31 Fun Things to Do When Pregnant

Pregnancy can feel really long sometimes, and it can also feel restrictive as you get bigger and bigger and less comfortable every day. But there are still a lot of fun things to do when pregnant in every trimester.

Even when you feel like a whale every time you try to get off of the couch, I promise you there are still lots of fun things that you can do.

So don’t worry, in this post we are going to cover 31 fun things to do while pregnant so you have an idea for almost every week of pregnancy! (Almost. There’s bound to be a few weeks at the start and a few weeks at the end where you don’t want to do anything but watch Netflix. And that’s fine too.)

31 fun things to do when you're pregnant

Why It’s Hard to Find Fun Things to Do When Pregnant

There’s so many reasons that it can feel really hard to find fun things to while you’re pregnant.

First, there’s a good chance that your activities or chill time with your friends have had to change. You can’t drink anymore, anything risky is out of the question, and you might just feel awkward in social situations you used to thrive in.

Another reason that it can be tough to come up with fun things to do while you’re pregnant is that you can be so darn exhausted. Most of us are really tired (or worse, sick) the entire first trimester. Sometimes it lightens up and you are filled with energy in the second trimester, and it slowly fades in the last. But that isn’t always the case.

Growing a new human from scratch is A LOT of work.

It’s exhausting.

You might be lacking energy your entire pregnancy (especially if you already have a kid or two at home to chase after). When you’re tired, coming up with fun things to do can feel even more exhausting.

Lastly, you may be struggling to find fun things to do because of pregnancy aches and pains or just general discomfort. I remember going to a cultural park when I was about 6 months pregnant with my first and having to lie down on a bench after 4 hours on my feet. My back hurt SO BAD.

Your feet may be swelling, your hips may ache, and you might be suffering from morning sickness, or any number of common discomforts and pains of pregnancy.

If you are feeling physically limited due to pain or just generally feeling huge, waddle-y, and awkward, you may have trouble finding fun things to do that you can still participate in.

No matter which struggle you are currently facing during your pregnancy that is zapping the fun (maybe all) I’m sure you will find multiple fun things to do on this list that are just perfect for you.

31 Super Fun Things to Do When Pregnant

Life doesn’t have to be boring just because you’re making a human.

Make Your Baby Registry

Planning for your baby can actually be really fun.

Don’t let it become stressful, enjoy fantasizing of what will soon be your reality. You can make your baby registry from the comfort of your own phone these days without leaving the couch.

You’ll have a great time planning out all your wants and adding on cute little outfits. If you don’t know where to start, my list of the best baby shower gifts will give you 27 great ideas to get your lists going.

I like making baby registries at multiple stores (Amazon and Target are two great ones) because sometimes different people prefer to shop at different places.

Plan Your Baby Shower

One of the best ways to have fun while pregnant is to make all the planning that you have to do actually be enjoyable. Even if you don’t have a host or venue yet, there is nothing stopping you from fantasizing about your baby shower.

Make yourself an Amazon shopping list of everything you’d want. Your party theme, fun activities, and party favors are great places to start when planning your baby shower.

You can use some of these ideas to get you started:

Have Your Baby Shower

Once it’s all planned and ready, it’s time to have your baby shower! Some people like to wait a long time to have their baby shower until when they are already about to burst. But if that sounds like a horribly uncomfortable idea to you, you can have it earlier in your pregnancy too.

Though considered early to most, seven months is a good time to have your shower if you are wanting to have an early baby shower while you are waddling less. Your baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate your new little one with all your closest family and friends and can be a ton of fun.

Get a Prenatal Massage

This has got to be one of the best things about being pregnant: prenatal massages. It is a great idea to destress and help your achy body that is working really hard right now to relax.

A prenatal massage is a wonderful way to decompress. Especially if you are suffering from a lot of uncomfortable pregnancy aches and pains (think, the entire third trimester) you deserve to indulge in a prenatal massage!

Try a Pregnant Couples Massage

Did you know they even do couples massages for pregnancy? Where both the pregnant woman and her partner get pampered and massaged? What a fun way to bond with your partner and get some much-deserved rest and relaxation in at the same time.

Get a Mani / Pedi

Honestly, after baby comes this is the sort of thing that will probably get put on the backburner for a while, and it’s nice to treat yourself and feel beautiful.

Spend Quality Time with Your Best Friend

It’s a good idea to get in some quality time with your bestie now before your new baby arrives.

Having a baby will radically change your life and your routine. You’re going to be busy and exhausted for quite a while and you might not have time to get together with your friends nearly as much. So take time to relax with your friends now and get some good quality time in.

Play Board Games With Your Significant Other

You can have a good time with a game night in with your significant other.

There may be times when you are sore or tired but still would like to have some fun. Those times during pregnancy can feel very limiting, but there are fun activities like board games that you can have a blast playing with your partner.

It might not be something you do often at all so it makes a game night evening even more novel. Don’t forget about card games or dice games too.

Play Video Games

Honestly, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, it can be super fun to return to your childhood and play PlayStation or Xbox or bust out your retro Nintendo!

Make a Trimester To-Do List

I’ve got a couple of great lists of things that are important to do in each trimester to help get you started. If you are finding the prospect of getting everything in order before baby arrives really overwhelming, making a to-do list for each trimester is really helpful.

Pick Out Baby Names

You can go old fashioned and look through some baby name books or you can find really great lists of unique or cute baby names online too.

We’ve got tips for picking your baby’s name here.

Have a Marathon Movie Night

If you are near the end of your third trimester and you DON’T have a marathon movie night you might regret it. There’s something nice about lounging completely relaxed with nothing to do and watching a movie or two. Once baby comes, you don’t know when you will get that opportunity again uninterrupted.

Enjoy it now!

Take Baby Bump Pictures

No matter where your head is at with your appearance, just take the baby bump pictures!

You can hire a professional photographer for really lovely ones or set up a cute photoshoot at home with your tripod. However you choose to do it, just take them!

Have a Girl’s Day Shopping Spree

Gather up some family members or your best friends and go on a shopping spree! This can be to round up a bunch of super-cute baby clothes, new clothes to fit your growing bump, or anything you want. Whatever you are shopping for you’re sure to make some good memories doing it.

If you’re not feeling up for walking around the mall, invite your girl friends to sit on the couch and Amazon shop with you. Have snacks delivered. Make it a party.

Take a Day Trip

Heading off to somewhere special and new (or one of your favorite places) is the perfect way to have fun during your pregnancy.

Take a Vacation

Planning a trip for your significant other and yourself while pregnant is sometimes called a babymoon. Babymoonm, honeymoon, get it?

It is a special time to plan a vacation with much less responsibility than you will soon have. As long as your pregnancy is complication-free and under 37 weeks, you should be ok to go on a vacation. But check with your trusted provider just to be sure.

Watch a Comedy Show

Laughing is good for you no matter how pregnant you are!

I’m trying to get in some really fun date night ideas on this list. Especially if this is your first baby, you’ll really be able to enjoy those date nights right now. Trust me, they become so much harder once you have a baby, so soak up all the date nights that you can while you’re pregnant.

Take a Long (Slow) Walk in Nature

Getting outside is so good for your mental and physical health. Head out in your neighborhood, to the beach, to a lake, or anywhere beautiful outside and walk.

Take a Bus Tour

If you’re past the point in your pregnancy where you can fly, you can have a fun time taking a bus tour of your city or another bigger town nearby.

Watch a Play at Your Local Theater

Enjoy a musical performance at your local theater.

Take Dance Classes

A great way to exercise that is hard work but also a lot of fun while you are pregnant is dancing. Try couples class for some fun date night ideas, take a class on your own, or just have a dance party in your living room.

Score Free Baby Goodies

Did you know there are a ton of baby items you can get for free? You can learn about over $500 in free baby goodies here.

Go Swimming

Swimming is an amazing activity while pregnant because it removes all the pressure that the baby is putting on your body. Aches and pains will melt away and even varicose veins subside when you’re submerged.

Try a Prenatal Pilates Class

There are more exercise classes besides just yoga for pregnant ladies these days. Exercising regularly during pregnancy is really important to growing a more healthy baby, so why not try out Prenatal Pilates for something different?

Have a Coffee or Soft Drinks Date

Sure you can’t go out for alcoholic drinks anymore but have a date for soft drinks or a coffee instead. (Coffee is still ok while pregnant, but try to limit it to one cup per day.)

Write a Handwritten Note to Your Baby

Take all your thoughts swirling around your head about your little one and capture them in a handwritten note to give to them when they are older.

Paint or Henna Your Belly

Show off that baby bump and dress it up with some artwork. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Start a Garden

Gardening can be very relaxing and a fun activity to do day after day to help the pregnancy not feel so long.

Design Your Nursery

Much like dreaming up your baby shower ahead of time, dreaming up the perfect nursery can be very fun as well. Even if you have a small space, you can still make your baby an adorable and special little nursery.

Have a Follow Your Cravings Night

Yes, it is important to follow a healthy diet as much as possible while you’re pregnant, but pregnancy cravings are real. It’s no fun to deny them all. So take a night to follow your taste buds and give in to those cravings! I bet your husband won’t complain about getting dragged along either.

Go Hiking

Especially if you are in your first or second trimester, you can still do activities like hiking.

Going up steep hills becomes challenging after that, but you could still take hikes that are more flat even after that and still have a great time.

I Hope You Liked These 31 Fun Things to Do When Pregnant

There is so much to do before baby arrives. Sometimes pregnancy feels like it drags on forever, and sometimes it feels like it’s flying by. Either way, fill your days with these fun activities and make memories that will last forever.

Enjoy your baby-free time (or just having less babies if you already have some) and try to do as many fun things as you can!

What is your favorite fun activity to do while you’re pregnant? Let me know in the comments below.

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