23 Easy DIY Baby Shower Decorations (That’ll Wow Them)

When it comes to baby shower decorations, there are two routes you can take: go all out and buy decorations, or get creative and make your own DIY baby shower decorations!

If you’re on a budget, making your own decorations is the way to go.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll also end up with unique decorations that will stand out impress your guests!

It’s easier to customize every decoration at your shower to fit with your shower theme if you make it yourself as well – you have more control over the colors and sizes of each piece of décor!

To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the most adorable DIY baby shower decorations. From banners and balloons to wall décor and centerpieces, there’s something for everyone (and every budget!)

You can get most of the supplies to make these DIY baby shower décor ideas at the dollar store!

23 Adorable & Easy DIY Baby Shower Decorations (That Anyone Can Make)


Use the following ideas for inspiration – change up the colors, mix and match the ideas…

1) Balloon Arch

couple at baby shower under balloon arch

A balloon arch is a great way to add some fun and color to your baby shower décor, and take your decorations to the next level.

All you need is some balloons, chicken wire, fishing line, and tape.

Start by bending your chicken wire into the general shape you want your arch to be.

(You can make your arch into a full arch, or just go for a crescent shape – it looks just as awesome but takes half the time and half the supplies!)

balloon arch to diy for baby shower

Then inflate the balloons – making many random sizes gives your balloon arch more character, but a simple arch made of one-sized balloons can look great too. Then, tie the end of the fishing line to the neck of the balloon, knotting it at the base. Attach it to the chicken wire Repeat this process until all of your balloons are on the fishing line. Finally, hang your garland up on the wall or from the ceiling, using tape or push pins.

When in doubt go for MORE balloons – large balloon arches take a little time but look VERY impressive.

Here’s further instructions on making a perfect balloon arch.

If you love the idea of decorating with balloons, check out my list of baby shower balloons ideas!

2) Giant Baby Blocks

giant home made baby blocks from cardboard boxes

You can purchase giant blocks that say “baby” or even spall out new baby’s name… but why purchase them when you can make them from boxes and construction paper!?

This is a CHEAP diy baby shower decoration that LOOKS stunning – and can have a big impact on the overall feel of the baby shower!

Cover same sized cardboard boxes in plain paper – you can use white paper or brown paper for a “wooden block” look.

Cut out the letters you want to place on the blocks from colored construction paper – you can use all one color or multiple colors, if you know the gender of the baby you could use pinks, if you have a pastel color scheme you could use pastel colors – it doesn’t matter!

Paste the letters onto your “blocks” – and arrange them any way you like!

giant blocks that spell baby as diy baby shower decor

3) Tassel Garland

Tassel garlands are one of my favorite decoration ideas to add some fun and color to your baby shower decor.

pastel colored tassel garland hanging at a baby shower

All you need is some tissue paper, scissors, and string.

Start by cutting the tissue paper into strips.

Then, accordion fold the strips of tissue paper, making sure to leave a long tail at the end. Once all of the tissue paper is folded, tie the string around the center of the accordion fold. Then, simply fluff out the tissue paper to create your garland.

Hang your garlands up on the wall or from the ceiling, and you’re all set!

4) Polka Dot Garland

diy polka dot garland as diy baby shower decoration

This polka dot garland is a great way to add some fun and color to your baby shower decor.

All you need is some cardstock, scissors, and string.

Start by cutting out circles from the cardstock. (Cut many different sizes and colors, to make a garland like the one pictured).

Once you have a bunch of circles, start punching holes around the edges. Thread the string through the holes, and then tie knots between each circle to space them out. Hang your garland up on the wall or from the ceiling, and you’re all set!

5) Colorful Paper Bunting

paper bunting decor at a baby shower

Colorful paper bunting is one of the easiest ways to decorate a wall above a gifts table, or decorate the edge of a snacks table – without spending much money at all!

Plus it’s so easy to customize the colors for your shower theme if you’re making it yourself!

All you need is string, colored paper / cardstock, tape, and scissors.

Cut many same sized diamond shapes (I find it’s easiest to use a template, because my straight line cutting abilities just aren’t that hot), and fold the paper diamond in half over the string, use a dot of hot glue to hold the two sides together.

Here’s more detailed instructions to make a paper bunting – without using glue!

6) Baby Animals Curtain

 animals curtain baby shower decor


This is another take on bunting or garland – one that takes it up a whole notch!

You can make strings of cute creatures (or whatever makes sense for your baby shower theme – for example, with a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower you could use honey pots and bees and Poohs etc).

Print and cute out clip art to make your hanging curtains.

7) Hot Air Balloon (from Balloons)

hot air balloon made from balloons and basket

It’s easy to make an adorable hot air balloon from balloons and a basket – you can make a large one to hold gifts (as a center feature of the decor) or a smaller one sitting on the table to hold favors, cards, snacks etc.

This is easier with balloons filled with helium, but you can do it with balloons supported by wire as well.

8) Diaper Cake

diaper cake as baby shower decor

A diaper cake is an awesome diy baby shower decoration idea because they’re also a great last minute baby gift that mom will get TONS of use out of – so in essence, the money spent on the decor isn’t wasted because you’re also buying a gift!

Diaper cakes look fantastic on the gift table – just match the table cloth to the ribbon on the cake and the whole thing looks perfect!

9) Diaper Wreath

Just like a diaper cake, a diaper wreath is a perfect useful gift for mom to take home!

(And mom can REALLY not have too many diapers, so it’s ok to do a diaper cake, a diaper raffle, AND a diaper wreath LOL.)

You can find a step-by-step tutorial for making a diaper wreath here.

10) Chalkboard signs

chalkboard sign at baby shower

You can write ANYTHING you like on chalkboard signs – even sweet quotes – and they’ve become quite trendy over the past few years, so chalkboards abound at dollar stores.

It’s also easy to use a can of chalkboard paint on cardboard to make your own chalkboards, and this allows you to frame them with any cute frame you like! (You can get pretty frames used at thrift stores etc for cheap!)

11) Baby Clothes / Onesie Bunting

diy onesie baby shower garland

There are two ways to make a baby onesie bunting – you can make an adorable mini version, by following this tutorial here, or you can use real baby clothes.

Making your own mini onesies for the bunting will definitely be more time consuming, but much easier to hang, cheaper, and perhaps more fitting with the look you want (depending on the look you want).

The other way to do it is with real baby onesies.

baby clothes hanging on a line

If you want to use REAL baby clothes for the bunting, this is another great idea for décor that doubles as a gift!

You can use bunting to decorate the table (or wall) with cute baby clothes – and then send those baby clothes home with mom after the shower!

If you don’t know the baby gender, choose cute gender neutral clothes.

(You can also make bunting out of baby items like pacifiers, booties, soft toys etc.)

12) Onesie Drink Tags

drink glasses at a baby shower with onesie tags on them

If you do go with a a cute onesie bunting, why not carry the theme of the décor on and make tags for drinks etc. from onesies!

13) Cute Printable Banners

mommy to be banner on back of a chair

You can take bunting a step farther and print out cute banners that say things like “mom to be” (for her chair) or “gifts” or “baby girl“.


You just print them at home (on plain paper, or colorful scrapbook paper if you prefer), and cut them out, and string them up!

14) Floral “Baby” Sign

women at baby shower holding decorative letters spelling "baby"

These beautiful floral letters make a gorgeous addition to any shower décor.

You can cut letters out of cardboard, spray paint them white and decorate them with flowers from the dollar store. (You could also decorate them with glitter, or pom poms etc.)

The letters don’t have to spell out baby – they could spell out the name of the baby or “congratulations”, or anything else you want to say!

15) Light Up Name Sign

diy light up name sign

This blog post details how to make this light up name sign from dollar store foam. You wouldn’t have to make a name (if you didn’t know it). Your sign could say “baby” or “Congratulations” – you know.

16) Sweet Paper Rain Cloud

paper rain cloud at baby shower

A rain cloud – because it’s a baby “shower” – right?

(I had to have it explained to me too lol.)

This is an easy DIY baby shower decoration – you just cut your cloud from white paper, your rain drops from colored paper, and attach those to strings with glue.

Then fix your strings to the bottom of your cloud – and that’s that!

17) Tissue Paper Pom Poms

tissue paper pom poms for baby shower decor

These tissue paper pom poms are cheap and quick to make, and they LOOK awesome!

They do a great job of filling empty spaces that need some color. Pom poms can also be used to make large paper flowers.

18) Balloon flowers are cute DIY baby shower decor!

flowers made from balloons


Pretty balloon flowers can add color to any corner, and they’re cheap and easy to make as a diy baby shower decoration!

You need a couple long skinny green balloons to twist together for the “stem” and you can make the petals from any color balloons that match your baby shower’s theme.

19) Painted Decorative “Tree”

painted tree branch with decorations hanging from it on a snacks table

If you don’t know what to decorate your baby shower cake table with, a painted tree branch (I love this gold example) can be classy and adds visually appealing upward dimension to something that’s often flat.

You could “decorate” the tree with anything – rubber duckies for a rubber ducky themed shower, or pacifiers, booties, small toys etc, and send all of it home with mom at the end of the shower.

20) Diaper Rattles

DIY diaper rattle for baby shower decor

These cute diaper rattles would make perfect centerpiece ideas for guest tables if you wanted something less traditional than flowers.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make them!

21) Paper Pin Wheels

You can easily DIY paper pin wheels by following this tutorial – and make them in any color or pattern imaginable! What a fantastic backdrop behind the gift table or a way to fill a less-than-festive space with color!

22) Oh Baby Floral Centerpiece


You can make these simple floral centerpieces for your guest tables from dollar store supplies – which is fantastic especially if you’re having a large party and having to make a lot of centerpieces!

We have a bunch more Genius Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas for you here!

23) Mason Jar Flower Centerpieces

mason jar full of flowers

Mason jars filled with flowers make versatile centerpieces for any party or baby shower! It’s easy to get mason jars at thrift stores (or borrow them from your mom!).

Wrap a little lace around them, fill them with flowers that match the party colors, and if you really want to go all out, add a cute centerpiece stick (you can get them on amazon for cheap!)

I hope this list of DIY baby shower decoration ideas got your creative juices flowing!

Don’t stress too much about party planning – soon you’ll be throwing the perfect baby shower and creating a very special day for the new mom in your life.



diy baby shower decorations pin image 2


diy baby shower decorations pin image

2 thoughts on “23 Easy DIY Baby Shower Decorations (That’ll Wow Them)”

  1. Couple of other ideas too – you can cut up old, cute fabric from old sheets, clothes, etc. and make them into tassles or cut them into other shapes to make hanging decorations. If you’re like me and you love fabric, you might just have a bunch from leftover fabric projects that you can use. And you can use them over and over because they don’t rip as easily as paper. Also! freezing a flower bloom or herb sprig inside of a cool shaped ice cube and putting them in drinks is really pretty.

    • LOVE the idea of using cute fabric from sheets, would be so cheap to get at the thrift store. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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