Yay! I’m excited to have you join us in the Blogging Like You Mean It Facebook group

I’ve worked hard to create one of the best and most active free Facebook groups for bloggers around! We are over 14,000 members and we have MANY professional bloggers who spend their free time in the group giving valuable advice.

To keep the quality of the group high, I do require you read this page before I admit you.

There IS a test – but don’t worry, it’s easy 😉

First of all,

If you don’t know me,

HI!! I’ve been blogging for 5 years, mostly about the new mommy life, saving money, making money, housekeeping and more!

Blogging is my full time “job” (after mommy-ing) and I LOVE to share what I’ve learned about blogging!

I make a full time income in the mom niche and if you’d like to read the details of my blogging income journey, you can grab a copy of my 2017 total blog income reports and a sampling of my 2018 mom niche income reports when you join my mailing list below – I do NOT spam, but joining the mailing list is NOT required for you to join the Facebook group.

I don't post these publicly anymore - for many reasons - but I'm making them available to subscribers to my newsletter, because they're solid proof that you CAN hope to earn a decent income with a blog in 2021!
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Please note that this is not a self-promotional group. Self promotional posts will be deleted and the member may be removed (this means no posting your blog post to the page without a question, promoting your own product etc.) If you ask a question that requires someone to view your page for feedback, please tag one of the admins to make sure that the post is ok. As long as it isn’t B2B related, it’s probably ok.

POST NO LINKS (affiliate or otherwise). This means I can’t allow links to ANY blog posts or products – even if you can personally vouch for them. I do hope that eventually we can have other people making recommendations again, but for now it is not allowed.

This is in large part because I want to protect the integrity and trust that exists in this group. I do not want to risk people getting bad information in my group, and unfortunately there is no way to prevent it completely other then disallowing it completely.

If you see people posting these things, please feel free to report the post. Me and my VA cannot catch everything and appreciate the help!

Please read the pinned post at the top regarding links (or if it’s no longer pinned you can search the term “attention all members”). This will give you a more detailed explanation of the links rule in case you have more questions.

No self promotion. This means no trying to get people to visit your site, buy your friend’s products or your affiliate products, buy your products or email you about your products. I have a list of approved affiliate links for a LOT of helpful products. If you’re looking for a specific product, tag me and I will get you a link.

Do not share your email address publicly, for self promotional purposes. Also, no personal info such as addresses and phone numbers (for personal and safety concerns).

Absolutely no unfriendly conduct will be accepted.

Do not private message other members of the group at any time for self promotional reasons. If you would like to DM someone for something other than promotional, please ask them for permission.

Please don’t facebook message me OR the other admins of the group. With 10,000 members, it’s easy to get 50+ private messages per day, and we have to be careful with our time.

No warnings will be given before removal from the group.

Sorry about all that stuff! I hate rules.

To make sure you read the rules, here’s a super secret code word that you will be asked for you when you request permission to join the Facebook group: HIPPOPOTAMUS 

IF you leave the super secret code word for joining blank, your request to join will be deleted.

(I think this is sort of fun, actually!)

Can’t wait to see you in there!


<3 Carly

P.S. If you have not started a blog yet that is JUST FINE,

You don’t have to have an active blog to join the group.  But, recognize that the single best way to start is to just… START.

Here is my very thorough (and very free) blogging tutorial – HOW TO START A BLOG THAT MAKES MONEY