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Category: Saving Money

How to Save Money While Raising a Family

There’s no question that having kids CAN cost a bundle – many estimates are coming in around $250,000 to raise a kid from birth to ages 18 (source).  But you’re wrong if you think that you need to go broke raising a family. In fact, with some tweaks to your budget and the way you spend on your children, you might even be able to take a family vacation each year!

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7 Ways We Save Over $5000 / Year

Recently (or a few months ago anyhow – time flies!) I wrote about my season of uncontrolled spending in the post 10 things I quit buying to save money. That post went crazy! It’s one of my most popular posts to date actually… (YAY!) It really drove home to me that we are all looking for more ways to make our money go further and SAVE a little.

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