I had a wish list for a newborn baby when I was pregnant, of course

Even though I was 100% committed to not over-collecting too much stuff, it’s hard to have one. (We lived in a small house, and there is just no way we could have fit the standard barrage of baby paraphernalia in.) In fact, I can honestly say that I did pretty well with keeping it under control. I managed to keep my wish list for a newborn baby mostly to the baby necessities – with just a few very special “wants”.

Looking back, now that I’ve done the newborn thing twice, I know what really needed to be on the list and what didn’t.

These are things that still make my newborn wish list even as a minimalist ( I mean, it’s impossible not to buy SOME new baby necessities. The baby needs a few things.) When you’re not buying stuff left and right, you can afford to make a few nice purchases from your wish list for a newborn baby.

These things are also the absolute best gift ideas for a new baby, in my opinion, because buying a mom things she will actually use + treasure is always a good idea.


This was what was on my wish list for my new baby, and I would spend this money again in a heart beat:

♥ aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddling Blankets – I love these because they are BIG and breathable, and gorgeous. I’m also finding that they wash well, which is pretty important. I also wanted at least 2 really nice blankets that were heavier. I know you’re not supposed to put baby down to sleep with blankets, but they are essential for having in the car seat if it’s cold where you live (and it’s freezing here.) My favorites that we received were gifts that a friends crocheted and quilted, but if you don’t know anyone crafty, these organic cotton cable knit blankets are gorgeous, and only 30 bucks.

Carter’s Just One You Sleepers – These are the most awesome sleepers I’ve found. They fit the best, they seem to be the best quality… and zippers! (WHAT is with all the snaps?! 3 am and I want to fight with 10 snaps in the dark? No thank you.)

MAM Orthodontic Pacifiers – We were given a set of these as a gift, and they were the only ones the squishy baby would take after that. But my favorite thing about them? They actually stay in baby’s mouth (hallelujah)- I think this is because of their shape, and they allow airflow so baby doesn’t get a saliva rash around his mouth.

Join the MAM Club today and receive a free 2-pack of pacifiers with $25 purchase + free shipping on shopmambaby.com and be the first to know on news of special offers, promotions and new product introductions from MAM!

Cute silicon teething pacifier clips – for a few reasons. I originally bought one like this, and it was a waste of money because it serves exactly ONE purpose (and it got dirty / worn really fast). You certainly won’t be needing the “teething” function of it  while babe is a new born, but I just hate having to  buy anything twice that I could buy once. When they are itty bitty you can use it just to keep track of the pacifier, and when they are bigger it’s an automatically built in teether. Plus they look cute (and stay cute longer).

Munchkin Clear Nose Nasal Aspirator – This is just not one of those things you want to be in need of at 3 am and not have on hand. It works AMAZING, unlike these ones – don’t get that kind. Put it right in the cabinet next to to the baby Tylenol and the thermometer. (And, JUST in case you didn’t know – like I didn’t know – go for a dye free painkiller like this one, to keep chemicals to a minimum.)

Baby bath tub with sling – We gave our baby his first couple baths in the bathroom sink and he really really hated them. Plus it was hard to support him properly and keep his head from bumping against the sink and truly, NO one was having fun. Then we got a bathtub like this one with a sling, and from that day on he LOVED bathing! (Even at just a week old!)

Live Clean Baby Wash (+ Lotion too) – I didn’t want to smear my baby in a bunch of crazy chemicals and I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on products… This brand was the perfect fit for us ‘cus it’s 98% plant derived and Petroleum, SLS, paraben and phthalate free… and it’s also like 7 bucks. Soooo… winning. (Plus the baby body lotion smells awesome and squishy baby never had any skin issues AT ALL!) 

♥ Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper – I kid you not we tried 5 different baby beds to see what would work for us AND him, and this was the long-term winner, hands down. For the first two months we used a bed that keeps the baby safe between you and hubby IN your bed (exactly like this one) and that was fine, but next time I am definitely investing in a one of these for those first few months.

A really good quality baby video monitor –My sister had a ton of trouble finding a monitor she could rely on, and I learned that you might as well just put the money into a good one. I had terrible anxiety after my babies were born, and being able to see them sleeping and clearly breathing on a video monitor REALLY helped. Now that they make monitors that alert you if baby’s oxygen levels or heart rate dip – like this one – I would consider one of them as well (or in place of). (BUT they are double the price of course.)

Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine – We actually don’t have THIS one, we have a different one and it’s not as good. My sister has two of these for her girls, and this is the one I would go with. Your baby will probably sleep through anything as a new born, but I think it’s beneficial to start using the sound machine when they are really little so A) they learn to associate it with sleeping and B) you don’t wake them with loud noises by accident.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump (double) – I do not know what I would have done without this thing. We had so many breastfeeding struggles to start – and pumping is a pain sometimes, but I REALLY wanted to breastfeed. I don’t know if I could have done it without this thing.

Unless you know that you will 100% breastfeed or formula feed, I would suggest having a pump on hand or at least in the budget so you can get one if need be.


Medela Bottles and Calma Nipples – If you feed your baby with a bottle, there is always a chance that babe will prefer the bottle to mom, because it’s EASIER to get the milk out. These nipples force the babe to really suck to get milk out, so there is less chance that they will make babe “lazy”. (You will want to grab these microwave sterilizer bags so you don’t need to do any real work to sterilize things. Just FYI these are WAY cheaper on Amazon that in the store, at least that I’ve found.)

Baby Memory Book – You are exhausted and this is precious time with precious memories zooming by. Write it ALL DOWN! We got this exact book as a gift, and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever.

Taggies BlanketYour newborn doesn’t need toys. BUT the day I noticed that babe was interested in holding things was also the day I noticed that none of the awesome toys we had for him were age appropriate. This was the only thing he could hold onto and enjoy for any length of time. (This was also great, a few short weeks later.)

Obviously, there are things you will have on your wish list for baby that your baby can do without

But I really felt that these things were totally worthwhile purchases! There are SOME things you can get FOR FREE though, so be sure not to spend money on stuff you don’t have to spend on! Check out this list of things you can grab for your babe for FREE!

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Do you have other baby wish list ideas to share? What’s on your baby necessities list?

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