If you’d told me 5 years ago that my life would be this different (from how it was then), I would have laughed at you.

My whole life is almost 100% different than it was. (Babies aside. I mean, that alone is a pretty crazy change that DID happen in the same time frame, but it’s not the only way my life looks different.)

It’s crazy to think that blogging – a “hobby” you can start for less than $4 month – could translate into this sort of awesome.

I never – ever – would have guessed that blogging could be the thing that gave me a new lease on life.

You see all these people online claiming to be making money blogging, or saying that anyone can blog – and honestly – it sounds a liiiiiiitle bit like a scam. Or at the very least, it sounds too good to be true.

5 years ago I had a good life. I really did. We weren’t broke, I wasn’t going through a major down, I liked my job. I didn’t google “how to start a blog and make money from home” in a desperate attempt to pull myself from the pit of despair or get myself out of 45k in debt.

I wasn’t looking for a drastic + crazy life change.

But crazy + drastic is what happened.

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8 Ways blogging has changed my life.

I LOVE MY JOB, for the first time ever –

The most drastic change of all, I think, isn’t even the money I’m earning.

Most drastically, I am spending my working hours doing something that I genuinely enjoy.

Anyone who has ever watched the minute hand inch along at a snails pace, or clamped their mouth shut to keep regrettable words from leaping out at (stupid) customers or employers, or dragged themselves into the office with a smile on their face – even though it was the last place on earth they wanted to be – will understand why this is the most note-able difference.

My work hours FLY by now.

Actually, I never have enough work hours.

There is always MORE work that I WANT to do.

It’s the weirdest thing. It (almost) never feels like work.

Not only that, but:


Because I want to work, there is no real danger of me “putting off” what needs to be done.

So there is no real danger in allowing myself to take the day – THE WHOLE DAY – to do whatever I want. (Very often, what I want to do is finish other things quickly so I can get back to work. HA.)

But if I want to go grocery shopping on Tuesday so that I can skip the crazy Costco lines and keep Saturday free to spend with my family, then I do that.

If my husband gets Monday off and we want to get away for the weekend, there is no one to beg permission from. My time is my own.

Once we find my husband some job-freedom, there will be nothing to stop us hopping on a plane to anywhere, any time.


This is ALSO baby related I suppose, but I always have something to do.

I am never bored, and I don’t image I’ll be bored again in this lifetime.

Even just sitting and thinking is fun, because I am always brainstorming about my business.


I guess it’s not totally fair to say that blogging changed this, because technically, no one else ever HAS ever been the central influence on my children (they were born after I started blogging).

But having the blog certainly has solidified the fact that I don’t have to put up with daycare or compromise in any way when it comes to childcare.

This was my main goal – my big why.

And it is amazing.


This was probably the most surprising way blogging changed my life. I have always (or at least through most of adult-hood) been a more or less confidant person.

I know I have worth.

No college education though, no real “career” or “direction” sometimes left me feeling a little bit like…. a waitress. (Not that there is anything wrong with being a waitress. Just that after 10 years in the “industry”, making minimum wage and cleaning ketchup out of the carpet I was feeling like there must be a little more out there for me.)

There’s something about tackling a new thing (and succeeding in a big way at it) that has boosted my confidence to a whole new level.

I have valuable things to add to conversations about business and industry. Conversations that, before, went right over my head.

Completely learning blogging from the bottom up was hard – almost as hard as learning a new language. I am very proud of what I have accomplished. (And grateful that God has allowed me to accomplish it!) I can do hard things, and I am smarter than I thought I was.


My blog might not last forever, I am well aware. Or maybe when my baby goes to school I’ll want to join the workforce again. (Un-bloody likely, and now that I can make a living from home, I do hope to homeschool. But I’m just saying – what if?)

My resume is leaps and bounds more impressive than it was. And not just my typing skills. All my technical skills and my compute-ability (yes I made that up) has improved.

“Grew multiple successful 6 figure businesses from the ground up, by myself” sounds pretty fancy.

In fact, my resume will say something like, “if you don’t want to give me the job, it’s YOUR BIG FAT LOSS.”


If my blog dies tomorrow, the ladies I have grown to love online will still be a huge part of my life. (AND we will have more time to talk.)

These girls and I are building our dreams together.
I have never been lonely as a blogger.

There is a fantastic community of people here just waiting to welcome you with open arms.


That pretty much speaks for itself.

I had a great big crazy goal of earning $1000/month. It’s hard to believe that there’ve been days in the past few years where I earned $1000 in one day.

You can read my published income reports here.

If you’re considering blogging, what’s holding you back?

I remember thinking:

  • It’ll be so embarrassing if I fail
  • It’ll be so embarrassing if someone I know reads it
  • People will make fun of me
  • I don’t have time to learn to do this stuff
  • It’s only a small amount of money, but I hate to waste anything on a pipe dream
  • I have nothing to write about
  • It’s all been DONE before
  • There can’t possibly be room for NEW blogs to make money
  • I don’t know where to start
  • My list of why-not-to’s went on and on and on…

But then I thought:

What if I just do it and see what happens? What if it could work?

Somewhere in Ireland (I think) there is a guy whose random statement (years ago) to his (at the time) girlfriend changed my whole out look on life:

I was living in Sydney at a yucky hostel and went out for drinks with a couple girls in my dorm room.

We talked about the decisions we had made (individually) to move halfway across the world.

One of the girls shared that she was waiting for her boyfriend to join her in a few weeks. She told us about how she had been so nervous to come that she almost backed out at the last minute, until this guy asked her “But really, what’s the WORST thing that could happen?”

And all she could come up with was that the WORST thing that could happen was that they would break up and she would move home. And that didn’t seem like such a WORST thing in the grand scheme of THINGS. The possible benefits outweighed the possible risks for her.

This might not seem that much of a revelation, but it changed my entire outlook on decision making.

When I was thinking about starting a blog, and I had a mile-long list of reasons not to, and I just focused on two things – 

A ) What’s the WORST thing that could possibly happen? (For me that boiled down to a bit of time and money lost.)


B) What if WORKS? (And has it ever!) The possible benefits FAR outweighed the possible risks.

Best. Decision. Ever.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog and have no idea where to start – I’ve put together a free mini-course on how to properly start a blog to make money. 

(FYI the whole money lost thing doesn’t really have to be a BIG WORST either – for me it was, because I bought an $800 blogging course at the same time. You can easily start blogging without investing that kind of money, although I would eventually take a course of some sort. You can get started for less than $4/ month through this link! Even with your domain name and privacy protection, we are talking about an investment of less than 75$.)

I owe so much to blogging – and if you’re starting your own blog I wish you all the best on your blogging journey!

(Blogging isn’t for you but you’d love to work from home? I know lots of people having AWESOME success doing these jobs.)