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Why doesn’t my blog make money?

I know I refer to myself as totally clueless and wandering around in the dark a lot. And that’s exactly what I was (when it came to blogging) as recently as a few months ago. But I guess at some point I need to allow myself to believe that I’m starting to get a decent grasp on some things “blogging”. I still have sooo much to learn, but there’s also a lot that I have already learned.

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Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging – Without Blogging About Blogging?

Is the only way to make money blogging by “blogging about blogging”?
Let’s lay this rumor to rest; settle this debate, once and for all. And let’s do it so thoroughly that you never have to ask this question again.
I’ve tried to address this before – because honestly, this rumor bugs me.
It bugs me, not just because I DO blog about blogging, but becauseĀ – if it’s true – it calls into question the character of every single person who claims that blogging is a legit way to earn an income.

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