How to Be a Fun Mom: 21 Brilliant Things Your Kids Will Remember

Being a mom is tough. There are so many chores and duties and responsibilities to tackle twenty-four hours a day seven days a week that you can completely forget how to be a fun mom.

Or you might be questioning if you can be a good responsible mom and stick to your rules and still be a fun mom at the same time? Want me to let you in on a little secret?

You can!

Learning how to balance strict-mom (or busy-mom) and fun-mom can seem like a daunting task, but I promise you can do it.

And I’m here to help you learn how!

Learning how to be a fun mom is a matter of learning to be present even if it is in small windows of time. Moms are really busy. That’s life.

But disconnecting from the world for even 15 minutes per day to just be silly and put your kids first is enough to make you a more fun mom.

how to be a fun mom every day

Being a Fun Mom Who is Still Respected

The problem with being a fun mom all the time is that you may lose your kids’ respect.

If your kids view you as a friend and not a parent, you have taken the fun mom job a bit too far. You need to find the balance between being a responsible parent and also having fun with your kids.

My bet is THAT is not your problem though or I don’t think you would have found yourself at this post. You probably lean too far the other way.

You are probably busy and overwhelmed with the constant duties of mom life.

Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, driving, bills, and the countless other jobs that you have on your plate you are stretched thin.

Taking care of your health, self-care, date nights, and hobbies might be out the window at this time in life or at least put onto the back burner. You are stressed and overwhelmed and struggling to do all the mom-things perfectly and can’t seem to manage being “fun” in as well. There is isn’t enough time or energy.

So how can you possibly find time to be a fun mom? How can you have your kids respect and listen to you and think you are a fun mom at the same time?

As I mentioned before, being considered a fun mom by your kids takes less time than you might think.

Choose 1-2 of the 15 minute activities from this list to incorporate into your week, and choose one longer activity to surprise your kids with every couple of weeks… and you’ll be a fun mom, guaranteed! 

You can have fun being silly with them and making meaningful connections and memories and still be respected and get all the things you need to done in a day. (Well as much as any of us can. There are plenty of days when my to-dos carry on into the next day or week. And that is OK! Give yourself grace mama. You are working hard and doing amazing.)

So let’s get into how to be a fun mom.

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21 Ideas for How to Be a Fun Mom

Don’t think that you need to add all these activities into your weekly routine to be considered a fun mom.

Not at all.

These are just a list of creative suggestions for things that you can do that would make your kids think “wow… mom is FUN”.

One thing that will make the memories even better is if you pick activities that sound fun TO YOU. Things that are in your wheelhouse… but something that you don’t DO with your kids every week already.

If the idea of a dance party is something you would NEVER do, that’s totally ok. Maybe an impromptu trip for ice cream is more your jam.

Whatever you choose, do throw in some out-of-the-ordinary surprises to really crank up the “fun mom” vibes.

Just check out this list and try adding in the activities that speak to you into your life to be a more fun mom every day.

Have a Dance Party

(15 minute activity)

Move over the furniture in the living room and turn up some music!

Cue up some of your favorite tunes or pop Youtube on the TV and dance along. Almost all kids love dance parties and letting loose and being silly this way is sure to make you a cool mom in their eyes.

Add in Extra Cuddle Time

(15 minute activity)

All kids are different and like receiving our love in different ways.

You may have heard of this referred to as their love languages. If your child thrives on physical touch, adding in simple things like extra cuddle time can be very fun and fill their little love cup up. Grab their favorite book and read it twice!

Play Video Games with the Kids

(15 minute activity)

Are you looking for “cool” things to do with your kids for a good time?

Try something they love to do but might not be your cup of tea and play their video games with them. Bonus points if you have one of those consoles that gets the whole family up and moving together.

Simple games that you can download for free like Fruit Ninja can entertain almost any age. Challenge each child to a competition. (You can play one kid on Monday, one kid on Tuesday etc – so this doesn’t have to be something you sign up to do for three hours at a time!)

Play Board Games

(15 minute activity)

Set aside 15 minutes in your day to bring together your family members for a special time making tech-free memories. Put down the devices and bust out the board games and card games. I’m serious – it only takes 15 minutes of playing a board game for your kids to feel like you spend time with them.

There are age-appropriate really fun board games available no matter how old your kids are. Charades is one of our family favorites that always ends in laughter. Especially when mom gets in on acting things out!

Have a Silly Face Contest

(15 minute activity)

Don’t be afraid to be a more playful parent. Ya, your older kids might get embarrassed and roll their eyes but younger kids love it! Have a silly face contest and make each other laugh out loud.

Blow Some Bubbles

(15 minute activity)

This is as simple as it sounds.

Take 15 minutes out of your day, and blow some bubbles. Kids LOVE bubbles, and the only thing better than bubbles is when mom takes the time to play.

Take a Family Photo or Video

(15 minute activity)

Set aside your endless to-do lists (because believe me, once you are a mom they never ever end) and take some time to photograph or record some silly or sweet memories. You can go all out and look for local photographers to come take formal family photos, but it is really even more fun to set up an impromptu photo shoot in the backyard or video everyday things.

Have more fun with your kids later by going through the photos or watching the silly videos. Print them and hang them on the fridge, because seeing them will make everyone smile.

Play Their Games with Them

(15 minute activity)

What are your kids’ favorite games to play? Do they like playing with their stuffed animals? Their action figures? Or their legos?

Take a timeout from all the mom things you have to do (whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a work-away-from-home mom), get down on their level, and play with your kids doing something they enjoy. Even if you find it super boring, you will light up their day.

Build a Fort

(15 minute activity)

Indoors or outdoors, with blankets over the couch, or deck chair cushions around the deck, whatever.

Kids love forts and often (if they’re small) they’ll struggle to build them for themselves.

Make Slime

(15 minute activity)

Yes it is messy, but making slime is always a kid-favorite activity.

Just don’t try to overdo it to be a SUPER-fun mom and make a huge amount of slime like in the Youtube videos.

I’ve tried, it’s messy, it gets everywhere, and gosh I regret that!

So avoid the gallons of glue and instead take a bottle or two of Elmer’s glue and make a normal amount of slime to be a really fun mom.

Keep the slime in a sealed container (we just use Tupperware) so that you can use it again and again.

Start a Wrestling Match or a Tickle Fight

(15 minute activity)

If you have a physical child (I do), they will LOVE it if you pick them right up and throw them (gently) into the snow or onto the bed.

Follow with lots of tickling.

Take Them Out for Ice Cream or Froyo

(half hour activity)

Maybe your kids had to tag along for running boring errands like going to the bank and grocery shopping and you’d love to get them a little treat. Taking them out for ice cream or frozen yogurt will feel special and like a fun activity any time.

Go for a Bike Ride

(half hour activity)

Any activity that gets the whole family active together outside is a great way to make memories and be seen as a fun mom. It’s the little things that really make you fun and that your kids are going to remember.

Gather up the family and go for a bike ride together.

Whether that means simply cruising around the neighborhood or tossing your bikes in your truck and taking them to a beach or park. Your kids will have a great time having fun with you outside.

Start a Water Balloon Fight

(half hour activity)

Being able to let go and be silly is one of the biggest factors in being a fun mom in the eyes of little kids. Tap into your inner child and start a water balloon fight with your kids.

As you age, cold water becomes more tough to tolerate, so it’s ok if you save this fun activity for a really hot day (or fill the balloons with warm tap water LOL)!

Think of easy ways like this to add silliness and spontaneity more often even if you have a very busy schedule.

Play on the Playground with Them

(half hour activity)

Do you take your kids to the playground often?

95% of moms sit on the sidelines stuck to their phones while they let their kids burn off their energy. While that still may be productive for getting your kids’ energy out, it sure doesn’t win you any fun mom points.

Take some time to actually run around, climb, slide, and swing with your kids.

If you are worried about other adults looking at you as childish or ridiculous– don’t. Your kids (and guaranteed all THEIR kids) think you are now the coolest and most fun mom around.

Have Races with Your Kids

(half hour activity)

Get your heart rates up together and have races in the grass or on the sand with your kids. It’s great for you and great for them too! You can make it more fun with a prize for everyone for a job well done at the end. It could be a sweet treat like ice cream or just having some extra TV time and snuggles.

Bake a Treat Together

(half hour activity)

Baking can be super messy when you are dealing with little kids, but it can also be very fun and make memories that last. Find an easy treat you can bake together. Cookies are always pretty easy. But cake, cupcakes, pie, and more and be fun to bake together as well.

Take a Walk Together

(half hour activity)

You don’t have to do things that are fancy, complicated, or expensive to be a more fun mom. Sure a trip to Disneyland can be a treat, but not more than having a fun attentive mom throughout everyday life.

At the end of the day, your kids just really want your undivided attention for a bit and to spend time with you.

Bonus points if you can let go and be silly with them too. So why not end your day by taking a walk together?

Plan a Road Trip

(hour+ activity)

You can have a little fun taking a trip to a different place than your norm.

By road trip, I don’t mean a long day of driving that causes cries of, “Are we there yet?” from the back seat. But maybe an extra special activity that is more of a drive than you typically do in a day.

Think 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how old your kids are. Some of the best things about a road trip are the snacks you eat on the way and belting out your favorite songs so be sure you plan ahead to make those happen!

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Try a Family Gymnastics Class

(hour+ activity)

Gymnastics is amazing for learning how to move your body, but also just for HAVING FUN. Taking a class together can be an extra special event for the entire family. Whether it is a gymnastics class, a painting class, a dance class, or anything else that sounds appealing to all of you.

Head to a Local Park

(hour+ activity)

It is a good idea to get outside with your kids often. Getting outside helps you get vitamin D and is great for your mental health as well. Spending time with your kids doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, take them to a local park to be a fun mom.

You don’t have to spend a long time there either, even a short visit to the park is great for getting their wiggles out and having a fun time.

Putting it All Together: How to Be a Fun Mom

There are so many ways to be a more fun mom.

It can be really tough to do when you’ve been feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed, believe me, I’ve been there too. But taking a timeout from your work, mom jobs, and chores (even if it is only for minutes at a time) to be silly, play with your kids, and make some memories, will make you a more fun mom immediately! Plus it’s good for your mental health too!

Being a mom can be exhausting and overwhelming. Letting lose and being a bit more playful feels good for you and feels great for your kids too.

Did I miss any activities that your kids love that you do with them? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always open to more ideas I can apply too to be a more fun mom every day.

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