40+ Cutest Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Trying to find the perfect cake for your next baby shower? We’ve compiled a list of 40+ of the best baby shower cake ideas to inspire you!

If you are expecting a baby, one of the most fun events leading up to your little one’s arrival is the baby shower. This is a chance for family and friends to celebrate with you and give you some goodies to get you through that first year. One of the photo-worthy things at a baby shower (besides the new mom and the baby and the decorations) is always cake! And there are so many adorable options when it comes to the best baby shower cakes. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out these 40 cute baby shower cakes. From classic designs to more modern looks — fondant cakes to buttercream frosting — there is sure to be something that will sweeten up your celebration!

Place the cake in the center of a candy buffet, or a finger food buffet – as the pièce de ré·sis·tance!

best baby shower cake ideas pin 1


1. Whale Baby Shower Cake

You’ll have a whale of a time at a baby shower with this adorable whale cake idea. The fondant waves in light and dark shades of blue add depth and dimension, but are easy to recreate if you want to make the cake yourself. Add glittery paper whales on top, and you’re all set.

whale baby shower cake

2. Baseball Cupcakes

Instead of a traditional cake, make these baseball pull-apart cupcakes for a Lil’ Slugger baby shower. Create a circle shape by placing the cupcakes close together, and then cover them with white icing. Use a tube of red decorative icing to create the stitches. Isn’t that simple?

baseball pull apart cupcake

3. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

Teddy bears are a classic theme for a baby shower, and it’s one we never tire of. This sweet cake features a teddy bear napping on a moon surrounded by stars and clouds. It’s just darling and looks like a beautiful dreamscape fit for a baby. But if you want to keep things super simple, decorate a simple cake and put a teddy bear figure on top. You don’t need to have pro decorating skills to make a beautiful cake.

teddy bear baby shower cake

4. Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Cupcakes

What better them for a baby shower than these Cat in the Hat Cupcakes? They’re whimsical, colorful, and fun! It’s a great idea for a book baby where where the mother requests that the guests bring a book rather than a card or gift.

dr seuss cupcakes

5. Rabbit Cupcakes

Going for a bunny theme? These cute rabbit cupcakes are easy enough to make all on your own using some candy melts and a fluffy frosting.

bunny cupcakes

6. Under the Sea Cake

An under the sea cake is such a great idea for a summer baby shower. With fish, an octopus, seaweed and coral made of fondant (plus those cute bubbles), the bright and bold colors and fun design will make everyone smile.

under the sea baby shower cake

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Twinkle, twinkle little star is still one of the most popular nursery rhymes. This cute blue cake from Tog Cakes fits the theme perfectly with a light blue cake adorned with a teddy bear, lots of stars, white fluffy clouds, and a moon and stars on top.

twinkle twinkle little star baby shower cake

8. Cowboy or Cowgirl Cake

Any cowboy or cowgirl would love to have a cake like this one, complete with cowboy boots, stars, and all the trappings of cowboy life. The fondant lanterns, jeans, cacti, and rope designs add whimsy and charm to the design.

cowboy baby shower cake

9. Thomas the Tank Engine

Chug into a fun party with a Thomas the Train Cake! Frugal Coupon Living shows how to make this simple cake step by step. It’s such a fun and easy option for a train-themed baby shower for the new baby.

thomas the train cake

10. Monkey Cupcakes

Celebrate your little monkey with cute monkey cupcakes! The chocolate cupcakes are coated with chocolate sanding sugar with vanilla wafers for ears and a face. Serve them with some banana flavored ice cream.

Cupcakes are one of the best baby shower cake ideas in general, because they are so flexible! (For example, you can have multiple flavors, multiple designs, serve them socially distanced if that’s what you’re into, and they can be displayed in so many cute ways!)

monkey cupcakes

11. Gender Reveal Cake

Want to reveal the gender of the baby by cutting open the cake? It’s such a fun idea and will be the hit of the baby shower. Cover the cake in yellow frosting with plenty of sprinkles. When it’s cut open, the layers (or filling) will reveal whether there’s a little boy or a little girl inside the baby bump.

boy or girl cake

12. Nautical Cake

Here are two significantly different nautical baby shower cakes, depending on what sort of baby shower you’re going for. The classical nautical cake is by Le Cherie Cake Design and is that classic combination of navy blue and gold with an anchor, rope detail, and wheel. The playful design is by Take the Cake and features gorgeous waves, cute animals, and an anchor on top.

nautical baby shower cake ideas

13. Stork Cake

What could be more fitting when the stork is visiting your home than a stunning stork cake? This cute cake features a stork bringing a beautiful baby girl amongst white, fluffy clouds.

stork cake

14. Floral Baby Shower Cake

What a beautiful baby girl cake — soft, feminine, and floral. This one features flowers in pink and blue along with beautiful edible pearls and lace. It almost looks too pretty to eat, doesn’t it?

floral baby shower cake


15. Duck Cupcakes

Bright yellow ducks swimming in a swath of blue frosting — aren’t these duck-themed cupcakes charming? If you’re worried you can’t get the ducks quite right using frosting, you could always top the cupcakes with mini rubber duckies that can double as baby shower favors.

duck cupcakes

16. Bee Cake

Everyone will be buzzing about the upcoming bundle of joy, so a bee-themed cake is a wonderful choice. The hive cake is covered in fondant bees and surrounded by grass and flowers at the bottom.

bee cake

17. Mickey Mouse Cake

Any Disney fanatic will love a chocolatey Mickey Mouse Cake covered in swirls of chocolate frosting. Simple, delicious, and totally adorable!

mickey mouse cake

18. Unicorn Cake

Unicorns have been a popular party theme for little girls in recent years, so why not carry that theme over into a baby shower? Babies do seem rather magical — just like unicorns.

We have a whole list of unicorn baby shower ideas!

unicorn cake

19. Giraffe Cake

Cute giraffes make adorable subjects for a baby shower theme. And you don’t have to go with the traditional giraffe colors. This pink and white version is fitting, but you could do blue spots for a baby boy or green or yellow spots for a gender-neutral cake option.

giraffe cupcakes

20. Circus Baby Shower Cake

If you’re looking for a unique and festive baby shower cake, consider a circus-themed design. Decorate the top layer in red, blue, and yellow to resemble a Big Top. Under that layer, do another circle cake with fondant circus animals, like the lion and elephant you see on the circus baby shower cake below.

circus baby shower cake

21. Baby Carriage Cake

A baby carriage cake is a a classic, and bakers have made stunning carriages out of fondant. However, a simple cake can be topped with a baby carriage figure and decorated with fun shapes to look just as stunning.

baby carriage cake

22. Elephant Baby Shower Cake

I don’t know what it is about elephants, but a baby elephant makes a beautiful topping for a baby shower cake. The soft blue, brown, and yellow colors go perfectly together.

elephant cake

23. Sheep Cake

A lamb cake is fitting for a springtime shower, especially one that happens near Easter. And look how simple it is! The cake is mostly a simple white with swirls of frosting and a cute, smiling face.

sheep cake

24. Rainbow Cake

Celebrate with a colorful rainbow cake! Whether you’re having a rainbow baby shower or a Noah’s ark theme, it certainly is a cheerful that will be just as much fun to eat as it is to look at.

rainbow cake

25. Rattle Cake

A rattle baby shower cake is a great one to make yourself. You can easily adapt the colors to fit any theme, and the design is simple enough to make with even a boxed cake if you’re not keen on making one from scratch. You’ll make a large circle, a smaller one, and then place a cake pedestal decorated with ribbon between the two cakes.

rattle baby shower cake

26. Polka Dot Cake

Polka dots are a classic pattern that can add a touch of whimsy to any celebration. A polka dot baby shower cake is a playful and festive way to honor the arrival of a new baby. When it comes to choosing a design, the sky is the limit. You can go with a simple one-tier cake adorned with a few strategically placed polka dots, or you can opt for a more elaborate multi-tiered confection covered in the cheerful motif.

polka dot baby shower cake

27. Pink and Blue Cake

Are you waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl? If so, a pink and blue baby shower, and thus, a pink and blue cake, are the perfect way to celebrate the possibilities. This one has a sweet little elephant and lots of pink and blue hearts as well as a pink and blue ribbon as décor. It’s so fun waiting until the day of the birth to find out!

pink and blue baby shower cake

28. Farm Animal Baby Shower Cake

You have so many options for a farm-themed baby shower cake. Some are decorated with fondant animals, such as cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep. However, you could also do a barnyard scene or farm equipment like a tractor.

farm animals cupcake

29. Tie Dye Cake

Swirls of blue make for a beautiful tie dye baby shower cake for a boy. Try it in pink or purple for a girl! A tie dye cake is a terrific way to add a touch of whimsy while still keeping an elegant style that’s fitting for any baby shower venue.

tie dye blue boy cake

30. Girly Pink Baby Shower Cake

Make an elegant baby shower cake for a little girl that’s covered in swirly pink flowers and topped with a gorgeous white boy with dots and swirls.

girly pink baby shower cake

31. Woodland Animals Cake

A baby shower is a celebration of new life, and what could be more appropriate than a cake decorated with forest animals? Fondant toppers in the shape of foxes, bears, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons are perfect for a nature-themed baby shower, and they can be easily made at home with a little time and patience. For an added touch of whimsy, try adding some edible flowers, mushrooms, or leaves to the design.

woodland animals baby shower cake

32. Jungle Cake

Decorate a two-tiered cake with lots of greenery and fondant animals like giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, and monkeys! The rainbow cake topper is an extra special touch for the fun rainforest themed shower — a popular choice for boys and girls alike.

jungle baby shower cake

33. Onesie Cake

The epitome of baby fashion, the onesie, makes one of the cutest baby shower cakes. After all, your baby will be living in them for the first month! We love this cute yellow and white onesie that’s gender neutral and appropriate for either a boy or a girl. Of course, you can make the polka dots pink, blue, or any other color to match your theme. Follow the step-by-step photos and instructions from The Cake Girls to make your own onesie cake.

onesie baby cake

34. Lumberjack Cake

This tree bark cake is fitting for a little lumberjack themed party. Though not pictured, there are also s’more cupcakes, lots of plaid, and wood slices for serving trays, which are also fitting to the theme.

lumberjack baby shower cake

35. Flamingo Cake

A flamingo cake is another fun option for a summer baby shower for a girl. Flamingos are pretty, pink, and elegant, and look terrific on top of a simple white cake.

flamingo cake idea

36. Outer Space Baby Shower Cake

If you’re looking for something out-of-this-world for your baby shower cake, why not go with a space theme? You can decorate the cake to look like a planet or a starry night sky. Or, if you want to be really creative, you can make a tiered cake that looks like a rocket ship ready to blast off! Add an astronaut to make it look really authentic, and top it off with some edible stars and planets. You’ll have a showstopper of a cake that is sure to be the talk of the party.

outer space baby shower cake

37. Owl Cake

Whoooo can resist an adorable owl cake like this one? The pretty owl is perched on a leafy branch on a simple green cake. Swap out the colors to fit your theme, but this design is fairly easy to replicate with fondant or regular buttercream icing, if you prefer.

owl baby shower cake

38. Princess Baby Shower Cake

You’re looking forward to the arrival of your little princess, so a princess pink ombre swirl cake is a wonderful way to show that. There are so many fun ways to do it. You can, of course, create a fondant princess like the one below. But to keep things simple, just add a tiara to a pretty pink cake instead.

princess cake

39. Dinosaur Cake

A dinosaur theme is such fun for a baby shower party! You could even put one in an egg for a “hatching” dinosaur theme, which is very appropriate for the occasion. And the fun part is, dinosaurs can easily be adapted for boys or girls — or with pastel colors or bright, bold colors.

dinosaur cake

40. Baby Booties Cupcakes

Don’t forget the baby booties! We don’t mean the ones that baby will wear—but the fondant booties for the cake. They look sweet and adorable on a large baby booties cake or individual cupcakes, as you see here.

baby booties cupcakes

41. Winnie the Pooh Shower Cake

A winnie the pooh themed shower cake is perfect for a winnie the pooh themed shower!

You can get cute winnie the pooh baby shower invitations printed, and give out tiny pots of honey as favors.

This is such a great gender neutral shower theme!

winnie the pooh themed cake

42. Balloon Garland Cake

This miniature balloon garland cake topper is SO adorable, and so classy!

Balloons make great baby shower decorations in general, but it’s less common to see them on the cake – this’ll really wow your guests.

balloon-garland-cake-topper-for baby shower

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