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Harmful Chemicals in Household Products: 5 Terrifying Things You Need to Know

It’s not something I personally LIKE to think about because it feels like something I have so little control over. In fact, I’m almost of the opinion that we can’t avoid harmful chemicals in household products… because they are in almost everything we use on a daily basis. It could actually be panic inducing, if a person over thinks it.

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How to Remove Mildew From Clothes or Baby Blankets (without ruining them!)

I never had mildew before I had baby
But then again, there are lots of things I never had before I had a baby (uneven boobs, for example) and I guess new things come with the territory.
It’s been about 1072 degrees here this month, and I am trying REALLY hard to stay on top of the laundry… but failing apparently. 1072 degrees + an abundance of wet spit-up baby things = mildew.

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