Little Sleepies Review (NOT Sponsored!)

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook or Instagram in the past year, you’ve probably seen ads for Little Sleepies pajamas. They’re one of those pajama brands that’s touted as the best children’s sleepwear in SO many places! I’m a bit of a pajama connoisseur (translation: I really like pajamas, especially cute ones, and definitely have more than I need).

SO, of course, I decided to try them out myself (well, for my kids) and I figured why not write a Little Sleepies review?

little sleepies pajamas with cute print

(Please note that Little Sleepies DID NOT contact me or pay me to post this review. I am free to share my OWN OPINION on Little Sleepies jammies. YAY! As always, this post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here.)

The first thing I’ll say is that these pajamas are a lot of money compared to the other PJs I normally buy for my kids (from Walmart, Old Navy, H+M etc). That is the single biggest drawback.

Normally for me, when it comes to an internet purchase where I can’t hold / feel the product, that’s enough to disqualify me from purchasing.

I don’t MIND paying for really good quality items, but I am very hesitant to purchase with no real idea of the quality. (The internet masks so many flaws! I did check out a few other Little Sleepies reviews, but I still felt hesitant about the cost.)

So, how did I end up buying Little Sleepies pajama sets for my kids if I was hesitant about the price?

It started with the penguins. (They have SO many cute prints, but the penguins are definitely one of my favorite patterns).

I have a kid who is all about penguins, and Little Sleepies happened to have this adorable penguin pj set (in PINK no less, her favorite color) on CLEARANCE. (See everything on sale / clearance here.)

This particular kid actually NEEDED PJs, because all of hers were quite small, and I decided to surprise her with the penguin print jammies.

But I have more than one kid, so I figured, no problem, I’d get him the matching set in blue (Little Sleepies has matching options for the whole family). Buuuuut the blue penguins were sold out in his size (I guess this is the downfall of shopping clearance LOL)… and I couldn’t just NOT get him anything, so I poked around the site until I discovered the construction vehicles print.

I have one kid that’s crazy about penguins, and one kid that’s crazy about constructions vehicles, so that was that. (I personally love the Disney collection, but I know my kids, and they are just as happy with penguins and diggers as they are with Anna and Olaf.)

I did end up paying full price for the construction vehicles set, BUT I actually feel (now that we have the jammies) that it was money well spent – they do a REALLY good job of living up to their claims!

little sleepies product tag on new pajamas

Little Sleepies Pajamas are SO soft!

I was actually really hesitant about the material.

I don’t like polyester-feeling things, or anything that feels overly “shiny”. To me shiny material feels very cheap. Something about the way the material was described online SOUNDED like it would be shiny, but they aren’t.


Little Sleepies are made of bamboo viscose, and CLAIM that they are cloud-soft, but I haven’t ever had bamboo pajamas before, so I was doubtful.

But they are SO SOFT! My kids don’t have skin issues, but apparently this fabric is really great for sensitive skin and eczema.

The material is on the thin side, but my kids seem to stay plenty warm in them. Neither of them sleeps under the covers all night, but they don’t get cold.

We haven’t had them over the summer, but the official claim is that this material is helpful for regulating body temperature – it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and I could see it being true, just based on how they feel. The ones we have are long sleeves, and I would think short sleeve / shorts sets would be more appropriate for hotter climates. I’ll definitely update this as I find out how my kids fare in these PJs over the hotter months!

Update: They do get too warm in them in the summer, despite claims of magic temperature regulation. Must have short sleeve / short sets for hot weather.

kids wearing little sleepies pajamas

The fit is far better than other PJ brands

One of the first things that most interested me about Little Sleepies was that they claimed to fit three times longer than other PJ brands.

We bought my son a two-piece set from H+M in January, and 4 months later it’s already sort of stretched out in the neck and upper body but weirdly short in the arms. The fit is just not great. On top of that, he grows SO FAST, it seems like we can’t keep him in anything for more than 6 months regardless! We’ve experienced the same thing with Old Navy pajamas (although those ones are much cheaper, so it’s sort of expected.)

I actually think Little Sleepies are going to be very different – these bamboo pajamas literally have an extra 4 inches of leg and arm length, and yet somehow they are NOT baggy and don’t hang down or trip my kids. I am a fan of a looser fit, I think the weird tight way kids jammies are made to fit looks SO uncomfortable.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what size to grab, because sizing can be awkwardly different across brands… but this doesn’t seem like it will EVER be a problem with these jammies. (As long as you default to buying big, like I do. Obviously they won’t fit if you try to squash your 4 year old into sleepers made for a12 month old).

My daughter is 4, and I grabbed her a 4T. It fits PERFECTLY – it does have that extra arm and leg length I was mentioning, but this great because they’ll fit for a long time.

My son is (a normal sized) 5 and they were sold out of 5T, so I grabbed him a 7/8 thinking at WORST he would grow into them… but they ALSO fit perfectly. (He is NOT a big 5 year old… it’s just that the jammies are magic when it comes to fit.)

Knowing this now, I would always order these PJs a size too big (or a larger size than what your child normally wears). I don’t mind a little baggy and I’m excited to think they are actually going to last for literal YEARS. (Makes the price point seem far less scary!)

UPDATE: The fit for adults is a little different than the fit for kids

Since publishing this little sleepies review, I’ve ordered each of my kids another pair of jammies and a pair for myself, as well as a pair of pj pants for both myself and my husband.

I don’t like tight legged jammies which are the only style available for women, so I ordered myself a men’s extra small, which is just fine for myself – but we do have a comment on the fit for men, and it’s an important comment:

This material is very VERY soft and, ummm… drape-y. Without getting non-pg-rated here, I feel like this review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add that men should *probably* purchase their little sleepies pj pants in a larger size than they normally wear as to avoid being… draped… in an obvious way… especially in front of their families.

These are not our favorite pj pants for me, and we wouldn’t order for my husband again unless we were specifically wanting to have matching family jammies.

How do Little Sleepies Pajamas launder?

To be honest, this is the one thing I am still not confident to give my opinion on. We haven’t HAD these jammies for months, so I will update this Little Sleepies review after I have washed them 10+ times. Other Little Sleepies reviews say they launder well. I’m curious how they hold up to MY version of laundering, which is everything into the washer on warm, everything out and straight into the dryer.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of my daughter’s (now favorite) PJ top after two months of constant wear and laundering. I am pretty impressed by how they wash to be honest. She eats in them all the time, and stains have washed right out, and the neck and sleeves have not stretched much at all.

I’d say the color is a tiny bit faded, but I don’t separate darks and lights (I put these right in with jeans and dark tops) so I’m willing to say that’s on me.

machine washed little sleepies pajama top pink


I put them straight in the wash with everything else on normal cycle, and then into the dryer. No one has time for hang drying children’s pajamas!

I think Little Sleepies will make AMAZING baby gifts

These jammies immediately went on my list of best baby gifts, after experiencing how soft they are and how the stretchy fabric will allow for LOTS of use before you have to retire these sleepers for the next size. (It was heartbreaking to me when I had to put away tiny jammies my babies had only worn for three months and get the next size up! I still have a box of those sleepers, because I just couldn’t part with them. lol.)

Little Sleepies was started by a mom – Maradith Frenkel – who wanted better options for baby pajamas for middle of the night diaper changes for her newborn. She says her son has sensitive skin, and that’s how she ended up choosing the softest fabric she could find (the bamboo viscose).

Their baby pajamas are called Zippies (check them out here).

The key features that she’s built into these jammies are perfect – they have unique fold-over cuffs, allowing all sizes to convert from footless romper to footed sleeper. On sizes under 18m, they also have fold-over mittens to keep hands (and nails!) covered.

The smartest feature though is probably the double zippers, they’re designed for easy diaper changes – you can unzip from bottom to top OR top to bottom, whatever you need, and no silly snaps to fiddle with at 3 am.

Any new mom will love to dress her baby up in the adorable prints, but even more than that, she’ll appreciate the double zippers. haha.

I probably WOULDN’T buy the sleep sacks

I just can’t see WHY you buy a sleep sack from Little Sleepies. The pajamas have SO many pros – they’ll fit for ages, they are SO soft, the double zippers, the fold over cuffs… the sleepy bags are just sleepy bags.

Full disclosure, I was never a fan of sleep sacks anyhow, possibly because we co-slept… but honestly I don’t see how these can be better than any other $25 sleep sack from anywhere. (Except these ones are WAY more than $25, lol.)

That’s just me, I guess, but if I was buying Little Sleepies as a baby gift for a friend, I would go with the jammies and not the sleepy bags. (You’ll spend less too!)

I haven’t tried their bamboo blankets – they LOOK amazing, but again, the price is sort of up there.

Don’t miss the fun family matching holiday pajamas!

family matching set of little sleepies pajamas

One of our Christmas traditions is getting family matching holiday pjs! (My husband isn’t CRAZY about this tradition, but it’s at the top of the list of favorite things for our big kids, so I’m not giving it up!)

We ordered these Frozen themed jammies on the July long weekend sale in anticipation of Christmas. I ordered myself a men’s extra small because I don’t like the tight leg style of jammies they have for women, but the extra small works fine!

(And if you missed my note about men’s sizing earlier, again, I suggest men get a larger size than they normally wear due to the thin clingy nature of the fabric. It’s just very… clingy.)

I love these prints because they’re extremely gender neutral which works so great for our family!

little sleepies family matching pajama bottoms and family feet

I noticed this year that the holiday prints go on sale after Christmas… so knowing that the fit is SO flexible with Little Sleepies, I plan to buy the holiday family matching jammies (see them here) THIS next year… for NEXT year (once they go on sale)!

When I received my last order, I also got a discount coupon in the package for a future purchase (great marketing tactic; it’s working on me haha).

little sleepies pajamas new in bag

Would I buy them again?

Yes, I would buy them again for my kids (and for myself, if it was to match my kids. I wouldn’t buy them for myself just to HAVE, but only because I don’t like the bottoms style they have for women). I would always buy for my kids in a larger size than they actually need, to make sure we get the long wear out of them – and I would definitely buy the PJs as baby gifts. I would also check out the clearance section before I spent full price, but even the ones I spent full price on are well loved.

UPDATE: I totally did buy them for myself just to have. I got these cute Mickey + Minnie jammies for this winter. They are long sleeved, so I’m just putting them away until it’s not 100 degrees here. It was a total indulgence, and I don’t regret it at all. LOL.

disney themed little sleepies pajamas


little sleepies pjs review pin

1 thought on “Little Sleepies Review (NOT Sponsored!)”

  1. Nanna perspective, 3 years in. They are all that!

    Quality on pj’s is best guaranteed if, hung to dry. Dryer will cause twisting, overtime.

    A retailer’s dream, shopping online madness, Tues Am drops are comparative only to Black Friday sales of years past; perhaps a pandemic phenomenon?

    Join the board, you will see- there are toddler’s out there who have amassed, what could be considered Khardasian sized LS wardrobes- I kid you not!

    That said, I do own 4 sets. Do not be fooled- there is nothing sexy about them- they are all about the comfy/cozy factor, Cosa Bella cannot provide.

    I received the LS bed linen’s as a gift. After the 2nd wash- my first hole appeared. I need to call them. Seriously hoping it was just a bad batch- because these are sexy/cozy/comfy!

    Assortment is A+. Price is B+, Join their Club for additional percentage off, making Price A+, Shipping is a B- Quality A.

    We do love our LS’s!


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