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10 ways becoming a mother will change you forever

Travelling changed me, marriage changed me, loss changed me. Anxiety did as well, and disappointment. Even blogging changed me. Learning more about who God and what He thinks about me has certainly changed me. Most of these things brought subtle, slow changes that became evident over time. I didn’t even notice them at first.
But becoming a mother – becoming a mother has changed me so completely and so drastically that I couldn’t help but notice.

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Life With Kids


Gentle Sleep Training – Teaching Baby to Sleep Without Tears

The definition of CIO differs a bit, depending on who you ask. But most Moms agree that leaving your baby alone to cry himself to sleep (and never checking on him) qualifies as “crying it out.” And for many Moms, this is terrifying. Admittedly, a lot of parents get quick results with this method. But let me reassure you, you don’t have to do CIO to teach your baby to sleep well.

Life at Home


6 Rules of Decluttering: Get Your Home Back

A messy house is no fun - it makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed in all areas of my life actually.  I even sleep better when my house is clean. And I can't get my house clean unless it's organized - shoving stuff into the cupboards and under the bed doesn't count as "clean" to me.  When it comes to getting organized, one of the key elements must be decluttering.

Family Finances


10 Things I Quit Buying (to Save Money)

If you've read many finance books or blogs, you've probably heard that in most relationships, there is just one person who is largely in charge of the finances. It's a generalization, but one that hits the nail on the head with my husband and me. We make all our major money decisions together - house, car, investments, insurance... anything that costs more than a couple hundred bucks really. But I, almost unilaterally, do all the spending.

Work From Home Mommy (So you can stay with your kids!)

Start a laundry business: The perfect NON-phone NON-computer side hustle for moms

Earning extra income from home – as a mom – can be life changingAnd… it can also be really difficult. (I can say this with some certainty, as a mom who works from home.)
Generally, the hardest thing for ME is that my work requires my undivided attention – writing, editing, creating images… all these things mean I need to be able to sit down at the computer for a few hours at a time.

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Stay At Home Mom Jobs: The Ultimate Guide to Earning an Income from Home

lways planned to be a stay at home mom, I always knew it was what I wanted… but that didn’t change the reality of our situation.
Just because I WANTED to be at home with my baby didn’t mean that we were financially able to make that happen. I see a ton of “how we lived on one low income” articles floating around… but we live in a very expensive part of the country, and generally, one low income just isn’t going to cut it here.

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