There are some very obvious reasons that most blogs aren’t making money.

I get emails often asking me about how to make money blogging.

What surprises me most about these emails is that some of these people asking this aren’t in the “thinking about starting a blog” stage. They are in the “I’ve had a blog for months and I’ve installed adsense / have affiliate links up and I’m still not making money stage” and they’re asking what they have to do with their already existing blog to make it profitable. They feel like they’re pouring their heart and soul into their blog, and yet they haven’t been able to make money blogging.

Pretty frustrating.

Often, I can pin point some of the reasons they’re struggling. I’d bet that some of them are the same reasons you aren’t able to make money blogging – yet.

5 Things That Are Preventing You From Making Money With Your Blog – and How to Fix Them

1. Your blog is too new. 

You can’t make money with a blog that is a few weeks old. Or a few months old. (Well, maybe you can, if you’ve had lots of blogs before and know exactly what you’re doing from day one.) But for the most part, it’s gonna take some time. Blogging is a crazy learning curve. There is endless learning to be done. (It’s possible to make money within a few months, but it’s really rare.)

The Fix:

This is the easiest thing on this list, and the hardest one too. You just gotta give it time, and while you give it time you gotta be doing blogging right. (Yes, there is a right and a wrong if you are going to monetize.) If you have big expectations of making money in the first few months, let them go. You’ll just drive yourself crazy, and worst case scenario, you’ll feel so defeated that you’ll quit. (Most blogs don’t ever get a 6 month anniversary – and I’d be willing to bet that’s because people believed they’d be making money by then, and they weren’t.)

2. Your content is not reader focused or it’s poorly written.

If your content is all about you or poorly thought out and poorly written, it will probably never make money. There are a few crazy awesome viral posts out there that are heartfelt /encouraging / amazing personal stories, but for the most part a profitable blog is a well written blog that addresses other people’s problems.

The problem might simple, maybe your reader needs a clam chowder recipe, or a quilt pattern, or they might be in debt, or want to know about coconut oil, but they do NOT want to know what you did on the weekend. And they do not want to read a post that’s full of spelling mistakes and weird grammatical errors, because those posts are hard to read.

The Fix:

Re-focus your content. Make it about the reader. Give great advice, be relate-able, solve the problems your readers are dealing with. Make the post titles about them. (For example, I had a post called “10 frivolous things I still spend money on” that got NO page views. I changed the title to “How to Audit your spending (& why you should)”, and now it gets page views.) PROOF READ (for spelling mistakes and bad grammar) and EDIT for poor structure, weird voice and incoherent ideas. (You won’t catch every single error. Don’t worry, readers will email you and point them out – promise.)

Don’t be afraid to use affiliate marketing. I have found a lot of success with affiliate marketing, and I have a course to teach you how affiliate marketing helped my blog make $15,000 last month (all passive NON-blogging income).

3. You aren’t willing to invest in learning how to blog properly / for profit.

This will automatically solve all the other problems on this list – for me it even helped with the “new blog” problem. (My blog was profitable within 6 months.) I’m in a few Facebook Blog groups, and I am astounded, ASTOUNDED, by the questions people ask in the groups.

I was definitely the most clueless blogger I have ever met. But I was serious about making money blogging, so I went out and actively dug up the answers to my questions, rather than just throwing them out to Facebook groups and hoping for the best. Just like anything else, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. I’m not saying don’t ever ask questions. BUT:

The problem with posing most of your questions in blogger Facebook groups and looking for real answers is that the answers are in depth and complicated and you actually need to read the whole book to get the whole picture. Not to mention, the people who know how to make money blogging are IN those Facebook groups LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO SELL TO, so they aren’t giving away the good info for free. They just aren’t.

I invested in resources that taught me how to blog, and how to blog for profit. And I’ve found that even though so many of the ebooks or courses I’ve bought preface their content with “this information might be available for free online” the truth is that it’s NOT available for free online. (Or you’d have to be a google genius – and know what you were looking for – to know where to find it.)

There is more to ads than pasting in code, there’s more to affiliates than sticking links everywhere. There’s more to working with brands than applying to networks. You need to learn how to do this stuff from people who know how to do it. 

The Fix:

Bite the bullet and invest. If you can’t right now, then it should be what you’re saving up for. Do your research and spend your money wisely. (I personally chose to invest in Elite Blog Academy (which only opens in February, but you can get on the waiting list to be notified when they open enrollment here – and you’ll get a FREE blog structure blueprint just for joining the list.)

I also invested in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (and my affiliate income went up about 50% in one month!)

I spent 1300$ on my blog to get it going. It was painful and scary. But I made it back in a matter of months, because I put what I learned into practice. (You do NOT have to spend that much!)

Related: Check out my blogging resources page for a full list of my favorite books and courses that took my blog from $0 – profitable!

4. You have low page views. 

Perhaps a small audience CAN generate an income. BUT it is gonna be easier with good page views. It just is. Higher page views open all kinds of doors. Great ad networks, sponsored post opportunities, a bigger audience = more potential customers. More people stopping by your blog = more email addresses to collect. Get those page views up.

The Fix:

I read the Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott and it is FANTASTIC. Lena breaks down the steps and makes them 100% actionable. There are lots of ways to increase page views, and you need to learn them from someone who knows what they’re talking about. (Lena gets over 400k page views per month!)

Social media is awesome – I believe you should be learning one or two platforms WELL instead of dipping your toes into all of them at once. Link parties are great for connecting, but you can’t count on them alone to bring in page views. Guest posting has it’s merits, but I don’t find that one of it’s merits is page views.  For me, Pinterest = page views. Now that I have Pinterest worked out, I’m getting serious about Facebook.

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5. You don’t have an email list / your not putting effort into your email list. 

Ok confession. If I asked all the guilty bloggers to raise their hands here, mine’d be the first one up. I didn’t start an email list until WELL into my first year of blogging, and I lost out big time. I am actively working on fixing this problem now.

You OWN your email list. They are people who are interested in what you have to say, and are more likely to “buy what you’re selling”.

Plus, no Facebook or Pinterest (or any platform) can chance their algorithm and kill your list. They just can’t. Thank goodness.

The Fix:

Just because you’ve been ignoring your email list this far doesn’t mean you have to keep ignoring it! (This is what I’m telling myself.)

Get a good email collection plugin (like Thrive Leads – that’s what I use) and make a great opt-in freebie. (Like here I will tell you – I no longer publish income reports on the blog. I still send them out to my email list tho! Get on the email list here to get my blog income reports monthly.)

Then get serious about email. I couldn’t stand mailchimp, so I started paying for an email service early on. Madmimi is what I’m using and it’s honestly awesome – and SO much cheaper than the other good mail services.

Do NOT quit trying to make money blogging

If you’re hoping to make money with your blog, and you’re putting in a ridiculous amount of effort and not getting anywhere, I just want to encourage you to not give up! The MAIN reason blogs fail is because bloggers give up. Be willing to learn, be willing to change things, be willing to invest in learning how to make money blogging.

Nothing worth having ever came easy. 

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