Until recently I was just Carly.

Well, not just Carly; also Carly who loves Jesus, Carly the wife, Carly who can’t get enough snorkeling and wine and campfires and flip flops and gardening and pasta.

I guess you could also say I’m Carly the anxious, Carly the totally socially awkward and Carly the least-athletic-human-ever.

The over thinker and the Big Bang Theory addict.

(And I used to blog at Carly on Purpose.)

But I recently graduated to “mommy” (the Squishy Baby was born last year), and I found I couldn’t possibly blog about “creating your best life” WITHOUT blogging about mommying – because mommying takes over your whole life! I’m not just Carly anymore.

Now I’m Carly the Mommy. And it turns out mommy-ing is my very favorite thing. 

I’m not remotely afraid of “losing myself” as a mom, and I want to embrace all the mom things I can.

And I want to help you do that too.

I also want to help you create your BEST life as a mom – if that means working from home so you can be with your kids, or if it means taking care of yourself postpartum – or maybe it means finding the best collection of articles on breastfeeding, (so you don’t have to struggle through it cluelessly…).

Whatever it means, I want to give moms the resources to make it happen.

I am exhausted, confused, a little scared… and totally in love. And working on my best life as a mom.

Join me here to be inspired on your mommy journey!