A baby shower is a perfect occasion to oooh and ahhh over a ton of adorable baby things while also making sure the mom-to-be feel extra special and loved.

But sometimes you don’t have the time to put into selecting a unique baby shower gift, and in those situations, you need to be able to choose something fast that you KNOW mom will use and love!

Raising a newborn is exhausting, and a little terrifying if this is the first baby, and this list of the top ten baby shower gifts will help you pick a gift (quickly) that will be a hit with any mom.

The entire journey of pregnancy is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. Giving the new mom a baby shower gift is a wonderful way to show her you care and that you understand, because hey—you’ve probably been there yourself. If you haven’t, or if it’s been a while since you last had a baby, it can seem a bit daunting to decide exactly which gift to choose. Here are some incredible baby shower gifts to choose from.


The Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

1. Monthly Milestone Blanket

There is one thing for sure—watching your baby grow the first year can fill you with lots of emotion. You are excited about each new milestone and change, but you long for them to stay little as long as possible.

We have to rely on our memories and photos as our kids grow.

A monthly milestone blanket is a perfect gift to help the new parents document how much their bundle of joy has grown and changed. They can (and will) look back at the photos for years and years!

2. Video Baby Monitor

Surprise the new mommy with a little bit of peace of mind. These can be on the more expensive end, so you might want to go in on this baby shower gift with a friend! However, I couldn’t leave it off my list of top ten gifts, because this is all about showing you the gifts that will be LOVED and USED.

This video monitor allows you to view the baby, has night vision, and even 2-way talk monitoring.

Whether the baby is napping while you are cooking, cleaning, or resting yourself, you can check on your little one without waking them up.

Trust me—mom to be is going to LOVE this gift!

3. Baby Noise Machine

Noise machines are such a wonderful accessory to help your baby sleep better. They drown out those little creaks and sounds that tend to wake the baby up abruptly. Plus, they help lull your bundle of joy to sleep.

One great thing about a noise machine is they are portable so if you are going on a trip or are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar this will give the baby the comfort of home. And, if I’m being honest, you’ll grow to love the sound too! (We have three now, AND a tiny portable one for travel. In fact, that one is my favorite, and it’s cheaper. Just get mom that one. LOL.)

4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Honestly, I LOVE these blankets, and all my mom friends LOVE these blankets… but no one wants to SPEND this kind of money on a blanket when you can get cheaper ones.

It just feels frivolous.

But when you receive them as a gift idea, it just feels wonderful and guiltless.

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They wash well, they’re a great size for covering the stroller or the crib (other blankets are too small), and they are light enough to be used in the summer – but doubled up are good in the winter too. They’re just great!

5. Baby  Carrier

If you’ve had children, you know how hard it is to get anything done when they are newborns.

They want to be held all of the time to eat or snuggle with mom. Snuggling and keeping the baby close by is essential because this phase only lasts a short time—plus, it’s fun too.

However, even the most cuddle-friendly mom will need a break every once in a while.

Give the new mom the freedom to use her hands.


Instead of gifting a trendy “tie-on” sort of wrap, get a reliable old-school anyone-can-work-this kind of baby carrier.

You risk buying a gift mom won’t use if you give her something that seems overwhelming or complicated, and I am here to tell you… despite trying, I could NOT use my “tie-on” wrap.

This Ergo Carrier was my favorite and anyone could use it. Even my husband… hallelujah.

6. Personalized Storybook

Reading to your baby is so important, and it’s extra special when the book has the baby’s name in it.

Get a personalized book, and the kiddo will grow up getting it read to him.

Then when he is older, he will be able to read it himself. How cool is that? The new mama is going to love this thoughtful and meaningful baby shower gift.

7. Thermometer + Snot Sucker (DIY baby first aid kit)

We’ve all been there: you touch your baby’s head or cheek and realize they are burning up.

It’s a terrifying experience, especially the first time – especially when you’re not prepared and it’s 1 am.

I mean, you don’t always think about having a thermometer until after this event occurs. Give the new mom a high-quality thermometer, and it will give her a little bit of comfort when the baby inevitably gets sick.

You can throw it in a cute box with baby Tylenol and a baby snot-sucker and you’ll be the favorite friend one day – I can almost promise.

8. Teething Bibs

When the new adorable baby starts teething, there is going to be a TON of drool!

They make the best bibs that have teethers on them, and both baby and mom are going to love it!

It will provide the child comfort and keep their clothes dry too, a total win-win. No more drool-fueled wardrobe changes from teething each day.

9. Diaper Bag

Having a good quality diaper bag is so important, especially when the baby is little.

You have to carry so many items, and it’s nice to have everything in one compact place. Pick one that is functional, has lots of pockets, and is easy to carry like this diaper bag

This is something almost all moms WILL need, so not likely to sit in the corner ignored.

10. Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is an ideal gift because it helps soothe the baby while mom needs a break or is trying to make dinner. They are portable and can quickly move from room to room or even when they are traveling. Plus, there isn’t anything much cuter than a squirming happy baby when she is giggling and bouncing!

Why didn’t baby clothes make this list of the top ten baby shower gifts?

Honestly, lots of people will probably buy baby clothes… and mom is going to have her own tastes.

There’s a chance she won’t NEED more clothes, AND a chance she won’t like the clothes you choose. I personally feel like the items I listed above have a higher chance of being appreciated and a more slim chance of mom receiving duplicates.

The gifts above are also gender-neutral and work for a baby shower before baby OR after baby!

You could also consider giving her a gift that’s for mom and not the baby!

(However, if you’re the new DAD reading this, none of these gifts are gonna cut it – you will want to get one of these gifts.)

Whatever you choose, mommy is going to be so excited to get any of these top 10 baby shower gifts! Surprise her, and she will forever be thankful.

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