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Breastfeeding With a Low Milk Supply

I’d had YEARS to research and prepare for mommyhood, so I knew I wanted to breastfeed to give my child to give him the best possible start in life. In the hospital, the nurses taught Alexander and I how to breastfeed.Alas, he was a pretty sleepy little guy and I wasn’t making much colostrum (pre-milk). Add to this the fact that my milk came in late on day 5, and Alexander had had enough of breastfeeding within a week. He’d cry, fuss, and shake his head when we tried to nurse.

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9 Common Breastfeeding Problems (& How to Fix Them)

But it’s not always easy. At least not for everyone – certainly not for me! (In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done.)
I watched my sister struggle with breastfeeding through two babies, and when I was pregnant with the squishy baby I swore I wouldn’t distress over breastfeeding him. I figured I would try it and if it was a disaster I would go to formula, no stress.

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15 Lactation Boosting Recipes

I’ve never been a serious snacker, but lemme tell you, it’s nearly midnight (we’re wide awake waiting for the squishy baby to realize it’s night time) and I am shamelessly devouring one of those microwave pasta things.
Yes I had supper. Big supper actually. But keeping up your breast milk supply takes calories.

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