How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothing (or Furniture):

If you have a kid, you’ll need to know this at some point.

Apparently when I was a year old I scribbled all over my dad’s new brand new lazy-boy with a ball point pen. Fortunately, ink is pretty easy to remove if you know how. (My parents still had that chair, and it was ink-less, until I was about 16.) The other day my husband came home from work with pen all over the back of his shirt – we have NO idea how it got there – the squishy baby is too small to use a pen yet… we think maybe our niece attacked it somehow.

Anyway, all you need to remove ink stains from clothing or furniture – or anything really – is rubbing alcohol, a couple rags, and laundry soap.

First, place one rag behind whatever you are working on – the rubbing alcohol will push the ink through the material and it will stain anything underneath. Then soak the stain with rubbing alcohol, and blot with another rag. 

how to remove ink stains from clothing

Continue adding rubbing alcohol and blotting until the ink is gone – or at least mostly gone. If you haven’t used a bright blue rag underneath (like some people might have for this demonstration) you’ll be able to see all the ink on the bottom rag. 

how to remove ink stains from clothing

Soak the spot with warm water and hand scrub with a stain remover bar to get out any last traces of ink. And that’s it! 

how to remove ink stains from clothing

Clean clean clean! I’ve also heard that you can use hand sanitizer or hairspray to do this…. but I’m thinking that the alcohol in those is what does the trick. And rubbing alcohol is gonna be way cheaper than either of those things. I keep it in a spray bottle because it’s also great to have for quick sanitizing jobs.

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