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Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging – Without Blogging About Blogging?

Is the only way to make money blogging by “blogging about blogging”?
Let’s lay this rumor to rest; settle this debate, once and for all. And let’s do it so thoroughly that you never have to ask this question again.
I’ve tried to address this before – because honestly, this rumor bugs me.
It bugs me, not just because I DO blog about blogging, but becauseĀ – if it’s true – it calls into question the character of every single person who claims that blogging is a legit way to earn an income.

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Are You Failing At Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger?

Let’s be honest – earning an income with your blog can feel HARD. You maybe figured you’d start a blog, put up some affiliate links, and then sit back and watch the cash roll in. (That’s how many affiliate marketing success teachers make it sound right?!)
If you’ve been trying to monetize your blog with affiliate links and earning almost nothing – well, by now you’ve realized there’s more to it than just putting the links in your posts.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Pinterest Pin descriptions

This week alone, I have seen more questions about Pinterest Pin Descriptions than I can possibly count
And honestly, I’ve felt – for a long time – like there is no good solid answer to all of the “how to write pin description” and “where should the pin description actually GO” questions. The reality is that there are just too many third party extensions doing too many things and we can’t keep up with all the differences.

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