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Save Money on Groceries With These 15 Easy Tricks

I don’t know if I told you yet, but we are looking for a slightly bigger house – to accommodate our about to be slightly bigger family. We’re a little nervous about what a mortgage will mean for us, so I’ve been trying to kick start my frugal living habits NOW – by finding great ways to save money on groceries.  

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2018 Blog Planner – Get Organized!

There’s a TON to keep track of blogging, and a good planner designed for bloggers can help you do that! There’s also a ton of stuff you need to buy when you start blogging – like hosting, a theme,  17 courses and ebooks, and stock photos. A planner shouldn’t be on of the things you need to invest in! I’ve got a gorgeous free blogging planner for you – with custom designed pages to track all your login info, post ideas, website stats, goals for the year and more… as well as weekly and monthly pages with LOTS of...

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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

They handed me the gadget.
“When you find something you’d like to put on your registry, just scan the bar code and you’re all set!” the employee explained to me. We looked at each other, nodded, and starting walking around the store.
Pretty candles? Check.

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