Just when I think my house is clean…

Ever stumble upon a tiny particular area of your home that makes you stop short with the realization that you live with grossness? Things you aren’t cleaning – but should be?

I sure do. A few times a year at least. Sure we all clean the floors, the toilet bowls, the counter tops. When we’re deep cleaning in the spring or fall we might de-scale the faucets or wipe under the cabinets and bleach out our garbage cans. If we’re really ambitious we’ll move the fridge and the stove – we all know it gets gross under those.

In my home, there are a few things that get super gross and I DON’T EVEN notice. Until I notice, that is. I’ve making a mental list as I come across these areas, so I can keep an eye on them and try and stay on top of the grossness. And despite my commitment to chemical free cleaning, you can bet some of these are areas where I use some bleach. (If you’re looking for great all natural cleaners in Canada, Well.ca has free shipping on orders over $29.00!)

(I’ll demonstrate with pictures here, just for fun, and I won’t clean the areas before I photograph them… to show you what I mean. Just don’t judge me too harshly ok?) For reference, the current state of my house is CLEAN, as in, unexpected guests would be more than welcome.

How often do you think to clean these places in your home??

1 ) Inside the window frame. Every fall I take the screens out of my windows and vacuum out the dead bugs and dust. Then I use cotton swabs and warm water with vinegar to clean out the grunge that isn’t vacuuming out. It’s a pretty awful job actually, one of the ones I use paper towel for. I don’t like bugs as it is, and when your dealing with bits of dead moths and flies and spiders…. just ew.
7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

2 ) The seal on the fridge. I’ve only ever had mold in my fridge seal once, but once is enough to make me want to check it often. We had a second hand fridge when we moved into our place, and I’d guess that the people who had it before got some food on it and then just wiped it down but didn’t actually separate and wipe inside the layers of the seal. Nothing a little bleach didn’t take care of.

7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

3 ) and The seal inside your front load washing machine. This is especially important if you only use your machine seldomly or if you keep the door closed when it’s not in use. Water sits in there (and so do things that fell out of your pockets, like coins, screws, pen caps ect.) It can get moldy if you live in a warm climate or if you keep the door closed and there’s no air getting in. I use bleach and hot water for  my towels and I use my machine at least once a week, so mine never really gets gross.

7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

4 ) Where your toilet seat is attached to your toilet.  I started taking my toilet seat off to clean right where it attaches a couple of years ago, and I was pretty unpleasantly surprised by how not clean it was. It makes sense though, because it’s impossible to clean under there when it’s attached. I unscrew it once a year or so now, and it doesn’t get as icky anymore.

7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

5 ) The container that your toothbrush lives in. I maybe shouldn’t even admit this. But just in case anyone out there hasn’t noticed, if you put your toothbrush away wet the water drips down and sits at the bottom of the thing your toothbrush lives in. It grows a slime. Scrub it out or run it through the dishwasher once in a while.

7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

6 ) Your dishwasher trap. Maybe. Not all dishwashers have an accessible trap, but mine sure does and it collects chia seeds like they were treasure. Then the chia seeds mold. I know when it’s time to clean it because my dishes don’t come out as clean as they should.

7 gross places in your home you aren't cleaning

7 ) The weird ledge inside the bathroom sink drain. Another one that won’t apply to everyone, but it definitely applies to some! Whoever designed my sink drain has some explaining to do. There is a completely useless ledge running around the inside of it. It’s worse than a ledge actually, because part of it is enclosed. You would not believe the grossness that builds up there, and it’s almost impossible to really clean the enclosed part. We found it because there was a weird smell in our bathroom, coming from the drain. I put bleach in an empty dish soap bottle so I can squirt it directly into the ledge. Dumping boiling water down helps too. (No picture because it’s almost impossible to SEE, let alone photograph.)

Maybe now you think I’m icky. I like to think I’m pretty confident and it doesn’t bother me that people might think I’m icky…but it bothers me. Not enough to take that point out, but a little.

I’ll have to work on that.

Have you stumbled across any other areas or things you aren’t cleaning? Where have you discovered grossness?

7 areas you should be cleaning