20 Baby Shower Games That You’ll Actually Want to Play

When’s the last time that you went to a baby shower and there were fun baby shower games that were being played that were actually… fun?

I honestly don’t LOVE baby shower games… I prefer baby shower activities that are NOT games… but I seem to be in the minority.

For some reason, it seems like most people assume baby showers need games, so you might as well try to come up with some baby shower games that aren’t lame. (Or let me come up with the ideas for you, since that’s my job here!)

The next time that you’re in charge of a baby shower for someone you like, consider these games – and hopefully, everyone will enjoy them!


Fun Baby Shower Games that require very little preparation

First, do ASK the momma if she wants games.

Seriously! I don’t like games and I was more than happy to skip them at my shower, and other new parents might be too!

Sometimes it’s just as great to catch up with your friends, open gifts, and eat. (Also, did somebody mention eat? Like, there’s going to be a finger food buffet, or a candy bar, or at least a cute cake, right?)

Or there are other things to do at a baby shower besides games that are WAY more fun in my opinion. Like a simple diaper raffle – it’s win-win in my opinion, guests get a chance to take home a fun prize, mom gets a thousands diapers. Yay!

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But if you do have a pregnant momma who is down to play games, or if you just can’t shake the feeling that this shower won’t ever be complete without some games, that’s great too!

Here’s a list of the best baby shower games around. Starting with my favorite… Baby shower games that require (almost) no preparation – and are also super cheap to set up (great for keeping baby showers on a budget)!

1. Guess how big the tummy is

new mom measuring her tummy at baby shower

Be careful with this one, but it can actually be fun!

All you need is a pen + paper for each guest, and a measuring tape.

Have everyone write down their guess as to how big around they think the tummy of the mommy-to-be is and the person who is the closest, wins a prize!

Alternately, have guests cut a length of ribbon as long as they think the mom-to-be is around – and measure the ribbon around mom to determine the winner. (The prizes can make baby shower games worth it, so choose great prizes that people actually want!)

2. Guess the Baby Photo

For this one, you need a pen, corkboard and pins – and of course, pen + paper for each guest. Have each of your party guests bring a baby photo, and as they come in, number them and pin them to the corkboard – have everyone guess who’s who in the baby pictures!

(It’s fun to throw a celebrity baby picture in there also – and see if you can trick people.)

The person with the most correct answers wins!

3. Favorite pregnancy craving

Another pen + paper only game! (Yay!)

Do you know what the guest of honor is craving this very moment?

Right when everyone walks in the room, hand them a sheet of paper / index card, and have them make a list of 5 foods that they think she might be craving.

Once they get settled, the mom-to-be gets to stand up and tell them her top 5 cravings. Whoever gets it right, wins!

4. Baby Songs Master

What do you need for this fun baby shower game?

Just pen + paper!

Set a timer and see how many songs guests can name that feature the word “baby”.

This is actually WAY harder than you think- at least, it was for me! (These don’t have to be lullabies – they can be grown-up songs. Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back, and Santa Baby all count here!)

Fun Unique Baby Shower Games

The following games DO require at least a bit of time + planning, but they can be a lot of fun!

5. The Baby Price Is Right Game

This one does take a BIT of prep work – and some shopping!

Buy a selection of baby items – wipes, bum cream, teething ring, onesie, jar of baby food etc. (and mark the prices on the bottom to make it easier). Have the guests guess the value of either

  • each item individually (and the person who gets the MOST items closest wins)
  • the price of all the items together (and the person who gets the closest total wins)

Afterward, gift the new mom with all those practical baby items as a shower gift that she’ll definitely use (and appreciate).

(If you want to give a baby shower gift for MOM, not baby, you can find more ideas here.)

6. What’s in the diaper bag?

Fill a diaper bag with common baby items (and maybe a few totally uncommon not at all baby-related items… like a whisk) and pass around to guests to have them guess the contents of the diaper bag. The catch is that they can’t OPEN it – they need to feel everything through the bag. (Or you can allow them to open it a few inches and put a hand inside – but not LOOK inside).

Bonus points if you fill the diaper bag with useful baby items mom will want to keep and get use out of – like baby wipes, pacifiers, baby bottles, spoons, bum cream etc.

Give them paper and pen to record their guesses.

7. Cute as a Button

I got this fun game idea from this blog post, and the idea is to cut out large buttons (or any shape you want really – baby bottles, diaper pins etc), and hide them around the room – in obvious places. The guest who’s found + collected the most buttons at the end of the party wins!

This is one of those easy baby shower games that guests can take part in if they want, but there’s really no pressure if they’d rather not!

8. Bobbing for Nipples

Yes, just like with apples, but use baby bottle nipples! You can get a bunch at the dollar store, or ask friends to lend some.

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9. Don’t say “Baby”

Minimal prep – you just need a pack of clothespins (or diaper pins, if mom will be cloth diapering!) to hand out to the guests when they come in.

The deal is that they don’t say the word “baby” – and if they do, whoever catches them saying it collects their clothes pin / diaper pin.

The person with the most ins at the end of the shower wins! (Can I admit that the only reason I don’t mind this game is because I immediately hand my pin off to someone I like and then sit the game out?)

10. Baby Gift Bingo

You can make (or purchase from amazon) baby gift bingo cards, based on likely baby gifts that mom will receive.

You can also print baby shower bingo cards right here.

11. Guess the baby food

Jars with different puree on table. Game "Guess taste" for baby shower

Purchase an assortment of baby food (apple+broccoli – anyone? I HAVE tried it, it IS gross) and have guests sample and guess the flavor combinations.

You can serve small portions in ketchup cups from fast food places, or let everyone have a single taste with a plastic disposable spoon, if you’re wondering how to make this “happen”.

12. Name the poo

This one is truly sorta gross – but it’s been a hit at a number of showers I’ve attended… Melt chocolate bars in baby diapers, and have guests sniff – or sample – the contents of the diaper and guess which chocolate bar it contains.

This is great for a co-ed baby shower – men just take this up a notch in my experience! (They just generally think it’s the funniest baby shower game they’ve ever heard played.)

13. DIY Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Lottery

I know what you’re thinking…a dirty diaper is getting nowhere near you at the baby shower, right?

But rest easy knowing that this is just a simple game that you can easily make yourself. (It’s more of a lottery than a “game”, and it definitely DOES take some prep!) The cost level is low for this baby shower game a well and it’s one that everyone plays together at the same time.

And don’t worry, there’s nothing actually “dirty” about this game except for the drawn in little poop emoji icon that is hiding on the inside of one of these DIY diapers.

As each guest arrives for the shower, have her take one diaper from the box.

No one is allowed to open the diaper until the end of the shower.

At the end of the shower, have all the guests open their diapers at the same time.

As they’re about to open, yell out, “Whoever opens the poopy diaper wins!”

14. Dirty Diaper Toss

Basket with diapers on floor for game at baby shower party

This is as simple as it sounds – you’re seeing who’s the best at chucking full diapers into the bin.

(You can just fill them with water – we don’t have to get icky here).

15. “My Water Broke!” Game

For this game, you freeze little plastic babies in ice cube trays (or you could use candy – like gummy bears would work just fine) and everyone gets a drink with an ice cube in it at the start of the party.

The first person who’s ice cube melts (and frees their plastic baby / gummy bear) yells “my water broke!” and wins a prize.

16. Blindfolded Diaper Changing

Woman putting diaper on toy during baby shower game

All you need for this game is a stack of diapers, a baby doll (or teddy bear) and a blindfold.

Have contestants race to change baby’s diaper blindfolded!

Printable baby shower games

These are my least favorite, personally. I dunno, the feel like school and everyone sits around silently while they look at their papers. But hey, if printable baby shower games is what floats your boat – here you go! (If I had to choose one, I do think the book emoji printable is kinda fun!)

Here’s a number of free printable games to try:

17. Baby Shower Trivia

printable baby shower trivia game

We offer 3 versions of a fun printable baby shower trivia game!

Guests answer questions (about either mom, mom + dad, or babies) and the guest who gets the most correct answers wins!

18. Name that Rockin’ Lullaby!

When’s the last time that you heard lullaby music? If your little one isn’t so little anymore, it might have been quite some time.

This “Name that Rockin” Lullaby!” printable game is fun because it challenges everyone to put on their thinking caps. Once you print out the printables for everyone to play, you just need to download some lullaby songs and play them on your phone.

This way, you’re in charge of what songs are going to play. Decide beforehand how long you’re going to play the song for and have fun watching all the baby shower guests trying to figure out what the song is. The one who writes down the most correct, wins!

19. Are you my mother?

We all know that animals have babies, but do you know the names of those babies once they’re born? Maybe we all know the easy ones like “kittens” and “puppies” but what about the rest of the ones out there in the animal world?

And get ready, because everyone is going to think that this game is so simple once they’re handed this “Are you my mother?” printable, but once they start going down the list of animals, they’re going to find out that they might not know as many as they think.

If you really want to challenge everyone, you can set a timer and only give a minute or so to get through the list. Otherwise, you can hand this out at the beginning of the shower to the guests and let them fill it out as they want.

Make certain that you take the time to go through the answers and choose a winner based on who got the most correct as well!

20. Children’s Book Emoji Printable

Everyone’s probably played Pictionary before a time or two, but I can guarantee that it hasn’t been anything like this.

This baby shower game is all about baby shower books and it’s certain to challenge your mind. Just when you think you’ve read every child’s book out there, you’re about to find out that you haven’t.

And there aren’t any real hints besides tiny little picture clues to help with this baby shower game either. Your guests are about to be stumped big time by this Children’s Book Emoji Printable.

21. Baby Name Race

Have the guests list a baby name for every letter of the alphabet – in two minutes or less! This is a fun baby shower game idea that doesn’t take too long and isn’t too involved (for people who don’t REALLY want to play games…).

The guest with the most names on their list wins!

You can get a cute printable for this (and other baby shower games) at Clarks Condensed.

See, there are SOME baby shower games that aren’t lame!

Most of them don’t take a ton of effort to do but can result in everyone having a blast at the baby shower.

Except me. I like it when the games are over, and we get to eat.

Do you have a favorite baby shower game that doesn’t suck?

If you’ve been to a lot of baby showers and have some more suggestions for a hilarious game or two, let me know!

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baby shower games that aren't lame

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