Becoming a mommy (or daddy) comes with all kinds of new cleaning challenges.

You’ll find yourself googling heaps of things you never worried about before (not least of all how to get poop out of the carpet).

(Yes, poop.)


I was thinking just this morning that we are probably going to need a new mattress – and pondering the cost of replacing said mattress – until I found exactly the information I needed on how to get the stains (and smell!) out. It just isn’t feasible to be throwing out all the things that our baby is trying to ruin!

(If you’re just looking to stay on top of your REGULAR cleaning duties – check out this free printable cleaning schedule, to keep things organized… but if you have one of those “kid disasters” you might need the following cleaning hacks!


For your sanity – and your bank account – I present to you:

10 Cleaning Hacks for Parents – You’ll NEED to know:

1 – Put a coffee filter in the potty (just throw the filter out when your little one has a successful “go” – you won’t have to do any… “potty scrubbing”.)

I KNOW it’s not just me that thinks scrubbing a potty every evening is the least fun thing on my to-do list…

potty chair cleaning trick

2 – Clean + sanitize toys in dishwasher – these things are GROSS (if we are realistic) and the dishwasher is a GREAT way to make sure they are germ free.

clean toys in the dishwasher

3 – Did you know that rubbing alcohol removes ball point pen from material (or plastic/leather etc)? Yep – if your kid scribbles all over your couch, you can totally fix that: How to remove ink stains from clothing.

how to remove ink stains from clothes


4 – Microwave Sanitizing bags for bottles / pacifiers. Because ain’t no one got time for all that “boiling to sterilize”. These things are the most amazing time saver.

5 – Left a little pile of blankets sitting wet overnight? You need this → How to Remove Mildew From Clothes and Blankets.


how to remove mildew stains from clothes and blankets

6 – You have  kid, so you also need this → How to Get Infant Poop Stains Out of Clothes from A Time to Freeze.



7 – Annnnnnd this → How to Remove Pee Stains from Mattresses from What’s Up Fagan’s?


8 – How to Clean Stuffies in the Washing Machine from A Real Life Housewife will be information you definitely want. (Those stuffies might look adorable and fluffy now, but I promise, they don’t stay that way!) 


cleaning hacks


9 – How to remove common kid stains from carpet from Parent Guide.


awesome cleaning tips for parents


10 – How to Get Crayons Off the Wall from Reader’s Digest.


how to get crayon off the wall - cleaning tip


With these great cleaning hacks for parents, you’ll be prepared next time your little people make monster messes – it’s all part of the fun of bein’ mommy!

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cleaning hacks for parents