27 Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts (Mom Will LOVE These!)

Unique Baby Shower Gifts (that her other friends won’t think to get her)

An expectant mom always loves the usual baby gifts like diapers, cute stuffed things, and swaddle blankets; however, if you’re like me, sometimes you want to give something completely unique.

I’m a little cheap and I hate spending money on something that I know a new mom will probably get 17 of. Unique baby shower gifts can often be the kind that she doesn’t know she needs… until she KNOWS she needs it. These are generally non-registry baby shower gifts – because mom didn’t think to register for them!

If you aren’t sure where to even begin with a unique baby shower gift, I’ve put together a list to help you get started. I’ve thought back to the things I got that really stuck out to me as unique or thoughtful, and also the things NO ONE thought to give me that I would have loved to get!

Thanks to this list, coming up with unusual ideas for baby shower gifts just got a whole lot easier for you! (It’s also largely a gender-neutral baby shower gifts list, so not knowing baby’s sex won’t be a problem!)

Surprise the mom-to-be with any of these unique baby shower gifts and watch her smile with delight.


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Useful baby shower gifts (that are totally unique)

We’re talking more unique than diaper cake – not that there’s anything wrong with a diaper cake. It’s still a useful baby shower gift! These are just things that she’s unlikely to get from anyone else.

1. Cute “sleeping baby” sign

sign that says _sleeping baby_

The last thing you want someone to do is to show up and knock loudly or ring the doorbell when you just got the baby to sleep. Place a cute sign on your front door, and guests will figure it out pretty quickly. This is one of those unique baby shower gifts that will be a gift that keeps giving.

Unlike me, mom won’t have to make her own sort of trashy looking cardboard sign. (Which also does totally work, I would know, because I did this. But a cute non-trashy sign would have been the perfect gift LOL.)

This is a cute baby gift that can easily DIY. Check out our complete list of DIY baby shower gift ideas here! 

2. A travel-sized white noise machine

travel sized white noise machine

Yes, she many get white noise machines from other friends who know how amazing these things are… but I doubt she will get a travel sized one. Specifically, a Rohm travel sound machine… it’s more expensive than a regular one, about 5x louder, and about 10x more useful.

I bought myself one. My sister bought herself one.

I have used this thing over and over and over – in places where there was no plug-in, in hotels, in the camper, in friends houses, IN THE CAR – in any and all situations where we just needed to drown out all. the. noise. so the baby could sleep. I love my travel sound machine with true love, and any other new mom lucky enough to get one will likely love it too.

3. Door latch cover

A door latch cover is made of fabric and hooks onto both sides of the doorknob. It makes it so you can quietly shut most doors and not make a peep. Most people don’t think of these things – because they’ve never even seen them, but man, they are handy when you’re having a hard time with keeping a baby asleep!

This is one of the best unique baby gifts because you don’t have to worry about startling baby while he is sleeping. Parents that have older kids are going to be jealous; these weren’t around when their children were babies.

Since baby sleep is really the holy grail of the first year – and every mew parent needs more sleep – gift mom a baby sleep kit and place a door latch cover in a basket with a travel sound machine, a sleeping baby sign, and a pack of red light bubs – see below:

4. Pack of red light bulbs (or lamp with red light blubs)

red light bulb

I know this sounds crazy – but using a red light for those night time feeding sessions helps not wake mom up as much – or baby, for that matter. It’s not as bright, not as shocking. Your body doesn’t think OH, it’s MORNING! (You can get them cheap – but they will be worth a fortune to mom!)

Most new moms won’t ever think of this on their own (most new moms don’t even KNOW this until you tell them), and you will be her hero.

Do be sure to explain the point of the red bulbs, just in case she’s never heard it…

5. Monogrammed jewelry with the baby’s initials or name / birthdate

personalized necklace for new mom


6. A subscription to Disney+ (or whatever streaming app she uses)

tv showing disney plus screen

This will be a LIFESAVER if she has older kids, and she’ll use it herself while she’s up at night. (It’s honestly one of the best apps for new moms, who woulda known?! lol!)

7. Mattress cover for HER bed

bed with white bedding

I know – this is about the baby… but come on moms:

Raise your hands if you’ve had children and your mattress survived totally unscathed?

(Oh, no hands?! Shocking.)

I mean, for a few weeks, there’s the blood (“postpartum recovery is a special treat”, she said sarcastically).

Then, for at least a few months, there’s the milk.

There’s also whatever the baby is doing because let’s face it… few babies ever spend ALL their time in their own beds.

Once the baby is bigger, there’s the crawling into bed with you while they’re sick, and the spilling their drinks on the bed while you’re not looking.

A waterproof mattress cover for a queen bed (or king – whatever she has) can be put to GOOD use and costs less than 30 bucks here. It’s one of the most practical gifts no one else will think to buy!

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8. First aid kit (with all the essentials for baby’s first cold)

I was gifted one of these, and I LOVED it – because she saved me from running to the store at midnight the first time my baby was sick. (The friend who gave it to me doesn’t even have kids, but she score major points as being the friend who had one of the most great ideas for a baby gift lol.)

It included:

9. Teething “survival” basket

This is another “desperately need it RIGHT NOW and don’t want to wait two days for Amazon to deliver it” type of gift that she won’t know how much she appreciates until she DOES know.

baby teething on a banana teether

You can fill a cute basket with a “teething survival kit” for mom and baby.

My top picks for baby are an amber anklet (safer imo than a necklace, and my two year old wore his for over a year and a half), a freezable teether, and this banana toothbrush (just like the one pictured here with the cute baby – we had this exact one, and it was a super hit with both my kids! (You can just put it through the dishwasher and it’s good as new for the second kid haha.)

For mom, depending on her personality, include a fun coffee mug or nice bottle of wine. (She’ll need one or the other… or both.)

10. Portable diaper changing station

Having a changing table is always a nice thing, but sometimes it’s easier to change a dirty diaper sitting on the floor. (Actually, to this day, we still change 9/10 diapers on the floor.) Or if the new mama is traveling, she can quickly change the babies diaper in the car or a rest stop.

Plus, anything that is portable will make the new mom’s life so much easier. She will be sending you a silent thank you every time she reaches for the portable changing station.

11. Bath time kneeling mat

No one realizes (pre-baby) just how hard it is to kneel on the hard floor night after night.

A padded mat that you place in front of the tub for bath time will be much appreciated.

12. Drool bibs

I feel like drool bibs have to make the unique baby shower gift ideas list because both my sister and I got a set of these for our showers, and both of us LOVED them. (Yet, you don’t always think “Oh, I’ll buy drool bibs for Suzi…” you know?)

Especially if you live in a cold climate, where you can’t take baby out with a soggy shirt, these are SO HANDY and totally saves you having to change your kids 5+ times per day.

13. Wubanub pacifier

Pacifiers can be controversial, but I personally love them! I got some for my shower, and those ended up being the brand I LOVED the most and used for both my kids.

But a wubanub pacifier is AMAZING, and I bought one of these for both of my kids. They are attached to little animals, so a baby can hold onto them without help – unlike a traditional pacifier.

14. An old fashioned compression gate

baby compression gate across a bathroom door

It’s funny – when we were baby-gate shopping, we leaned towards the gates that need to be installed permanently.

But you know what we ended up using THE MOST?

An ancient compression gate that we got handed down from a friend.


Because it’s mobile, and quick to use to trap baby in a room where they need to be trapped. Plus you can grab it to take to grandmas for the weekend without making any holes in anyone else’s walls (or your own walls, for that matter).

15. A great nursing cover

Not all nursing covers are created equal. I had one of these, and I LOVED that thing. I used it constantly. It would make a perfect baby shower gift – one that would get lots of use, regardless of if mom chooses to nurse, because it doubles as a car seat cover and a blanket.

16. Mom Survival Kit

Everyone spends most of their focus on the new baby, and mom (and dad) often gets forgotten about in the shuffle. That is entirely normal, and to be expected, but it doesn’t always make it fun, either.

While everyone is buying gifts for baby, do something just for the mom-to-be. It will be so appreciated.

Just use a little box or jar and fill it with her favorite things. You can create a themed gift that she can take to the hospital or something to throw into the diaper bag on future outings. Here are a few ideas for small items / ideas to get you started:

  • Gum
  • Chapstick / lip balm
  • Chocolate
  • Hand lotion
  • Gift cards for a coffee shop or food
  • Mints
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Nail Polish
  • Comb and pocket mirror
  • Her favorite snacks
  • Nice water bottle

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Thoughtful baby shower gifts that she won’t get from anyone else

These are the baby gifts that make new moms go “awwwwwww” – and the ones that we remember forever as sweet and thoughtful. (Although, I’m a pretty practical person so I also remember the useful baby gifts as sweet and thoughtful. There’s just no losing with any of these unique shower gift ideas.)

17. Matching mommy and me jammies

This could honestly go in the “useful” gifts section also, because babies need jammies and moms need jammies, but there’s just something extra special about matching mommy and me jammies that regular jammies don’t have. It doesn’t matter if your friend is having a baby boy or a baby girl, you can get jammies that work. Little Sleepies is my go-to for THE MOST COMFORTABLE, high quality matching family jammies. (You can read my full review of little sleepies here, to see why I love them so much.)

Note that these don’t make a great last minute baby shower gift – I’ve found the shipping to take up to a few weeks!

18. Monthly milestone blanket

Not only is a monthly milestone blanket thoughtful and unique, but you are also giving the gift of some of the most precious memories she will have while taking photos of her baby laying on it.

It’s incredible how fast a new baby grows in the first year, so documenting every month helps you really notice the changes (sniff). There are many choices available out there, but once you decide on one, I know that the new parents will love this gift for many years to come.

19. Sentimental book

First of all, here’s a fair warning: this gift has been known to make expectant mothers cry. Maybe it’s the hormones or maybe it’s just how thoughtful the gift is. Either way, moms will absolutely love this gift!

There are so many sweet books out there to give a mom-to-be. Baby books are fantastic gifts, particularly when paired with a pretty pen set. Another book I love handing out as unique baby shower gifts is this sweet book, Letters to My Baby.

20. Date night

A gift card to mom’s favorite restaurant will help furnish her cravings. Pair it with another fun activity such as a spa treatment for two or playing arcade games, and you’ve just gifted the couple a pretty fantastic date night.

This can be a particularly helpful gift if the parents-to-be already have a child. Offer to come over and babysit while they have a date night on their own—it might be a while before they can have one again!

21. A photography session makes one of the best baby gifts

Want to really hit it out of the park with a unique baby shower gift? Why not purchase mom a photography session! She will love and cherish the photos for her entire life. It’s impossible to look at your child’s photo (no matter how old they are) and not feel sentimental when you see them.

Check around mom’s local area and find a photographer that fits your budget and has quality work. This will be a meaningful and impressive gift that she will reach for over and over.

22. Framed newspaper from the day the baby is born

Obviously better if the shower takes place POST birth, but in my area, most do.

Also better if the day baby is born has happy headlines. (This comes to mind because a prominent person died the day my son was born, and I’m not sure I would display newspapers from that day haha!) Generally though, a framed newspaper rom the day baby is born makes a very thoughtful gift that she won’t get 3 of, and these become precious keepsakes.

23. A footprint kit

baby foot print decor

To help mamma document those itty bitty sweet baby feet before they get big. I had one of these and I LOVE looking at those tiny foot prints… I’m not sure I would have thought to take foot prints if I hadn’t been given the footprint kit. You can get them at any craft store, and they make such a fun gift.

24. Wooden monogram sign with the baby’s initials or baby’s name on it

wooden word baby in front of pregnant woman

We got one of these for each of our kids, and we still use them (even though our kids are not babies anymore). The make cute nursery décor and as kids grow they are great for hanging on their bed room door etc. (Just keep that in mind – don’t get an overly babyish design. Something timeless is better than something a child will outgrow by the time they’re 10.)

More Unique (and Gender Neutral) Baby Shower Gifts to Consider

If you are looking for more unique baby shower gifts to purchase here are several ideas to consider:

  • A family tree that can be framed
  • Gift certificate for a custom illustration that matches the baby’s nursery
  • A cute keepsake box engraved with baby’s birth date – for those baby treasures she won’t ever want to part with
  • 5-10 freezer meals labeled and ready to go
  • Bottles of wine with milestone labels (ex: baby slept through the night, mom’s first day back at work, this is such a cute memorable gift!)
  • An Alexa – great for voice activating white noise or lullabies when mama’s hands are full (ooooo how I wish I had that when my kids were babies!)
  • A meal delivery service (or homemade freezer meals)
  • Babysitting for older siblings. (I found that I lacked “alone cuddling time” with my second!)

Another option to consider is going in on a group gift with some friends for some of the more expensive baby gear – like high chairs, a baby carrier, a stroller, a crib etc.

Those are all items she probably won’t get from many people, since they are higher ticket items.

Whatever unique baby gift you get for mom, she’ll probably love it.

If you decide to gift more traditional baby essentials like baby socks, burp cloths, a baby blanket, pacifier clips etc., you could consider asking the store for a gift receipt to tuck into the card just in case the expectant parents get 3 or 4 of those items and want to swap it out for something they didn’t get that they still need.

You could also MAKE mom a baby shower gift – then it would be 100% unique!

Some of the things on this list make my list of the top ten best baby shower gifts, and some don’t, but I still bet she’ll love ANY of them!

The thing she needs the most is your love and support – it’s one of the best gifts that can’t come from the baby registry or baby aisle – so be sure to check in on her.

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