Nice to meet you!

I’m Carly.

I graduated to “mommy” (2 times over) in the not so distant past – and it sure wasn’t an EASY transition… but it was the single best life-upgrade I’ve ever made.

From day one of my new role as mommy, I knew I would not EVER be happy leaving these little people behind to go out to work.

I KNEW I didn’t want my parenting to be dictated by my financial situation – these were MY kids, and I wanted to be the central influence on them in their formative years.

I wanted to be a mommy on purpose, not a mommy of circumstance, or a mommy just getting by. Or even a mommy doing mostly ok.

I want to be intentional about motherhood.

It seemed to me that the most intentional thing I could do was make sure that I was spending my days with my babies – not working for minimum wage and giving the best part of my check to a daycare.

This blog started in early 2016 as my quest to make an income from home as a stay at home mom.

I had read a bit about blogging – and it sounded like the best job I could ever ask for! (Turns out it IS the best job I could ever ask for. Blogging has changed my life almost as drastically as having kids has!)

Those first years were ROUGH though

All the things that come with having new babies (not to mention postpartum recovery) combined with all the things that come with building a 6 figure business by yourself (with no prior experience in either)…

I was a HOT MESS.

I mean, yes, I was loving every moment of mom-ing… but I was exhausted (of course)… I was struggling with new mom anxiety, and I was mostly failing to keep the house clean with 2 tiny kids.

As time went on, it didn’t really get easier. Suddenly I was trying to figure out how to get a toddler to eat vegetables and how to get ink out of the furniture.

You know, all that mom stuff.

And on top of that, I was spending every single free moment working on my business. When the babies went to sleep – day or night – I went to the computer.

It was HARD.

But, three years later, I can see that it was 1000% worth it.

Sure it was hard… but so would have been leaving the kids and going to work. CREATING our best lives and doing things intentionally – rather than just letting life push us around – will almost always be hard.

(Ok I have to admit, I’m still a waitress… but these days I only wait on my little people – they’re my favorite customers EVER! And no – I don’t have five kids, we just spend a lot of time with cousins!)

Now my mission is to help other new moms “mommy on purpose”

I want you to embrace this messy mom life and make it count. CREATE your best life.

Whatever that looks like.

We tackle all the standard mom life struggles here – right from sleep regressions to potty training… so if you’re a new ish mom just looking to know you’re not alone in the struggles – this is the place for you!

If you want to be a stay at home mom and start a blog to earn a living from home, we got that covered too.

Glad you’re here –

xo Carly