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Breastfeeding With a Low Milk Supply

I’d had YEARS to research and prepare for mommyhood, so I knew I wanted to breastfeed to give my child to give him the best possible start in life. In the hospital, the nurses taught Alexander and I how to breastfeed.Alas, he was a pretty sleepy little guy and I wasn’t making much colostrum (pre-milk). Add to this the fact that my milk came in late on day 5, and Alexander had had enough of breastfeeding within a week. He’d cry, fuss, and shake his head when we tried to nurse.

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Are You Making This BIG Pinterest MISTAKE?

Last month I had 500k pave views to my blog, and they came 90% FROM PINTEREST. There is all sorts of blogging stuff that I do exceptionally poorly. Email, content creation, editorial calendars, Facebook – extra yikes for Facebook – and the list goes on. But Pinterest is not one of those things, so I am BEGGING you to listen to me

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How to Make Money Blogging WITHOUT an Email List

(THIS POST PROBABLY CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. OUR FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY IS REALLY BORING, BUT YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.) I don’t know what this header should say. I mean I have some ideas, but “beware my slightly bad advice” just isn’t going to draw you in to read the post – is it? We’re talking about making money blogging without an email list. We’re talking about something that most people would agree is  a) not easy and b) not wise. We’re talking about something that most bloggers don’t bother talking about – they say, “just be patient, grow your list and income will follow”....

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Dealing With The Guilt of Letting “Useful Clutter” Go

I’ve written often about the overwhelming despair that can take over when we’re living in homes filled with clutter. It’s crazy stressful when you’re chronically late because you can’t find things, you miss paying bills because they get forgotten at the bottom of the pile, or you plain old can’t relax on your couch because that’s where the kid’s clothes live.

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