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Bad Money Habits You Need to Ditch NOW

This post has been sort of rattling around in my brain this week, just waiting to get out onto the screen…but posts have a hard time forming in my head until something inspires the concrete ideas and words that make up what I want to say. This week, what I want to say came to me at the grocery store while I was contemplating how much money my blog made in October, and looking at a box of $16 chicken fingers.

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6 Habits to Get You Out of Debt

I’ve mentioned before that we are debt free. We decided early in our marriage that we would STAY debt free (not including a mortgage. Some day we will have a mortgage, if the timing is right.) The decisions we made that helped us be debt free from the beginning were hard decisions. We lived with my parents for two years, we saved the money it required to build our home. Then we actually BUILT our home.

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