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5 Simple Ways to Beat Overwhelm as a Stay-at-Home Mom

It might be the single most rewarding job in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that that being a stay at home mom is hard.
And, I was told once, that being a stay at home mom is hard ESPECIALLY if you are an intelligent person. (If you worked a brain-power-required job, in your previous pre-kid life, for example. You might find that being a stay at home mom is boring and overwhelming.) 

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5 Things I Did Differently With Baby # 2 (to Make Life Easier)

Or at least I sure had! There is NO WAY to truly be prepared for baby number one… so I think we can be forgiven for just bumbling through life and hoping for the best. But baby number two is sort of “been there, done that”, (thank goodness) right from your second labor being less terrifying than your first (and hopefully easier too!), to the new mom life in general being less hard all around. 

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The Mom’s Guide to Baby Sleep Regression (and what to do about them)

If you’re up googling “baby sleep regression”, it’s  probably because you’re desperate.  I get it. You have no idea why your baby suddenly stopped sleeping, or stopped napping, or just started sleeping different (and not good different) than he did before – and you’re tired and a little terrified of the future. (A future in which you envision NO sleep for yourself ever again, ever. Never. You’re starting to wonder if you’re doomed.)

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