Gifts for a New Dad (From Mom)

When your first baby is born, think about what kind of new dad gifts you can give your partner so that he remembers this day forever. You can’t be sure he will unless he gets gifts, right? Isn’t that what birthdays are for?

I’m kidding, mostly. As a dad of two – there’s probably nothing that could make me forget.

Regardless, get him something amazing to share the celebration. And no, getting him a baby doesn’t count.


New daddy gifts

Becoming a father isn’t easy. The mother certainly has it harder on that special day, but if I’d known the directions being a dad would take me, I would have spent more money getting ready.

Not with practical stuff. More like taking the time to buy everything I could ever want since I would never spend a dime on myself ever again.

I’m joking, of course.

Sort of.

Having children is an amazing experience. I’m making light of it because it’s my moral imperative as a sort of broad-sweeping dad joke.

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Regardless, when you consider the new daddy gifts that can make your partner’s day, there are a few different approaches you can take. You know your partner best, so I wanted to give you some ideas but expect you’ll probably use some combo or variation. If nothing else, hopefully, my thoughts prime the pump a little for your own creativity.

Here are a few options (or keep reading if you want to know more about these gifts):

Cool Electronic Gear

Handcrafting Gifts

Hobby Gifts

Gifts for Expectant Dad at the Hospital

Funny Gifts for New Dads

Some Books That Focus on New Daddy

Practical Gifts for Dad

Gifts for new daddy: Take your first alone-time after baby is born to go shopping for new dad books or funny new dad gifts that you can bring home as a gag.

These are all great options and you can have a lot of fun (before or after baby is born). He’ll reciprocate once the focus shifts to you and baby, so the more you can plan to do upfront, the more likely he’ll be able to easily set his needs aside and make you his sole concern. Find ways to make him smile. With this little rascal looming on the horizon, you’re going to need a reason sometimes.

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Cool gifts for expectant dads

As you work through your pregnancy, definitely keep an eye out for what cool gifts you can get your partner. New daddy gifts are well and good for once baby is born, but there are definitely some solid reasons to get him a few things BEFORE you start your little delivery room camp out. A lot of new daddy’s attention will be focused on new baby, and new mommy is probably not going to want to do a lot of doting on her lovely partner. Truly, he’ll be lucky to get out of it all alive.

If you’ve filled his meter before D-Day, he’ll have a lot of gratitude in his heart as the balance of work shifts his way. I can’t tell you how many times I had to check myself after our little ones were born because I was starting to feel a little frustrated about having to do more housework while still working full time.

The truth is that you deserve some much-needed rest and bonding time. While we should be more than happy to serve you for months and years to come, it’s hard to keep it all in perspective. Some charity and thoughtfulness on your part while it’s easy will go a long way in helping hubby to stay strong and remember that you’ve been through a lot.

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So what do you get expectant daddy? Here are a few dad-to-be gifts that should fall close to the mark.

A new camera

You’ll want plenty of memories captured in the years to come, and it all begins with this moment. How much of the process you want on camera is certainly up to you. Be sure to let him know if there are any zones or angles or regions that want to be camera shy during delivery. I had a pretty rigid set of directives that I mostly followed during our first delivery. Mostly.

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Regardless, it will be great to give him a chance to get to know the camera before it’s time to take that priceless and once-in-a-lifetime shot of you holding your baby for the first time. I was sooo lucky my wife’s grandma was there to run her phone camera when we huddled together for the first time while our new daughter nestles in for the first time. My wife was crying and I was staring over her hair at the wrinkled little cherub with an expression I don’t think I’d used before or since.

Needless to say, that was a moment worth having.

Here is a range of options for a camera, starting with a professional grade for the serious photo daddy, a moderate camera with some really awesome tech, and a casual and modestly priced point-and-shoot.

Sony a7R Mirrorless Camera (expensive)

camera new dad gift

Mirrorless cameras are the next DSLR’s, and this one will NOT disappoint. We picked one up a year ago, and have been completely happy with its performance.

Canon Rebel (moderate)

cannon camera new daddy gift

The Canon Rebel is probably one of the most popular mid-range option for a camera. It’s reliable, includes some nice features, and is affordable.

Waterproof Option (inexpensive)

camera gift for new dad

While this is a cheap option, people who purchase it are generally happy. This camera would make a great pick for the family who just wants a camera to capture those memorable moments – including the ones you want to take on your vacation adventures.

Note: Remember that you get what you pay for. If your partner wants to take this picture thing seriously, I’d recommend getting a camera that will last you and serve you well.

The latest tech

Take the time to consider what your partner will want most of all when spending those idle hours. If he has any length of time off to bond with you, he’ll inevitably get benched while you and baby have some time alone.

Whether it’s a new smartwatch so he doesn’t forget how to adult or a fancy new set of earphones to spare him the lion’s share of wailing, it’s worth making sure that dad-to-be has the right equipment for long hours waiting or rocking or cleaning.

I love fantasy fiction and took to listening to audiobooks when I began to commute 45 minutes to an hour twice a day. This was an invaluable preoccupation during my paternity leave. I absorbed hundreds of hours and probably saved my sanity along the way.

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I did it with clunky wired earbuds, unfortunately, and I can’t count how many times to lawn mower tried to suck my eardrum out of my skull when the wires caught a snag.

I would love to have had some wireless earbuds when mine were born. I didn’t even know they were a thing until my oldest was three, and it’s like I emerged from a cave and saw the first glimmer of technology.

You can get a highly priced but incredibly resilient Powerbeats set with phenomenal sound, a very useful and ridiculously convenient Apple or Samsung set, or something on the low end to keep the cost down.


powerbeats new dad gift
These Powerbeats are noise canceling, so I’ll let you decide whether or not this is something you’re comfortable with. You may find that he doesn’t “hear” the baby more often, which is legitimate with this pair.

Apple iPods

new dad gift airpods
My wife has two pairs of iPods, and we’re both pretty attached to them. If he already has an Apple device, it just makes sense to grab some of these (although they DO work with Android, so don’t let the lack of an Apple device stop you).

Wireless Earbuds

Truthfully, I haven’t heard of this brand of wireless headphones – but if you check out the reviews you’ll see that people love them. With a 36 hour playtime, I think they’re worth checking out.

Handcrafting and Electronic Hobbies

If music or audiobooks aren’t your partner’s thing, or he’s already got earbuds, consider what practical tools he might like to use up to and immediately after baby’s birth.

Are there specific hobbies or interests he has? If he’s a crafter, there are a few things you can do to really enable that talent and give him something to work on while the baby’s still on board and for years to come.

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For a lot of dads I know, this could vary dramatically. The important thing is that YOU know what he would want and need. I’ve dabbled in stained glass, and it would have been great to have some extra time and glass sheets to make something for the baby’s nursery. You’re probably safer going with a Dremel for carving wood or some new power tools to make a playhouse crib.


dremel new daddy giftThis Dremel has all of the accessories you could need for a variety of different projects. If he likes to work with his hands and doesn’t have one of these, it’s worth considering.


Portable Table Saw

table saw new daddy gift

This table saw is powerful and portable. Bosch is a reputable brand and he’ll definitely find lots of value and loads of fun crafting the perfect dollhouse or spaceship. This powerful table saw delivers a whopping 4 horsepower.


I’m all thumbs with power tools, which means I’d be no thumbs with power tools if I got too aggressive in this space. I appreciated having time and resources to work on some graphic design and idle art projects with my drawing pad or to play a few games on my new handheld gaming system.

Drawing pad

new gift for new daddy drawing pad

This slim and incredibly powerful drawing pad manufacturer has been used by hobbyists and pros for decades, and their technology only continues to improve. With 4096 levels of pressure, you can get some incredibly expressive lines and are limited only by your imagination.

My wacom tablet has unlocked the artist that has been hiding in me for years, and a little creative expression is incredibly cathartic for the frustrated daddy.

Nintendo Switch

I don’t probably need to say much about this little beauty. If your partner is big on video games, they’ll know that Nintendo has been a mainstay since we were kids, and maybe even before. This latest installment to the Nintendo series of handheld and gaming consoles is absolutely miraculous.

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With some of the best titles Nintendo has ever produced, the Switch has altered the concept of handheld versus console by allowing you to dock the hand unit and turn this lightning fast processor into a console unit. You don’t lose any resolution because the games are programmed for high output. With a snap you turn the control pads from paddles (a’la Wii) into a console controller.

A few of my favorite games are Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Final Fantasy titles that have been remastered for the Switch (like this one).

Going for any one of these can definitely be affordable. To go with more might run you a bit of a price tag. Of course, my birthday coincided with both my daughters’ births, so we got to justify a little extra for me.

Gifts for new dads at the hospital

A lot of that stuff will come in useful the day-of, so be sure that you’re thinking long term when you opt for gifts for new daddy. The other thing to think about is that you can also do something smaller, and spread the love around.

Many other couples will be going through the same experience, and their children will share birthdays with your little one. For whatever reason, both our children’s births were a very solitary experience for us. We’d see other couples in the halls, hear people through open doorways, but we interacted very little.

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Obviously, let’s not go poking our heads through privacy curtains. How awesome would it be to nurture a few relationships with people going through the EXACT same weekly experiences for the rest of our babies’ lives, though? It’s like instant playmates from day 1.

Gifts for expectant dads at the hospital

For this reason, consider preparing a grab bag of gifts for new dads at the hospital–share the wealth around and this will be a great conversation starter.

This could be a lot of different things. You could go conventional and get some cigars to pass around. You could go with gag gifts, something like funny Popsockets or congratulations greeting cards with funny inspirational messages to new dads.


popsocket new dad gifts
If you aren’t familiar with Popsockets, you definitely need to check them out. I wasn’t a big fan because I like my phone being slim in my pocket, but these little self-adhesive sockets double as both a grip while using the phone and a table stand when watching shows or reading a book.

Because of the crazy awesome potential these little babies have in convenience and utility, it’s become a bit of a fad to get a Popsocket that matches your personality. They are available in various themes and styles.

Otherwise, you could go practical and find some gifts for new dads at the hospital that won’t break the bank but add some real value to the experience.

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There are some wireless pagers so dad can keep connected to mom even when he runs down to the car, books filled with dad jokes, even books on how to raise the little one from birth.

Pager system

pager new daddy gift

This smart little pager system works on AA batteries and is incredibly easy to use. It’s an inexpensive way to stay connected at the touch of a button.

Dad Jokes Book

new dad jokes

He’ll have all the kids rolling their eyes in no time with this clean and age appropriate collection of dad jokes.

Dad Advice Book

funny gift for new dad

I wish I had some of the gems in this little beauty. You never know what you don’t know. Help him even out some of these blind spots in this straight forward and very charming book of comical pointers for new daddies.

Gifts for new daddy

When it comes to life after baby, the sky is really the limit. Your lives take different paths than ours, your hobbies differ. While I can’t really tell you what he’ll appreciate most, I can definitely plant a few seeds.

As far as the “how”, plan ahead or collaborate so new dad gifts are waiting for him when you get home from the hospital. This will thrill him and–again–endear him to the shift in attention and focus.

Funny gifts for new daddy

You can consider funny new dad gifts like a fanny pack designed to hold diapers and wipes, dad and child combo outfits, or a library of new dad books that treat lightly with the new role he’s taking on with this lovely little addition to the family.

Fanny Pack

diaper new dad gift
He’ll be rocking the diaper change like it’s 1988 with this awesome utility pack.

Paired outfits

taco t shirt daddy gift

No mom can resist dressing her baby in the cutest and most expressive outfits available. Take the initiative to dress your partner too, for the matching set! These matching outfits are thoughtful and ridiculously cute.

New dad book

new book for new dads
Take the dad joke philosophy a step further by giving him a few primers for how to spend quality time with the newbie while having fun and stimulating his brain. These safe-for-baby science experiments will keep them both busy while you (finally) get a little sleep.

Practical gifts for new dads

It’s definitely worth solving for his funny bone. Be sure it’s not all fun and games. If you’ve loaded him up heavily prior to or at the time of your baby’s birth, you might not have all the bandwidth (read: money) in the world for something post-birth. If so, be sure you’re dialing into a few things that will make his role special.

Baby books that focus on new daddy

Whatever you do, don’t forget to pack in a few dad and baby night time board books. My wife only had a few books to start, and they were all about finding mommy or getting home to mommy. I didn’t really mind, but something about nighttime rituals left me feeling a little empty and alone, and it even started to tin toward resentment.

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I was not suckling a baby, after all.

It never really occurred to me in the moment, but once we started watching for new dad books for night time, it was much easier for me to feel like a part of that special bond that exists between baby and mom.

My absolute favorites are I Love You, Daddy, Guess How Much I Love You, and I Love You to the Moon and Back.

Gifts for new dads that make life easier for mom

The thing that makes me happiest in this world is ensuring that my wife is happy and taken care of. It makes life difficult when she’s trying to solve for me at the same time. It’s like a competition to see who can give the most in favor of the other’s joy and contentment.

Result, we are both angrily pushing for the other to make a decision about what they want half the time.

This is a great space where you can sit yourself back a little, let your needs become paramount. I guarantee that he’ll feel a hundred times better if you just let him do for you, sacrifice for you, serve you. Think about what you DON’T want to do, and get him some gifts that help him do them.

To-do list journal

notebook for new dads

This blank notebook journal is a great solution for the open-ended housekeeping adventure.


planner gift for new dads

You might have the opportunity for hubby to come out of this a changed man if you get him started on this journal. I love this system because it’s elegantly bound and provides prompts dreamed up by a career coach whose experience spanned the lives of celebrities and sports stars.

Amazon Echo

amazon echo gift for new dads
Getting him an Amazon Echo will put the reordering of basically any household supplies at his fingertips. Not only that, but it was never easier to turn a light on. Just be sure to attach it to a carabiner tied to a dongle that attaches to a lanyard that’s carbon-bonded to his skull so he won’t lose it.

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Or just keep it by the coffee machine.

If he wants to be close to baby but still get stuff done, get him a baby carrier so he can spend some quality time while getting chores or shopping done too. Don’t worry, you’ll use it too.

LilleBaby Carrier

baby carrier gift for expectant daddy
We had this LilleBaby carrier and loved it. It’s very highly rated and is specifically designed for ergonomics. The price is up there, but for good reason.

K’tan Wrap

baby wrap for expectant dad

If you’re looking to stay a little closer to a budget (or just prefer something different), here’s a K’tan baby wrap that can be used in various positions and weights. This Katan wrap skips the rigmarole of having to learn how to wrap baby up and is well worth the money even if you opt for the ErgoBaby too–mostly because it’s lightweight and feels so organic.

DadWare Bondaroo

bonding shirt for new dads
You can take bonding up a notch with a skin to skin product like the Dadware Bondaroo. This incredibly comfortable carrier mimics the philosophy brought to us by kangaroos.

I probably don’t have to explain how awesome that is.

Automatic Putting Cup
golf gift for new dads

I wasn’t terribly concerned being shut indoors for a few months with a newborn. I’m a cool basement and fast internet kind of guy. If yours is more for the sun on his skin and a ball in hand,  consider this automatic-return putting cup from Silver Deer. It’ll keep his golf game sharp and his wits inside his skull.

I’m pretty sure that’s where we keep our wits, anyway.

The overall thought behind gifts for new dads

Whether the new gifts for dad are new dad books, funny new dad gifts, or just something great that he’ll always use and fondly associate with the birth of your little one, gifts for new dads are a great way to share the journey and help him feel involved.

As you enter this exciting new phase in your lives together, really ensure that you’re giving him every opportunity to devote his time and attention to you and to feel good about it.

A few gifts for new dad gifts will be well worth a little cost up front, and he’ll thank you forever.

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  1. Having babies is an awesome experience; however, for many newlyweds, having a new baby in the family can be a bit overwhelming. As a new type of father joke, having kids is actually kind of moral imperative. No matter how you look at it, when you think about the many new dad gifts available to help make your new little guy’s day, there are some different approaches that you can take as well. A very popular option for a gift is the diaper cake; this is a simple gift that is sure to get a big smile from dad (and mom). If money is tight, diapers are inexpensive, last for quite some time, and can even be picked up used from the local drugstore, so the overall costs are low.


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