19 Best Apps for New Moms in 2022

19 Great New Mom Apps for 2022

If you’re like most modern moms, you likely used an app to follow your pregnancy milestones (you know, kiwi, grapefruit, watermelon lol). Now, your precious little one has arrived, and, with mommy fog brain setting in, you may find you need a new mom app—or two—to help you keep track of, well, everything. Let’s talk about the best apps for new moms in 2022.

Those 2 a.m. feedings and poop-splosions are still going to be part of your life as a new parent – no baby app to take over there LOL. (But we wouldn’t want it any other way, of course!)

There’s definitely an advantage to many of these baby apps for new parents -they’ll make those first weeks at home with baby, and months (and years) just a little easier.

13 Awesome Baby Apps for New Moms

We need all the help we can get, right?

It’s encouraging to know that there are tools you can use to alleviate the stress that comes with charting the unknown waters of being a new mom. Here’s my list of parenting apps you’ll want to know about if you’re brand new at this mom thing (and further down, apps that aren’t created for parents, but will take on a whole new list of benefits once you ARE a parent). 

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor app turns two devices (two phones, a phone + an ipad ect) into a video monitoring system so you can watch over your baby while he sleeps.

Once the app is downloaded and opened on both devices, you leave one device in the baby’s room and use the other device wherever you are.

This tops my list of apps for new parents because my postpartum anxiety made me panic about not being able to SEE my baby while he was sleeping.

This is a SUPER AFFORDABLE alternative to expensive video monitors, or can be really helpful in a pinch if you’ve travelled and forgotten the monitor at home. It’s also not limited by range like most monitors are, as it works over your mobile network.

You can use Cloud Baby Monitor with multiple children at the same time. The app allows simultaneous use by more than one user. It’s available for iOS and Android for a small charge.

White Noise app

One of the well-known issues of parenting a newborn is getting them to sleep. White Noise is an assistive sleep app that plays ambient sounds and classical music to help lull your baby to sleep.

This app replaces white noise machines – or again, if you travel and forget your white noise machine, this app will fill in (which is exactly how I learned about it LOL).

Using various everyday noises like running water, a gentle breeze, or forest sounds, White Noise gives you the option to create your own mix and add to a favorites list. With the timer feature, you control how long your baby listens to White Noise. Available free for iOS and Android.

Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper is a great choice when you want to personalize sleep sounds for your baby. In addition to its repertoire of gentle white noise sounds, Sound Sleeper gives you the ability to record your own lullabies and music.

One big plus for Sound Sleeper (over the White Noise app) is that it activates itself when your baby first cries, meaning you may not even have to get out of bed.

It can also track your baby’s sleep patterns to help develop good sleeping habits. Available free for iOS and Android.

Qeepsake – (the one newborn baby app I’d literally pay to go back and use if I could)

First seen on Shark Tank, Qeepsake is an exciting twist on the traditional baby book. The app sends you daily text messages with questions about your baby. Your responses are saved to the in-app journal. 

This one is high on my list of recommended apps for new moms because I existed in a sort of hazy cloud for my first baby’s whole first year, and I honestly WISH I had known about this one. I have no idea when he got his first tooth, what his first word was, how much he weighed at 6 months old etc. This is one of the things I totally missed out on in my baby’s first year!

With this app, you can easily send info to your journal via text messages – and it reminds you, so you don’t forget!

You can add photos, milestones, or memorable events to a journal at any time. When you’re ready, turn the online Qeepsake journal into a printed baby book, photo album, or journal. Available free for iOS and Android.

Baby Tracker

As the name implies, Baby Tracker provides a platform to track all your baby’s daily habits. One of the best apps for first time moms! From feeding and naps to diaper changes, you can keep up with all the important parts of their life. 

Baby Tracker works well for nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding, as well as solid foods when you get to that point. Record nap times, diaper changes, medical history, and growth too.

A huge benefit to Baby Tracker is that it allows multiple users to log into the same account, which syncs across all devices. It’s available free for iOS and Android.


For a one-stop app, look no further than Baby+. In addition to tracking your baby’s daily life and growth, it provides a plethora of information for new parents, including daily blog articles, parenting guides, and things to do with your baby.  

With Baby+, you can capture and preserve cherished moments with a diary, photos, and even a yearbook. You can include medical appointments, monitor your own weight, and even track more than one child. Like the previous app, Baby+ is available free for iOS and Android.

Milk Maid

For moms who are pumping breast milk, Milk Maid is a handy app for keeping up with your inventory of stored milk, even if stored in different locations. You can track your pumping sessions, label milk by pumping date, and keep up with info on individual containers. 

The app for new moms is flexible enough to keep track of daily usage by you – or other caregivers, and it can estimate how long your supply of pumped milk will last. Available for iOS for a small charge.

Mom Maps

Once you’re ready to get out and about with your little one, Mom Maps is a great app to guide you to kid-friendly locations like parks, cafes, restaurants, museums, and more. With its GPS feature, you’ll see spots closest to you and the directions on how to get there.

Mom Maps is primarily geared towards larger metro areas of the U.S. but does include a few international cities like Paris and Vancouver. You can also read reviews and write one of your own. Available for iOS for a small charge.


Let’s face it. Being a mom can be a lonely job with no other adults around during the day. That’s where Peanut comes in. Peanut is a meet-up app geared towards mothers who want to connect with other women in like circumstances.

It’s a social space where you can ask questions, share concerns, and celebrate the successes of motherhood with other moms who understand. Whether you chat individually or participate in groups, Peanut is a valuable tool when parenting isolates you from others. Available free for iOS and Android.

Baby Pack and Go

When you finally venture out after having your baby, Baby Pack and Go is just the app to help you get out the door. 

A baby requires a lot of stuff. Baby Pack and Go offers customizable, pre-made lists, or lets you create your own from scratch, so you don’t leave home without that must-have item. Available free for iOS and Android.

Sit or Squat

No one wants to use a dirty public restroom, especially not a new mom with a little one. Sit or Squat by Charmin helps you find the cleanest restrooms near you. Green means you’re “good to go,” and red says, “hold it a little longer if you can.”

Users can rate and review the restrooms they visit, so the app’s information is always changing and improving. Available free for iOS and Android.


Learning how to play is what babyhood is all about. Playfully gives you expert tips on guiding your child to play well. With daily play ideas tailored to your child’s needs and interests, you’ll enjoy more fun with your little one, knowing it helps them grow and develop.

Playfully also keeps you up-to-date on milestones and provides options to capture and store your playful memories with a photo timeline and journal. It’s primarily aimed at the 0-3 years crowd. Available free for iOS and Android.


Having an infant doesn’t mean you can’t ever travel again. It may require more planning to pull off, and that’s where Trekaroo can help. The free app offers information on family-friendly destinations, activities, hotels, and restaurants, similar to Mom Maps mentioned above.

You can create your own trip guide, book accommodations through the app, and keep a photo journal of your trip. With crowd-sourced information from other traveling parents, you have valuable info at your fingertips to make your trip with little ones go much smoother. 

6 Apps That Make Life Easier for New Moms

Keeping up with a baby is a time-consuming job, and sometimes it can seem as though that’s all you do. But you still have to eat, shop, entertain other children, keep everyone in the family on schedule, and take care of yourself. As they say, there’s an app for that too (haha). 

The following apps aren’t specifically newborn baby apps, but they are ESSENTIAL new moms apps that will help you “keep it together”.


Cozi, the family calendar app, helps you organize life. With the ability to create and share grocery lists, and track appointments and activities, Cozi replaces the refrigerator door as keeper of the family calendar. This is such a useful mom app no matter how old your kids are! 

In addition to the calendar function, you can use Cozi for recipe ideas and meal planning, chore lists for the older kids, and a to-do list for you. Available free for iOS and Android.


If you find yourself tired, frustrated, and stressed out dealing with a newborn, try Headspace for helpful, meditative exercises. With the app, you can pop on anytime you have a few minutes and get your daily dose of calm. 

Through consistent practice of its guided meditations and focus on mindfulness, you will, hopefully, sleep better and feel more at peace. A subscription is required, although there is a free trial available for iOS and Android.


Shopping for groceries with a newborn…whew! Enough said. Why not let someone else shop for you so you can spend more time with your little one? Shipt is a grocery delivery service that partners with various retail and grocery stores for same-day delivery.

Its user-friendly app and network of personalized shoppers make getting groceries as simple as opening the app. Sign up for an annual subscription that includes free delivery or just pay a minimal delivery fee for each individual use. Available for iOS and Android.

DoorDash and GrubHub

Meal delivery apps like DoorDash and GrubHub make mealtimes a breeze if you don’t have the time or energy to cook. Partnering with hundreds of popular restaurants and fast-food locations, DoorDash and GrubHub give you takeout options on those super busy nights.

The apps will save your preferred payment method and your order history, making it that much quicker to get your favorite meal delivered to your door. Available free for iOS and Android.

If take-out isn’t in the budget, you can plan ahead and prevent dinner-time disasters with a meal planning app


Your newborn is too young to enjoy a Disney movie, but you’re not, and neither is the toddler that you wish would just stop. asking. you. for. snacks. while you’re trying to get the baby to sleep. 

Breastfeeding, pumping, or bottle-feeding can mean long periods of time in a chair with your newborn – and it makes it hard to entertain those older siblings! 

That’s where Disney+ can work its magic.

With the Disney+ app, hundreds of classic TV shows, Disney movies, and educational fare can be yours to watch whenever, wherever. The app download is free, but various subscription plans are available to access the treasure trove of entertainment. (We have the yearly subscription and it’s honestly some of the best money we spent when our second baby was new!) This is also a GREAT gift for new moms who have older kids! 

HOMER Learning

If this happens to be your SECOND or THIRD child, you will WANT THIS!

HOMER Learning app is literally THOUSANDS (!!!!) of educational games and stories for kids 2-8.

It’s guilt free screen time for when you just need to close your eyes for 15 minutes, or rock a baby to sleep in a quiet room.

You can get a 30 day free trial to HOMER Learn & Grow here, and it’s only 5$ / month on the annual subscription if your kids get addicted to learning. lol. (Read our full homer learning app review.)

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Benefits of Using an App as a New Mom

Moms have been keeping track of their babies’ schedules and memories for time immortal (ok well, most moms. I failed, because I didn’t know about Queepsake and a lot of the other great new moms we’ve talked about). Not all that long ago, pen and paper were the only options if you wanted to know the last time your baby ate or how long they slept.  

Now, with all the newborn baby apps out there, it’s so simple to open an app, click a few buttons, add or delete, and have all the info you need right on your phone. It’s convenient and quick, just the thing for sleep-deprived new parents.

Here’s why should you use an app to keep up with your baby’s life and your own:

  • The app remembers for you. As long as you put in the data, the app stores it, so your brain doesn’t have to. When you need it, the information, the music, or the memory is just a click away.
  • Multiple logins include everyone. Everyone who needs to know your baby’s details can log into the same account, allowing parents, siblings, grandparents, or caregivers to all be on the same page.
  • Organization is key. Life with a newborn is busy. Keeping up with doctor appointments, work schedules, and how all that fits in with your baby’s needs is quite a task. The right app helps new parents manage it all.

Final Thoughts about baby apps for new parents

Being a new parent is a life-changing event. There’s a lot to learn and a lot of adjustments to make. It’s okay to have questions about how your baby is doing or how you’re doing as a mom.(Honestly, you are probably doing AMAZING – moms are so hard on themselves!)  

Baby apps are useful tools to help parents record the details of their baby’s life, from feeding times to naps to keepsake memories. Other parenting apps can assist with organization, travel, daily meals, and entertainment. 

 With all the baby apps available these days and most of them free to use, it makes sense to take advantage of the technology and put an app or two to work for you.

pregnant woman using baby apps for new parents

pregnant woman using baby apps for new parents pregnant woman using baby apps for new parents

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