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How to Pee Postpartum (Without Crying)

If you’ve come upon this post in a desperate search (painful urination postpartum perhaps?) well, I’m guessing it’s not all fun and games for you either.
I swore that when I was all recovered and back at blogging, I would write the helpful postpartum stuff I couldn’t find online anywhere while I was healing and googling.
Googling things like how to pee postpartum without crying (or feeling like you’d rather give birth all over again).

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5 Easy Organizational Systems You NEED to Implement When Preparing for a Baby

There are seasons where you just can’t be as present in your life as you’d like to be. I’m experiencing one of these seasons now. There are probably some women out there who, 8 weeks postpartum, are on top of the world. They’re back at work. Their houses are spotless. They are wearing (clean) clothes. Maybe they have slept in the past week or two.

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