are expecting a little boy and love the rustic charm of the countryside. Decorations ideas include any adorable barnyard animals, such as cows, pigs, and horses, as well as hay bales, and farm-related items such as tractors, wagons, and tools. A denim table runner would be cute! For the food, you can serve classic farm-to-table dishes like grilled chicken and vegetables, homemade pies, and fresh fruit. Give your planned baby shower activities fun names like “diaper derby” (where guests race to see who can change a baby doll into a new diaper the fastest) or you could play “baby animal” trivia etc.

Little Man / Mustache Theme

little man baby shower themed decorations

A mustache baby shower theme for boys is a playful and trendy way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. This theme is perfect for parents who are expecting a little boy and want a playful and creative theme that is easy to execute. Decorations can be as simple as mustaches in different shapes and sizes, with black and white balloons.

Little Man / Bowties Theme

bow ties shower themed decorations

Much like the mustache theme, the bowtie theme really says “little man”, but where the mustaches are trendier, bowties can be sophisticated and elegant. Decorations can include items such as bowties in different patterns and colors, as well as elements such as polka dots, stripes, and other playful prints. You can also incorporate vintage elements to give the party a sophisticated and elegant feel.

Superhero Theme

super heros shower themed food table

Your baby boy shower theme could feature ONE favorite super hero, like Batman or Spiderman, or it can be a general “superhero’s” theme.

Robot Theme

robots baby shower themed food table

This theme is perfect for parents who are expecting a little boy and love technology, science fiction or futuristic elements. To decorate, think of ways to incorporate gears, circuit boards, and other mechanical elements. Bright neon colors and geometric patterns can give the party a modern and futuristic feel.

“It’s a Jedi” Theme


If mom or dad is a Star Wars fan, of course they want to have a Jedi! You can print this cute “it’s a Jedi” banner here, and see other fun ideas for how to use bring the Star Wars feel to your baby shower.

Space Theme

space baby shower themed decorations

Since mom is about to rocket into the new adventure of parenthood (how cheesy am I?!, lol), the “space” theme is perfect to welcome her new little Astronaut! (Or maybe it’s because being a mom is “out of this world”?) I love the idea of hanging paper lanterns as planets, and you could really choose any color scheme that you felt mom would love.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme 

teddy bear holding a bunch of balloons table centerpiece

Teddy bears are a classic baby shower theme idea, and there is so much you can do with them! This teddy bear party is all in shades of brown, but your color scheme could be whatever you want, since teddy bears come in all colors!

Peter Rabbit Theme

peter rabbit baby boy shower themed decorations

Pulling a theme from a classic children’s book is an elegant way to decorate a baby shower, and most guests will be familiar with the timeless Beatrix Potter books. The color scheme could include soft blues and greens, with accents of white and brown to mimic the colors of Peter Rabbit’s fur. This adorable baby shower theme is a popular choice, but not overdone.

Lil’ Prince Theme 

blue cupcakes topped with crowns

Perfect for any little royal prince – which of course, all new baby boys are! (And of course that makes the guest of honor a queen – which she will love!) Think gold and blue colors, crowns, and maybe a castle or a knight here and there. Make a huge banner with the phrase “Welcome ‘lil Prince” in elegant font, and get the fanciest silverware you can find.

Baseball Baby Shower Theme

baseball themed baby shower centerpiece

Welcome the little slugger in style with a baseball themed baby shower! This theme is perfect for parents who love the sport of baseball or are baseball fans. Decorations can include items such as baseballs, baseball bats, gloves. You can use the team colors from mom and dad’s baseball team as accent colors for all the decorations. For food, keep it simple and serve hot dogs, chips and beer. (This theme in particular makes for an AWESOME co-ed baby shower if dad and his friends are invited!) 

Soccer Theme

soccer baby shower themed decorations

Ideal for a summer baby shower, a gift table covered in grass like a soccer pitch, and a soccer ball with a big bow on it are easy ways to create a soccer themed baby shower at any future soccer mom will love! I won’t list all the sports, but suffice it to say, any major sport makes a great option for a shower theme for baby boys when mom and dad are sports fans.

Under the Sea Theme

under the sea baby boy shower themed decorations

I love the “under the sea” shower theme for boys because it allows for so many easy decorations that utilize the classic “blue” color scheme! Decorations can include items such as colorful fish, sea creatures, coral reefs, and shells. You could also use inflatable beach balls, and beach umbrellas for pops of color and a party feeling. For the food, you can serve seafood dishes such as sushi, shrimp cocktails, and crab cakes.

Whale Theme

If you love the easy blue focus of the “under the sea theme”, but want something a little more specific, “whale” could be it it!

Donut-themed baby shower


Donuts are cute, fun, and EASY as a baby shower theme for boys! They are perfect for a very small shower (also called a “sprinkle” – because a smaller version of a shower, right?! The donut theme plays off the word “sprinkle” because donuts have sprinkles!

Airplanes Theme

airplanes baby boy shower themed decorations

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the cutest baby shower theme ever! While the airplane theme is traditionally used for little boys, it can make cute theme for girls as well. Think lots of puffy cloud and airplane decorations. Instead of the traditional baby shower games,  you could have paper airplane contests with prizes for the guests whose planes go the farthest. This is the perfect theme for a coed baby shower, too, because the guys won’t mind getting in on all the fun. You can also add in globes/travel items with this theme.

Dinosaur (or Puff the Magic Dragon)Theme

dinosaur cake

A fun dinosaur party can be easily created with various shades of blue and green, using small plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store or evening printing fun baby shower games with dinosaurs on them. These adorable details don’t go unnoticed and make the party all the more memorable for the new parents!

Greenery Theme

greenery themed baby shower decor

Classic greenery makes a gorgeous baby shower theme! In summer, you can cut your own plants as décor, or if live plants are readily available you can get faux greenery at any craft or dollar store, and fill in all the gaps with green balloons! I love the use of simple green tissue paper here, with the burlap table runner. 

Color-Based / Blue and Green Theme

blue and green baby shower

When in doubt (or when overwhelmed by choice, or short on time to find specific themed décor), you can not go wrong with choosing a couple of complimentary colors and going with a basic color-based theme. This blue and green themed baby shower is a great example of how well put together a party can look when the only theme is color!

There are so many fun and creative boy baby shower themes to choose from

The key is to choose a theme that reflects the interests and personalities of the parents-to-be and the new baby boy. With a little bit of creativity and attention to detail, you can create a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

You can incorporate one of these fun baby shower themes into every aspect of your party – right from food and wall art / decorations to party favors and fun baby shower games! There’s no doubt that your party to welcome this new little boy will be a huge success.

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