Congrats on the baby, new dad!

After watching your wife give birth, you might be compelled to buy her a little something to thank her for… that.

Sooo… wondering what to buy your wife when she gives birth?

I rarely write to the new dads out there – I’m generally aiming for the new mommas. (I mean, my own experiences just lead me to be able to have more to share for moms in general. Plus I don’t think too many new dads will want to read about all the breastfeeding struggles and postpartum mess goin’ on.) But, there is one thing that I seriously can help a new dad with – and that is a gift for a new mom from dad. 

Giving a gift to your wife after she’s given birth is sometimes called a push present, and in general, I love the idea. There’s a misconception that these gifts after birth have to be seriously extravagant (like a new car), but the fact of the matter is that it’s really just about showing your wife you appreciate her and marking one of the most special occasions in your lives.

You can definitely do that without dropping 45k on an SUV.

The most important thing when determining what to buy your wife when she gives birth is knowing her personality. Does she like material gifts (things)? Or is she more fond of sentimental thoughts? Does she think that an event this momentous calls for something extra special – or is she happy enough with flowers and a card?

(Are you panicking new dad? Did I just ruin your day?)

If you don’t know the answer, to those question – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve got a list of the best first time mom gifts from a husband that will check all the boxes, and you will look awesomely thoughtful with any of these gift ideas, regardless of if mommy prefers THINGS or THOUGHTS.

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First time mom gifts from husband

Unless your wife has told you differently, 9.9 out of 10 times, you can NOT go wrong with Jewelry

This is OF COURSE the PERFECT time to get her somethin’ sparkly.

Not gonna lie – when I had my first baby, I flat out wanted something sparkly.

And I wanted it to be good quality so that I could wear it forever and pass it down one day. I got a ring very similar to this one – because it is on the plain side and can be worn every day, and can also be stacked on top of my wedding bands should I choose.

I know that a diamond ring is not what every new mom wants, or what every new dad wants to buy – and the following options are all much cheaper AND probably slightly more sentimental. (Although, if your lady is a diamond ring lady, I promise, she will find it sentimental.)

Personalized jewelry is always a special commemorative gift. You can get baby’s birth date and name engraved on a necklace like this one , and thanks to the magic of Amazon it doesn’t even cost much plus it will be at your door in two days. If you are going for jewelry, make sure that it is either sterling silver or gold, because there is no point in buying something “special” that doesn’t last.

Also, consider it’s longevity. Can you add to it with future children?

This is also the perfect time to celebrate her new title – she’s never been called mommy before!

Bring her coffee in the morning in something like this adorable “mommy” mug. A mug might not seem like an AH-mazing gift, but if your wife isn’t too into THINGS or if you want to take her something while she’s still in the hospital, this is such a cute thing to do.

She’s never been called mommy before, and it will definitely make her smile. (This mug is hilarious, especially if you are planning to surprise her with something else.)

Get mommy a cute shirt that celebrates her new title – bonus if baby gets a matching shirt.

(Not to be overlooked, you can also get daddy bear shirts that I think are SUPER CUTE. I would have loooveeed it if my husband had bought us all matching shirts… but he did not, because they are “stupid”. Note that that is a matter of opinion, and the opinion that counts here is the one that belongs to whoever just pushed a human out of her body. Just sayin’.)

Show her you are excited to capture the moments together as a new family

Unless new mom is super happy to take pics on her phone, this is a good chance to buy her a new (good quality) camera for capturing every moment with baby. I know I look back on my blurry phone pics and wish I had grabbed the camera more often. I also wish there were more pictures of me with my babies, so new daddy, just grab the camera now and then and snap a few pictures.

Frame a photo of new mom with new baby – their first photo, maybe. I love these photo frames that also keep baby’s handprints or footprints. New mom will love that you want to capture this aspect of your tiny baby… and she might be too busy/sore/tired to think of doing it herself.

Services / Pampering is always a good idea

A new mom’s whole boat is about to be rocked, and frankly, it’s terrifying.

She will struggle to stay on top of things at home, and she will be tired… and she’s sore.

If you aren’t the kind of dad who can make sure dinner is getting on table, buy her a meal kit subscription or get fully prepared meals delivered from services like HelloFresh and Freshly, respectively.

If you’re too busy to vacuum, hire someone to come in a clean every two weeks for the first couple of months.

You’ll benefit from these gifts too, but that’s allowed 😉

Considering what she’s been through today, a gift certificate for a massage or two – and a promise to watch the baby while she gets it – would probably be MUCH appreciated.

Gifts for new mom in hospital (from dad)

You might want to present amazing new mom with something right away in the hospital – and that’s awesome! But you probably won’t have time on the day of delivery to run out and get a personalized necklace or get a framed print made.

To have anything beyond flowers readily available for giving to a new mom in the hospital will take some forward planning. Just like packing the hospital bag. If you are reading this pre-baby, please realize that (if you are reading this pre-baby) one of the best things you can get for her is your undivided support during labor. Dad’s Labor cards are cheat sheets for dad on delivery day get dad’s labor card’s here – GET DAD’S LABOR CARDS
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If you haven’t planned to far ahead, honestly, don’t sweat it. Buy her a cute thank you card and a full-size full-fat whip-cream latte. (Or whatever floats her boat.)

To be completely honest, I have seen gift lists where suggestions are made for new dad to buy new mom things like snacks, breast pads and nipple creams as “gifts for a new mom in the hospital”.

New dad…

Do not. I repeat, DO NOT present your wife with snacks or nipple cream and expect her to think of this a “gift” from you for having given birth to your child.

Snacks and nipple cream are a RIGHT of new moms, and while you MOST CERTAINLY will gain new dad points for being the one to go out and GET the nipple cream and bring it back to her, it is not a gift from you.

(The rules are totally different for you than they are for her best friend or her sister. Sister shows up with nipple cream, yes it’s a gift. Sorry!)

I do think as a “self-care” sort of gift for mom after giving birth you could buy her something more “pampering” like this postpartum bath soak. Again, it’s really a personality thing… but unlike nipple cream, postpartum sitz bath soak does seem to say – “whoa, sorry that happened down there. I wish I could make you feel better somehow… try this.

New dad, if you REALLY want to do something amazing for your wife while she is in the hospital, just take care of the baby. If the baby makes a sound, jump up and get baby. Take baby to new mom. Then ask new mom if she needs a sandwich or a refill on her water.

When baby is awake in the night the first few nights, YOU stay awake. Mommy’s turn will come, but right now, she needs to HEAL and REST.

This is bonding time for you and baby, new dad. Treasure it!

Honestly, to me, that was the most amazing gift my husband gave me when we were in the hospital with our newborns. Even the nursing staff noticed that he was 110% supportive and attentive.

You can also advocate for new mom in the hospital. New mom is tired and possibly overwhelmed. There may come a time when new mom wants something and the hospital staff don’t want to give it to her, or she is about to burst into tears from trying to breastfeed but feeling like she’s failing, and she can’t get the staff on her side.

YOU be the one to put your foot down when new mom is struggling to make herself heard.

FYI – you can also gift her with awesome articles like this one: How to Pee Without Crying After Giving Birth. Yes, you will seem like a hero if you’re the one to show that to her.

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The number one gift for a new mom from her husband is the gift of being a GREAT dad (who loves his wife)

I know that sounds cheesy and sort of like a given, but I think it’s very overlooked. So don’t roll your eyes yet!

Sad truth – in this article that is mostly about things to buy – but GREAT dads are few and far between these days. We live in an age of absent, self absorbed parents.

Do whatever it takes to put your kids (and wife) first. And I hope your wife does the same for you.

It’s ok (even commendable) to tackle this dad thing like your life depends on it. Read great parenting books. Show up at every single event. Learn to be patient.

Congrats on being a new dad! Whatever gift for a new mom (from dad) your wife ends up getting, she will probably be more than thrilled that you wanted to express your gratitude to her.

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