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New mom worries – how to overcome anxiety, what’s normal, and what’s not

Postpartum anxiety isn’t as common a subject as postpartum depression is (yet), but we’re finally starting to hear a little more about this other struggle many of us face as new moms. I think one of the reasons it’s been so ignored for so long is that it’s perfectly NATURAL to have some worries as a first time mom, and therefore these fears are often brushed off as normal.

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Life With Kids


Baby Sleep is hard, but this changed EVERYTHING for me

I've written about it before, about how tired I am, and why co-sleep even tho we said we'd NEVER.  I've shared a compilation of the flat out best baby sleep tips out there. There is just a whole lot that can be said about baby sleep. And none of it actually makes those wide awake 3 am hours (and hours and hours) any easier. 

Life at Home


6 Rules of Decluttering: Get Your Home Back

A messy house is no fun - it makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed in all areas of my life actually.  I even sleep better when my house is clean. And I can't get my house clean unless it's organized - shoving stuff into the cupboards and under the bed doesn't count as "clean" to me.  When it comes to getting organized, one of the key elements must be decluttering.

Family Finances


10 Things I Quit Buying (to Save Money)

If you've read many finance books or blogs, you've probably heard that in most relationships, there is just one person who is largely in charge of the finances. It's a generalization, but one that hits the nail on the head with my husband and me. We make all our major money decisions together - house, car, investments, insurance... anything that costs more than a couple hundred bucks really. But I, almost unilaterally, do all the spending.

Work From Home Mommy (So you can stay with your kids!)

Stay At Home With Your Kids: How to Work for Yourself

lways planned to be a stay at home mom, I always knew it was what I wanted… but that didn’t change the reality of our situation.
Just because I WANTED to be at home with my baby didn’t mean that we were financially able to make that happen. I see a ton of “how we lived on one low income” articles floating around… but we live in a very expensive part of the country, and generally, one low income just isn’t going to cut it here.

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How I Quit My Job to Blog Full Time (in less than a year)

Never waking up again at 6 am to commute, never again worrying more about someone else’s bottom line, never missing another one of your baby’s firsts… never (ever) smiling like you mean it (but really, really, not meaning it) – when you’d rather just flat out punch the guy in the throat? (I worked in customer service. Can you tell?)
I’d be willing to bet you’ve thought about it.

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