25+ Best Finger Foods For Baby Showers

Baby showers are a lot of work, but the hard work always pays off. There are few parties as joyous as baby showers! When planning a shower for your family member or best friend, make sure you don’t forget to think about having the best finger foods for a baby shower. 

Finger foods usually come at the beginning of a shower, and are a great way to break the ice between people that don’t know each other but are there for the mom-to-be.

It’s also the best way to get a party started off on the right foot and a wonderful way to make your guest of honor comfortable. Once she is comfortable, the festivities can begin!

While some parts of planning a baby shower can be overwhelming, such as planning the venue or coming up with baby shower prizes, this part is a lot of fun – and there are a lot of great options! So make sure you have fun while choosing the best things to add to the menu.


Some things to keep in mind before picking your finger foods for the baby shower

I know you want to get rolling on some delicious appetizers to create a perfect baby shower menu. But before you jump on that, check out these 7 important things to remember when choosing the best finger foods for the baby shower.

The most important thing is it is all about your guest of honor, the mom-to-be!

I know you are here looking for the perfect food. And trust me, I found lots of options for some of the best finger foods ever. 

But the good news is that the baby shower is not about the food- as great as the food is. It is all about your guest of honor. Does your mom-to-be want something with a cheesy chicken feeling even though most of her friends are vegetarians? Make it anyways, and then include a vegetarian option. That’s the point of a buffet table- there’s different options so that you grab what you like!

Will you have a main meal?

I can provide the best baby shower food ideas, but there is one thing you’ll want to think of before you start making a list of finger foods. Are you going for all-appetizers at the shower, or doing some finger foods before the main course? There is no “best option” in regards to this, it just helps with planning. 

For example, you don’t want to create all extremely filling foods if you plan to have the main course. It will also help decide the number of finger foods you’ll want to choose.

Keep your guest list in mind.

If you are sending out baby shower invitations, make sure to include a space for someone to write if they have food allergies or dietary restrictions. As well, keep the guest of honor in mind and avoid things such as raw fish or other things not safe for someone who is expecting.

Think about what time the baby shower will be.

Will you be having an afternoon baby shower? Or will it be during dinnertime? This alone can help you make some great choices when choosing baby shower appetizers.

Fun tip: If you do it after dinner, all your finger foods can be fun desserts! I kid…kind of.

Don’t forget the dessert!

Talking about desserts…Yes, it’s okay to have baby shower desserts as part of the finger food! You’re throwing a party for a pregnant woman, so it’s always going to be ok. Everyone will be thankful too.

Save the menu.

Make sure to save the recipes. Save the baby shower food menu. Store away all of your planning somewhere. You have no idea how soon the next baby shower will be! If everyone has a good time at this one, you’ll want to replicate as much as you can for the next one.

Easy baby shower food ideas are best.

When you get to planning, you may be thinking about the delicious food. Some of us love to go above and beyond, such as coordinating it with a baby shower theme, or planning appetizers that match adorable decorations. But there’s a lot to do when it comes to planning this big event, no matter what type of baby shower. Don’t overthink the finger foods- it’s about what tastes good!

When choosing baby shower finger foods, the perfect appetizer is the easiest appetizer to make. You can choose all easy finger foods and still find good options on this list! Try to do as many things as you can that are room temperature, and plan for so much food instead of too little food. 

Another Fun Tip for planning any finger food buffet:

If you are planning a baby shower, most like you are at the age where it seems like everyone is getting married and having babies. The good news is that the best foods are offered at baby showers. You can also use any of these for a bridal shower, and people will be shocked by how good the food table is! Pretty much this list is the perfect finger food for any kind of party and any kind of guest list.

Best finger foods for baby showers

Loaded Tater Tot Cups

easy loaded tater tot cups appetizer

These loaded tater tot cups are easy to make, and oh so delicious! Perfect for a party appetizer, or side dish (think burgers, sloppy joe’s etc), these delicious bites are sure to please!

BLT Crostinis

finger food blt crostini appetizer

This BLT Crostini makes a fantastic quick and easy snack option or as a party dish for your next event. This simple crostini appetizer is made with a mayonnaise, mozzarella, and bacon pieces mixture loaded on top of sliced baguette French bread, and baked to perfection, then topped with fresh lettuce shreds and sliced cherry tomatoes. The perfect combination of delicious, filling, healthy, and rich!

Loaded Mini Baked Potato Bites

loaded mini baked potato appetizer

These easy loaded mini baked potato bites are a great option for your next event. Not only that, they also can make a great after school snack option for busy moms that are looking for a healthy and easy treat that your family is sure to love. A side dish, or party finger food, these mini potatoes are tossed in olive oil, then baked to perfection, and topped with sour cream, cheese, and bacon pieces.

Caprese Skewers

small bite caprese skewers make perfect baby shower finger food appetizer

These caprese skewers are fast and easy to prepare ahead of time, making them a great option as a quick after school snack for busy families or as a healthy option at your next event. These caprese appetizers are perfect for parties. Just 4 ingredients (mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar) make them simple to prepare.

Everything Bagel Cucumber Bites

cucumber keto finger food appetizer

These everything bagel cucumber bites are easy to make and almost as delicious as the real thing. A simple keto appetizer or snack, these cucumber bites are topped with an everything bagel seasoning cream cheese mixture, then sprinkled with more seasoning.

Cheese + Bacon Stuffed Celery

cheesy bacon stuffed celery appetizer

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Celery is a great versatile option when you’re looking for a delicious snack that is at least a little healthy. It’s a super simple appetizer known to be a hit at gatherings, while also being a perfect snack for after school. These fresh celery sticks are loaded with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon pieces, and Everything Bagel seasoning.

Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels

jalapeno popper pinwheel appetizer finger food

Jalapeno popper pinwheels are a great option for busy moms looking for a quick after school snack, or as a healthy appetizer at your next event. This quick snack is easy to prepare, delicious, and a unique option for those looking to try something new.

Seafood Pinwheels

seafood pinwheel appetizer

This simple seafood pinwheel appetizer is a seafood lovers dream! A tangy cream cheese mayo, and cocktail sauce blend is spread onto tortillas, then loaded with canned crab meat and cocktail sized shrimp, along with mozzarella cheese and finely chopped tomatoes. If you’re looking for a quick and easy after school snack or the next healthy appetizer for your next baby shower – you’ve definitely found it here.

Turkey Hummus Pinwheels

hummus turkey pinwheels finger food appetizer

Turkey hummus pinwheels are a great option if you’re looking for something healthy and easy to make. This popular party appetizer is super simple to make, and always always a crowd pleaser! Ingredients include, flour tortillas, hummus, turkey, sun dried tomatoes, and cucumber.

English tea finger sandwiches

three tiered tray of tea sandwiches for baby shower finger foods

A great way to start the party is with English tea finger sandwiches. These are simple finger foods that are easy to make and easy to set up. There are actually three possible sandwich recipes in this post, one with cream cheese, one with Greek tzatziki, and one with cucumber. Try all three to see what people like the best!

(You could always also do the classics like egg salad, chicken salad, and cheese, if you want to keep it simple. My local Costco has premade chicken salad these days, and I could see that saving me a TON of time just slapping it into little sandwiches lol.)

Caprese Skewers

caprese skewers

If you are looking for a lot of flavors, mini caprese skewers are a great idea! The mix of cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar is great for finger food.

Chips and Dip

chips and dip on a serving plate

I am a sucker for hot dips, but you could do cold dips also. Hummus, salsa and guacamole make a really good rounded out dip buffet!

I’d personally add a hot Spinach dip, and a hot buffalo chicken dip also. They are SUPER easy to make!

Charcuterie Boards

Closeup of Gourmet Charcuterie Board

I am ALSO a sucker for Charcuterie. (We actaully have a Christmas tradition of a big charcuterie dinner on the living floor on movie night, because I like to find reasons throughout the year to just eat a lot of finger food and call it a meal LOL.)

You could do a meat + cheese charcuterie or a simple fruit and crackers plate!

There are so many ways to make Charcuterie very attractive – check out this simple Charcuterie and this super fancy one – you can go either way here!

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

These delicious deviled eggs are a southern staple that has become popular across the country because of their rich flavor, simple assembly, and classic look. They make a wonderful appetizer or side dish for baby showers, or at any get-together with family and friends.

Cucumber Hummus Bites

These Cucumber Hummus Bites are a healthy gluten-free appetizer and are sure to satisfy your cravings for something yummy and crunchy. You can make this vegan by topping with vegan feta cheese, either store-bought or making your own vegan feta cheese. They taste amazing and they’re so easy to make!

Caramelized Onion Tartlets with Brie

onion tarts

These elegant and delicious bite-sized Caramelized Onion Tartlets with Brie are the perfect make-ahead party appetizer. Crispy phyllo cup shells are filled with savory and sweet caramelized onions and melty cheese creating an irresistible treat everyone will want more of.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

stuffed mushroom caps

Plain old mushrooms? Ick.

But stuff them with cheese, bread crumbs, and herbs, and it’s one of the most popular appetizers of all.

These stuffed mushrooms caps are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Smashed Potatoes with Garlic Aoili

Smashed Potatoes with Garlic Aoili

Sink your teeth into these crispy Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes with wild rosemary and garlic aioli. Serve hot or at room temperature, these are the perfect, ultra crispy snack or side dish that requires no boil, no mess and minimal cleanup.

Easy Mac and Cheese Bites

mac and cheese bites

I always feel the need to lay out a cheese board at parties like this. There’s something about a party that makes it feel necessary to lay out a mix of soft cheeses, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese….and the list goes on and on. I find myself buying so many different types of cheese, just for so few people to eat it when there are other options offered. 

This is a great alternative to a cheese board. Not only are these cheese bites delicious, but they are easy to make! This is the kind of food that is a hit for almost every type of crowd. (Bonus points if you have little girls coming to your party too- kids go nuts for this!)

Spinach Puffs

spinach puffs for baby shower

Spinach puffs are a popular choice, and I can see why. Not many of us like spinach until it’s made into a puff pastry, and then suddenly spinach is a great thing! (What isn’t great when it’s turned into a puff pasty?)

Sliders (Mini Hamburgers)

mini cheeseburgers

Bite-sized cheeseburgers could be a meal in themselves!

Use skewers to hold them together, so when guests put them on their plates they don’t fall apart. Make some with cheese and some without.

Pizza is a great baby shower finger food!

Friends hands holding hot pizza, close up

Pizza is the ultimate finger food! And you can get pizza in a zillion assorted kinds – to suit every taste. You could have a whole buffet of pizzas.

Get fancy with a goat cheese and arugula pizza or keep it super simple with a three cheese pizza!

Veggie Canape Cups


Finger food - Vegetables canapes


While salad isn’t a practical finger food, cut veggies in individual cups with dressing in the bottom is easy, cheap and classy. You can get these plastic shot glasses in big packs from the dollar store, usually.

You could make some cups with ranch in the bottom, and some with a vinaigrette to provide options, just make little signs to label which is which!

Mini Quiche

Plate of many mini bite size quiche appetizers

I love the boxes of mini quiches you can get at Costco. They’re cheaper than you can make them – they take about 20 minutes in the oven and can be served hot, but they taste just as good once they’re cooled off.

There are plenty of great recipes for mini quiche however (or just divide your favorite full sized quiche recipe into mini shells).

Chicken Fingers

chicken fingers with dip

Who said chicken fingers are just for kids?

They make a great baby shower finger food, and most people love them (so there’s something for the picky eaters in the crowd).

Serve them with a few varieties of dip – like honey mustard, plum and ranch.

Bacon (or Ham) Wrapped Asparagus

bacon wrapped asparagus


I would personally serve bacon wrapped asparagus without and drizzle on it, to make it a finger friendly food.

These bacon wrapped asparagus from eazypeazymealz are individual instead of bundled, and I think that makes them a great addition to a finger food buffet!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Spinach artichoke dip on Italian toast

I can eat a whole spinach and artichoke dip by myself.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but it’s the truth lol.

I’m always excited when I attend any event and find spinach dip on the finger food table!

Paneer Pankora

Paneer Pakora

If you want a variety in your baby shower finger food, try paneer pakora! This is an Indian snack made with cottage cheese, gram flour, and spices. If your mom-to-be has suddenly had an urge for spicy food, this is a perfect choice.

Fruit Board Charcuterie

fruit board with crackers and berries

If done right, fruit platters, or fresh fruit boards can be a good idea for any special occasion, but especially for a baby shower. However, a fruit tray is not just throwing any fruits on a board and calling it a day! Having a good balance of different colors of fruit can help visually. Adding a non-fruit item such as crackers is great too. To make your fruit board top-notch, try doing a simple 3-ingredient dip to go with it.

Chocolate Covered Pecans

three white bowls with pecans, chocolate, and sugar

Whether served as a snack, party food, or dessert, buttery chocolate-covered pecans are an easy, healthy, and satisfying tasty appetizer. Make an extra batch of this salty-sweet combination as part of the party favors for the baby shower guests.! The bonus? These chocolate-covered pecans only require two ingredients.

Easy Cheesecake Strawberries

strawberries stuffed with cheesecake for finger food for baby shower

Make the pregnant women happy at your party, as well as those that aren’t pregnant! This easy cheesecake strawberry recipe is the best thing because it is a balance of fruit and sweet treats. It’s a great option for those that love to eat healthily and those looking for something sweet. Another alternative could be chocolate-dipped strawberries, but I picked easy cheesecake because fewer people may have tried this, which is always fun!

Cranberry Brie Bites

canberry brie bites

Delicious Cranberry Brie Bites appetizer recipe has just 6 ingredients and takes less than 25 minutes to prepare. It’s basically the easiest way to be fancy when making finger food for a baby shower.

Pink Lemonade Mini Cheesecakes

bite sized pink lemonade cheesecakes

Who could say no to a mini cheesecake? Especially if it’s a pink lemonade one! This is a great finger food that could either be placed next to appetizers, or it could be at the end of the party with a designated dessert time. (Hint: there’s no wrong time or wrong place for mini cheesecakes.)

Fudgy Vegan Truffles Recipe

vegan truffles for finger foods for baby shower

This vegan truffles recipe creates fudgy, creamy, and velvety truffles that are just 3 ingredients! Easy, and versatile, they can be made for a special dinner or just because you want a healthy chocolate treat. These fudgy truffles are so rich and creamy that your friends won’t know they are vegan!

Mini Key Lime Pie Bites

Get the tangy zing of key lime pie in a small hand-held dessert! Mini Key Lime Pie Bites are a fun and easy dessert appetizer perfect for a dinner party or any get-together! They are a perfect balance of sweet and tangy in a bite-sized dessert.

Final Thoughts on baby shower finger foods: 

The best news is that it’s hard to go wrong when trying to pick the best finger foods for a baby shower. It’s also pretty easy to make your guest of honor happy. Try to find a mix of her favorite finger foods plus a variety of room-temperature appetizers and other easy-to-make finger foods to make this party a success! 

If you’re choosing to have a finger food buffet as the main meal, you may want to choose to have cupcakes instead of a full-sized baby shower cake, so you won’t need silverware for that either!

If you’re the one planning the baby shower, make sure to also check out fun baby shower games (that don’t actually suck.) Have fun planning!


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