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The Mom’s Guide to Baby Sleep Regression (and what to do about them)

If you’re up googling “baby sleep regression”, it’s  probably because you’re desperate.  I get it. You have no idea why your baby suddenly stopped sleeping, or stopped napping, or just started sleeping different (and not good different) than he did before – and you’re tired and a little terrified of the future. (A future in which you envision NO sleep for yourself ever again, ever. Never. You’re starting to wonder if you’re doomed.)

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6 Tricks for Creating a Nursery Room in a Small Space

It’s been a year of big changes for me… we’ve moved AND had a baby in the span of just a couple months. Since we’re in a new place with a new baby, I’m designing another nursery room. This time around, I’m fortunate to have a slightly bigger space for the nursery than we had last time – but you might be in the same situation as I was in last time, in baby prep mode and trying to cram allthebabythings into a tiny little room.

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Gentle Sleep Training – Teaching Baby to Sleep Without Tears

The definition of CIO differs a bit, depending on who you ask. But most Moms agree that leaving your baby alone to cry himself to sleep (and never checking on him) qualifies as “crying it out.” And for many Moms, this is terrifying. Admittedly, a lot of parents get quick results with this method. But let me reassure you, you don’t have to do CIO to teach your baby to sleep well.

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