If you are reading this, it’s likely that someone you love is having a baby.

It’s a super exciting time for everyone, especially the mama-to-be! However, if you are raking over your mind trying to figure out what on Earth to gift her for her baby shower present, you are definitely not al0ne. I’ve been to lots of baby showers, including my own, so I’ve put together a baby shower gifts for mom guide that can help you choose the perfect present for her.


We will get into awesome “traditional” baby shower gifts for mom (i.e. the kind that you use for baby), but FIRST let’s talk about what you might get mom… just for herself!

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Baby Shower Gifts for Mom – NOT baby

While it’s wonderful to help out mom and dad by purchasing items for their little one, it’s also great to be that one person who remembers to spoil mom on her own a bit, too!

(You could think of these as “non baby” gifts for new moms. Haha.)

Here are some easy gifts to grab to make mom feel a little special:

Coffee / cute mug. If the mom is a caffeine drinker, get her favorite flavor of ground coffee beans or Keurig cups. She’ll need it. Trust me! My cousin got me a gorgeous travel mug for my shower… and I LOVE that thing! (I am also not one to judge a mama for having a glass of wine, so… I mean, that’s also an option.)

A gift certificate for a massage – and babysitting. Mom WILL want a break, and mom’s back and shoulders will be exhausted and stiff from holding itty-bitty. She will LOVE you for this gift.

Streaming service. Paying for one or two streaming services for a few months will take away stress and help her relax and give her something to occupy herself with during those long hours of feeding. My pick? Consider audible (here’s a link to get two free books for trying it!) so that she can listen to that audiobook she’s wanted to listen to for a while. If she’s more into movies and TV, grab a membership to AmazonPrime. (Prime is also a great way to save money on diapers – so mention that to her!)

A super comfy robe or jammies. Seriously, girls, hands up if you wanted to pull on your jeans and push-up bra any time within the first month and a half after delivery! (Oh, no one at all? Not surprising…) Nice jammies or a robe will be appreciated by any mama who wants to get away from her maternity clothes but doesn’t remotely fit into her pre-baby pj pants.

Gift cards. Hear me out, she may use these for her baby, but if you get one for her to use at Amazon or a place she likes to shop for clothes or at a spa, she will be grateful that you are celebrating her as a person, not just a mom.

An amazing smelling bath soak. Mom will so appreciate a moment to just feel pampered – even if it’s a 15-minute bath.

Maid service. I mean, could you imagine a better gift than a clean home?! Just like a meal service, this can provide a huge help in the quality of life for mom and take away a huge amount of stress.

An instant pot. Mom might not feel like cooking right now, but eventually, we all know she’s gonna have to. This thing can be a lifesaver… and dad can probably use it too!

But hold up – if you’re the DADDY here, we have a different list for you – The BEST gifts for new moms – from new dads

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom (to Buy as a Group)

These things are more traditional baby shower gifts that mom will use FOR the baby, but they can be on the pricier side, so best to go in with a few friends on these ones:

If you are a hostess in the baby shower, or if you have a group of friends/family you are attending the shower with, you may want to consider going in as a group to buy the mom something large rather than several small things. Here are some of my favorite group baby shower gifts!

Newborn Photo Session. This may be the best gift you can possibly give a new mom—memories! A session with an experienced newborn photographer (and for safety reasons you definitely want someone with experience handling your brand new baby!) can cost around $500. Yikes. However, this is a great gift for shutterbug moms who you know will want a sea of photos of their newborn. Split the cost with several friends to make it a great option.

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Delivered meals. Being a new mom is stressful. Planning and prepping meals can be an overwhelming chore, so getting the new mom a meal delivery service can drastically improve the quality of life. There are some surprisingly affordable options. Split this cost with friends to extend the amount the parents are cared for.

Baby Food Maker. Before you know it, that little baby will be starting solids, so gift an item that lets mom create her own baby food. This gift is perfect for those moms who want to know exactly what goes into their baby’s food. This is a good gift for 2-3 people to pitch in for, or even more if additional accessories are bought.

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger. This thing is awesome! The design makes the baby feel like they are being hugged and snuggled, which can give mom a much-needed break for a few moments. Plus, it is machine washable and hypoallergenic. Splitting the cost of this with a few friends will make your new mom friend very happy.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Mom and Baby

Sometimes you just want to pick up a classic, practical baby gift for the mom, and that’s absolutely okay too! Here’s a list of practical items you can grab on Amazon or in the store.

  • Sound Machine. This is a practical gift that mom will reach for over and over again. Trust me!
  • Board books. (Here’s one of my favorites) durable reads are fun and will be enjoyed as a family for years to come.
  • Newborn essential’s basket. Put things in here that mom or dad may have to run out in the middle of the night for. Wipes, baby Tylenol, a baby thermometer, onesies, etc.
  • A fully stocked diaper bag. (This is a really stylish bag) Make mom and dad’s first outing out with baby a lot easier than they are imagining with a diaper bag packed and ready to go.
  • Baby clothes. Rather than purchase newborn items baby will only be able to wear for a week or two, purchase larger sizes. Moms get a ton of newborn outfits and 0-3 size clothing, but very little afterward. Shop for size 6 months and up!
  • A diaper caddy stocked with diapers. A caddy can be taken room to room filled with wipes and diapers so mom and dad don’t have to continually run to the changing table.
  • Fisher Price Dome. If these parents like to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors, this dome is a wonderful way for baby to tag along too!
  • A cover for the high chair and shopping carts. Once you start shopping and eating out with your little one, you’ll notice that they like to put their mouth on everyyyything. Thus, this is a great gift!
  • A baby rocker. Rockers are surprisingly affordable and incredibly useful. This is definitely a gift she’ll reach for again and again!
  • Something off the registry. Of course, the registry is an excellent place to start your gift search! There’s a reason they put items on there, so shop away.

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Homemade Baby Shower Gifts for Moms

The thought of DIY-ing brings some joy and makes the rest of us break out into a cold sweat. Whether you want to try your hand at creating items or if you prefer to order off Etsy, here are some items to consider.

  • Monogrammed anything (like this towel). Basically, anything with a monogram is baby gold. Wall decor, onesies, dresses, baby towels, etc.
  • Handmade mobile. Ask what the nursery theme is and custom order a beautiful mobile that will be the star of the show!
  • Custom stuffed animals. Make a bid for baby’s favorite toy with a handmade stuffed animal—there are so many cute ones out there!
  • Personalized baby spoons. Stamped metal spoons will help you make feeding time even more fun.
  • Milestone blanket. (Like this.) Many moms like to do monthly progress photos of their little one. A blanket with his or her name on it along with months 1-12 is the perfect way for parents to document their greatest adventure! (I WISH I had had one of these.)

So, as you can see, there are all kinds of options to choose from when it comes to baby shower gifts for mom. Which one is your favorite?


Do you have any other ideas for shower gifts for mom and NOT for baby that should be on this list? Let me know!

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