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10 Tips to Increase Breast Milk Supply

A low breast milk supply.
As a new mother, this has been one of the most frustrating hurdles I’ve faced. (Wondering if your tiny babe is unhappy because he is hungry is a particularly yucky kind of frustrating.)
When the squishy baby was new we had more than a few breastfeeding struggles – including jaundice, lip & tongue tie, and thrush – all working together to create a low milk supply.


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Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

My husband didn’t eat for 26 hours when our first kiddo was born, and he was stuck in the same underwear and socks for three days. Not to mention he slept in a chair without a pillow for three nights. We had (sort of) packed a hospital bag for me and for babe… but had totally over looked packing anything in the hospital bag for DADDY.


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The Hands-Down Best Labor Advice Ever

By the time you reach your third trimester you have probably read countless articles about kegels and hospital bags. And about water births vs squatting births, and about how imperative it is that you try different positions during labor. And you are maybe even feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.


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Bringing Baby Home – Enjoying the First Week With a Newborn

The birth of a baby is life changing; the sort of event that will always teach us new things. But the birth of my second baby showed me something totally unexpected – it showed me how badly I missed out on ENJOYING the precious moments of the first week at home with me first baby.
The first week with baby (or the first month, even) is a special and unique time… and there’s truly no way to be fully prepared for it.


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