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Preparing for BABY on a BUDGET: Financial Considerations that will make all the difference

Are babies REALLY that expensive? A while back I had a comment on one of my debt free living posts… something to the effect of we “wouldn’t still be debt free after we had kids, because kids are so expensive.” (I was pretty pregnant when I read that comment, so it hit closer to home than it might have a few months before.)

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6 Habits to Get You Out of Debt

I’ve mentioned before that we are debt free. We decided early in our marriage that we would STAY debt free (not including a mortgage. Some day we will have a mortgage, if the timing is right.) The decisions we made that helped us be debt free from the beginning were hard decisions. We lived with my parents for two years, we saved the money it required to build our home. Then we actually BUILT our home.

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How to (Really) Save Money When Shopping Online

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I don’t fully trust coupons. If you’re new here – HI! Thanks for stopping by. And you should know that I don’t fully trust coupons. I know, I know, coupons are literally like money… unless you weren’t ever going to buy that thing in the first place. “Save 50 cents on (specific) shampoo” is not the same as finding two quarters on the ground.

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