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Calling all new mommas  –

There’s an internet marketing company called Mother’s Lounge, and they are tryin’ to get you to BUY.

They are legit, and they use awesome “loss leaders” (where the company might actually lose money on something) to get you shopping. As a marketing tactic, it’s proven to work.

As a new momma, you can take advantage of this and win. 

You can get over 500$ in free stuff for your new baby – and for you!

We have this car seat canopy – for instance – great for making it dark so baby can sleep and protecting baby from the elements (and mine often doubles as a blanket when I, uh, totally forget to bring a blanket.)

You get to choose the color / pattern, and you just pay the shipping.  That’s a 50$ car seat canopy FOR FREE – and you don’t have to buy anything else to get it! (They have muslin ones now that look even nicer than these.)

All you need is a coupon code – and I got that for ya.

Use the coupon code mommyonpurpose50 to grab your free car seat canopy here. 

You can use the same coupon code to grab anything ELSE listed from the following sites as well:

These are all “loss leaders” that have been made available – you just pay shipping!

Enjoy your new baby FREEBIES!

This post was short and sweet, but that’s that.

The mommyonpurpose50 code is good for all of my readers- so feel free to share this with your friends!

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