Best Gifts for New Moms in the Hospital

Looking for some of the best gifts for a new mom in the hospital?

If you’re a mom, you likely know what it feels like to be couped up in a hospital room, right after giving birth.

It’s not fun and there’s really not anything glamorous about it, right? And even though you’re there with your beautiful new little bundle of joy and you’re enjoying your time, you also know that (hopefully) in a few short hours you’re going to be headed home.

But what if there was a way that you could help other new moms during the few days at the hospital all by bringing them a simple gift?

Now, hear me out here…it’s not crazy to think that you should try and get one of the best gifts for a new mom in the hospital.

I mean, she seriously just got done with pushing a baby out of her body (one way or another)… so it’s just a logical next step to shower her with anything and everything awesome. Think of it as a “push gift” but from one mom or friend to another.

These gifts celebrate mom, so they focus on her and not on baby… if you’re looking for a great gift for baby here are some unique baby gift ideas!


Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

I still remember giving birth (not like it was that long ago, right?!) and all the whirlwind of activities and emotions that followed.

We were in the hospital for what felt like a long time with our first – 4 days – and we were so grateful for the visitors that came to pass the time with us, and the gifts that they brought really cheered me up!

Even though there was so much going on in that room and constantly around me, I totally remember all the outpouring of love from my family and friends.

So many people wanted to see our beautiful newborn baby and also made certain to tell me how proud they were of me, too. Labor is hard work, you guys! Some of the gifts that I received right after delivery I still have and cherish today.

This is why I think it’s so important to gather up some ideas for an awesome hospital gift for moms. They deserve it, just like you deserved it, too!

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What to bring to the hospital for a new mom

Even though you’re gifting to the new mom, the fun part is actually the shopping process. Think long and hard about what you know she’ll love and do what you can to make it happen.

Whatever you’re going to gift her in the hospital, she’s going to love. And use this as an opportunity to make it all about her! Make her laugh, make her eat, or just simply shock her with something crazy…but whatever you do, get that new mom a gift.

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Here are some of the best gifts for a new mom in the hospital that are certain to cover a wide variety of personalities and wants.

Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Who says that the new baby is going to be the only one needing a sippy cup later on down the road? Get a jump start and make mom smile by gifting her with her very own adult sippy cup first. Perfect for travel, but great to hold water, soda, and maybe even just a little bit of wine…

New Mom Gift Basket

This basket is not just full of one great gift for a new mom, it’s fun of tons! The more gifts, the better. After hours of labor, she totally deserves it. This mom gift basket has everything from comfy socks to a sweet-smelling candle, all to make her smile and feel more relaxed.

Edible Arrangements

Those two little words can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Treat the new mom with a delivery of delicious edible arrangements and let her get her snacking on all day long. Because after a few months, she’ll be sharing every single bite with her no longer a newborn child. This is her time to eat all the treats that she wants, herself!

(Plus if she forgot to pack good snacks for labor, she’ll be STARVING!)

Willow Tree Keepsake

Tug on those heartstrings a bit and gift here this Willow Tree Keepsake. It’s the perfect carving of a mom, dad, and newborn baby and one new mom gift that she can seriously treasure for the rest of her life.

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Hello, My New Name is Mommy Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is seriously the cutest. And if the new mom has been cutting down on her caffeine over the past 9 months, she’ll be forever grateful for this gift. Just make certain that you bring along a cup of fresh hot cup coffee that she can drink immediately out of her brand new mom coffee mug as well.

Mommy’s First Milestone Stickers

Everyone always talks about all the milestones coming up for the baby, but what about the ones for mom? With this fun gift, you can showcase everything that a new mom is going to be experiencing over the next few months. Some of them are “Mom’s First Sleep Through the Night” and “Mom’s First Mommy Meltdown”. And while these are technically labels that go on wine bottles, you can put them on anything that the new mom likes to drink.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

All moms like to smell pretty, am I right? And what better gift for a new mom than to give her something practical and nice smelling as well! This essential oil diffuser bracelet is beautiful, easy to wear and even more simple to remember to put on every single day. After all, let’s face it…mom brain is a real thing.

Make certain that you also gift her with some calming and relaxing essential oils as well so she can have that wonderful smell all day long.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Right after giving birth, all I could think about was settling down into a nice, warm bath. And even though mom’s need to be super careful after a vaginal delivery, this bath bomb gift set will them something to look forward to soon. A nice at-home spa day just might be the perfect boost that she’s needing.

Postpartum Recovery Care Kit

Depending on how well you know mom, you’ll be able to decide if she needs this or not – some moms have all this stuff bought ahead of time… is this mom a planner?

If not, a basket filled with postpartum care items will be VERY appreciated (when she doesn’t have to stop at the drug store on her way home).

101 Mom Jokes: Like Dad Jokes, Only Smarter

We all know that dad jokes are a real thing…but did you know that mom jokes are, too? If the new mom that you know has a sense of humor, she’s going to need some new material to incorporate into her daily life. Giving her a joke book to read while she’s recovering from birth just might be the humor that she’s looking for.

Plus, she can easily call you up and test them out on you!

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

Give her all the chocolate. ALL OF IT! She worked her and deserves a treat. And if she happens to love chocolate, you can’t go wrong with this great option. Besides, no one can ever really have too much chocolate. If she has some leftover, she can just save it for another time down the road when that craving or needs strikes again.

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Do you bring a gift to the hospital when a new baby is born?

If you’re asking me, the answer is yes. Haha.

And while most people tend to bring the baby a gift, I like to change things up a bit and take a gift for the new mom instead. As you can see from all the gift options above, I believe that a good combination of humor and chocolate is a must for the survival and success of motherhood. (joking obviously, but it’s still funny!)

Also, don’t fret if you can’t take a gift to the hospital right after the baby is born. Some parents don’t even want visitors so soon at that point so asking them when you can run the gift to them at their house is totally acceptable as well. No matter if you give it in the hospital or at home, it’s the thought that truly does count.

New Mother Gifts that Don’t Cost a Dime

We’re all on some sort of a budget, right? So it’s only fair that now that we’ve talked about some awesome first-time mom gifts, we also can talk about new mother gifts that won’t cost you a penny.

While these gifts won’t cost you anything from a money standpoint of view, they will more than likely take up a little bit of your time. If you’re good with that, then these just might be some great new mom gifts that you can easily offer and do!

  • Laundry Service for a Day

Remember the days of when the laundry was piled high to the ceiling and you have no idea how it happened? I do. (and it might still be that way at times) When the new mom gets home from the hospital, head over and take laundry duty for the day. Wash, dry, fold and put away all the laundry so it’s one less thing for her to have to think about or worry about.

  • Dinner Prep and kitchen clean up

New moms gotta eat! But let’s face it…they’re going to be spending all their time feeding their newborn at this point in time. As important as it is to keep a new mom nourished and fed (this is so important for breastfeeding), just head over to her house and start whipping up some meals.

Create a dinner that she can enjoy that day or make up a few things that you can put in the fridge or freezer for later. And then, before you leave, just simply clean up your mess and go.

  • Naptime babysitter

This is a thing. A glorious, wonderful thing. And if it’s not a thing known by all, let’s hope that it catches fire right here and becomes popular. One of the biggest things that new moms lack is sleep. (and sometimes sanity but that’s a whole other story)

Everyone always says to “sleep while the baby is sleeping” but that never happens and we all know it. Either the new mom isn’t tired right then or there are a zillion other things that she could be doing that she just can’t stop thinking about.

Why not take a little bit of stress off her plate and head over to be a naptime babysitter. And yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. You literally show up, sit with the newborn, and care for the newborn while the new mom gets some sleep. That’s it.

And if you’re asking me, this is one of the best presents for new moms that you can give. Because sleep deprivation stinks and almost all new moms suffer because of it.

Just let her know that you’re coming over and you’re going to take care of the baby for a couple of hours. During that time, she’s not supposed to do anything, but sleep. Maybe she’ll fight you on it…maybe she won’t. But after she catches a little bit of shut-eye and feels more like herself, she’ll realize that what you did for her is something that she’ll really never forget.

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As you can see, gifts for new moms don’t have to be overly complicated. If you’re close enough to be giving a gift to a new mom, then I’d say that it’s pretty safe to say that you know her well. Use that to your advantage and spoil her, pamper her, or just do something to make her smile.

If you’re a mom and have gone through this before, then you know exactly what she feels like and is going through. And if you’re not a parent and just want to do something nice for her, then you’re awesome, my friend. Showing support and love for a new mom is such a huge blessing that more and more people need to do.

Hopefully, some of these gifts for new moms in the hospital will go over well with her! (I’m certain that they will!) She’ll be so happy to see your smiling face that whatever gift you give her will just be the icing on the cake.

What are some other great gift ideas for new moms that you can think of?


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gifts for new moms in the hospital pinterest pin





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