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How to beat three common causes of clutter

Mail tends to be one of the biggest annoyances to people when it comes to clutter. Unlike clutter sources such as clothes (which are useful) or sentimental clutter (which we feel attachment to), almost no one actually wants mail inside their house.
So what do most of us tend to do? Ignore it.

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Having an Intentional Christmas

Halloween’s over. Head to any department store and you’ll find the holiday decorations up and every store (online or brick and mortar) advertising about Black Friday or holiday sales in general.
Are you ready? Gah!
Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the holidays. Seriously…I love them.

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Baby Sleep is hard, but this changed EVERYTHING for me

I’ve written about it before, about how tired I am, and why co-sleep even tho we said we’d NEVER.  I’ve shared a compilation of the flat out best baby sleep tips out there. There is just a whole lot that can be said about baby sleep.
And none of it actually makes those wide awake 3 am hours (and hours and hours) any easier. 

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