The 50+ Best Baby Shower Themes

This is it! You’re pregnant, you’re super excited, and it’s baby shower planning time! Now what are the best baby shower themes to choose from? Don’t worry, I’ve done all the research for you! I’ve gathered all the top gender neutral baby shower themes (and a few that lean more toward one gender or the other) from classic to modern and have put together the top 50+ baby shower theme ideas for you right here.

So keep reading and find the perfect theme for your upcoming baby shower so you can get to the fun of decorating, designing, and planning the games and activities!

50 best baby shower themes 2023

Are You Looking for the best baby shower themes?

Choosing your theme is one of the most fun things to do when planning your baby shower. It is the big step that leads up to arranging all the other fun things.

From choosing the color scheme to picking out balloons, designing the desserts, and even picking out the invitations, you can’t do any of it until you settle on the perfect baby shower theme.

So let’s get to the absolute best baby shower themes no matter what you’re having!

(For more gender specific baby shower themes check out the 30+ Best Baby Shower Themes for Boys and the 30 Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls.


Rubber Ducky Theme

Who doesn’t love rubber duckies? This baby shower theme is perfect for a gender-neutral gathering and is easy to plan. You can go with the classic yellow rubber duck or even pink or blue ducks if you’d like to.


Cupcakes Baby Shower Theme HAVE IT

baby footprint cupcakes

If you’re looking for a modern and fun theme to showcase at your baby shower, look no further than the cupcake theme. This could be a great gender-neutral option, with a combination of yellow, blue, and pink cupcakes. You can even make cupcake towers to create an impressive table decor for your event.


Garden Baby Shower Theme

garden baby shower theme for girls

Who doesn’t love a garden baby shower? This theme is great for springtime baby showers, and your guests will enjoy the floral decorations and the rustic charm. You can decorate with fresh flowers, fairy lights, and other garden-inspired accents. And don’t forget to include some fun little treats like cupcakes with real edible flower on them.


Under the Sea

under the sea baby shower theme

Take your guests on an underwater adventure with a fun underwater baby shower theme. Colorful fish, sea creatures, and beach-themed decorations will definitely set the mood for this one. You can lean more towards fish, mermaids, or whales, or really take this theme in any ocean-inspired way that you want!


Winnie the Pooh Theme

winnie the pooh baby shower pack

Who doesn’t remember the classic Winnie the Pooh stories? This adorable theme is perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower. From beehive decorations to teddy bear accents, this theme will bring out the inner child in all your guests. Check out the 7 cutest Winnie the Pooh shower invitations.

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Safari Baby Shower Theme

safari baby shower theme

If you’re looking for something unique and fun, why not go with a safari-themed baby shower? You can bring in some wild animal accents like elephants and lions to decorate the space, or keep it more subtle with tans and neutral-colored decorations. Whatever route you choose, this theme will definitely be a hit!


Music Theme

music baby shower theme

Who doesn’t love music? This theme is perfect if the mom or dad-to-be are music lovers. You can decorate the space with musical notes, instruments, and other fun accents that will make your baby shower unforgettable! Learn how to make your own music baby shower decor. Make sure to have some fun activities like musical chairs too.


Owl “Meet the Baby” Theme

owl meet the baby shower theme

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not go with an owl-themed baby shower? Your guests will love the cute little owls everywhere and the decorations will be fun and whimsical. Add some fuzzy feathers, wood accents, and lots of tiny owls to make your baby shower memorable.


“Mommy to Bee” Theme

This theme is perfect if you’re looking for something a little different, fun, and lively. With a mix of yellow, white, and black combined with honeybee accents, this theme will be a huge hit. You can easily add a lot of honey to the dessert ideas too.


Baby Blocks Theme

blocks baby shower theme

Baby blocks are a classic baby shower theme, and there’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming arrival than with something classic that brings babies to mind no matter your age. From decorating the room with baby blocks to having a game or two based on them and to making these amazing DIY block decorations this theme is sure to be a hit.


Lemon Themed Baby Shower

lemon baby shower theme

Take your guests on a zesty journey with a fun and refreshing lemon-themed baby shower. This theme is especially perfect for a summertime baby shower (although you can use it any time of year). You can decorate the space with lots of yellow lemons, as well as lemon trees and other fun accents. As an added bonus, you can serve some delicious lemon flavored treats too!

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‘We can BEAR-ly wait’ Theme

bear baby shower theme

If you’re looking for something fluffy and cute, why not go with a teddy bear themed baby shower? From cute bear decorations to teddy bear themed games, this theme will be sure to delight all your guests.


Hot Air Balloon Theme

A hot air balloon themed baby shower is a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival. You can make your guests feel like they’re soaring high with a sky full of colorful balloons and decorations.

This is also a great way to incorporate some fun activities like balloon races (would you make everyone pin a balloon between their knees and race across the room?) or pin the balloon on the basket. You can simply go with the classic hot air balloon look or even take it in the direction of the movie Up… adventure is out there!

Here are 20 baby shower games your guests will ACTUALLY want to play!


Lil’ Prince or Princess Theme

castle baby shower diaper cake

This is a classic theme that’s perfect for welcoming your new prince or princess. Whether you go with a crown and castle look or something softer and more delicate, this theme will be a hit.

You can decorate the space with extravagant castles, crowns, and some pink or blue accents amidst the silver or gold. Throw in some fun activities like a “Guess the Royal Baby” game or “Pin the Crown on the Baby” and you’ll have a truly regal baby shower!


Hello World Theme

hello world baby shower themed decorations

This theme is creative and can take so many directions. You can use globes, maps, suitcases, passports… really anything you like that brings out your wanderlust.


Winter Wonderland Theme

winter wonderland baby shower theme

If you’re having a winter baby shower, you should highly consider this theme! Or even if you aren’t and winter or Christmas are just your favorite time of year. Everything can look sparkly and snowy, or red and green, or even just decorated with pine and icicles in a winter wonderland baby shower.


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Theme

If you’re expecting a fall baby, then nothing is better than a pumpkin spice and everything nice themed shower. This theme can be so much fun and take many directions. You can decorate with a lot of warm autumn colors like oranges, yellows, and browns, as well as any decorations that might be perfect for seasonal front porch or Thanksgiving decor. Think of everything warm, cozy, and pumpkin!


Noah’s Ark Theme

This is a sweet and unique theme, especially perfect for a baby shower if you’re looking for something different. There are many ways to decorate, from the classic Noah’s Ark look to something a little more modern. You can have animals on the walls and even make your own ark out of cardboard or paperboard. Have fun and get creative with this one!


Disney Theme

disney baby shower

Disney themed baby showers are always a hit. Whether you choose to go with the classic Disney characters or one that is more modern, there’s sure to be something for everyone. From Mickey and Minnie to Moana and Elsa, you can easily incorporate any Disney character into your decorations and activities.


Minimalist Theme

minimalist baby shower

A minimalist baby shower is perfect for someone who wants a low-key and simple celebration.  Don’t let social media fool you, everything doesn’t have to be larger than life and thousands of dollars to have an amazing baby shower. Sometimes less is more. This theme focuses on neutral colors, clean lines, and simple designs. You can decorate with a few key pieces and then fill in the rest with smaller accents that won’t take away from the overall look.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 Theme


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Do you love the mischievous pair, Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the classic Dr. Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat? Decorate the room in bold blue and red colors, hang art and book covers on the walls, and add a few fun activities like a bean bag toss or pin the stain on Mother’s dress.


Woodland Animals Theme

woodland animals baby shower cake

This theme is perfect for a baby shower if you’re looking to create an outdoor feel without having the actual party outside. Think of all the woodland creatures like deer, squirrels, foxes, and rabbits. Decorate with lots of greens and browns, add some greenery to the walls, and scatter items like acorns, leaves, and pinecones for table decor for the perfect shower.

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Bohemian Theme

bohemian baby shower theme for girls

Bohemian themed baby showers are full of textures and life. You can decorate with all sorts of earthy colors, textures, and patterns. Think of dream catchers, macramé wall hangings, tassels, feathers, and boho inspired furniture pieces like hanging chairs or daybeds. Make sure you have plenty of cushions and rugs to create a cozy atmosphere.


Peter Rabbit Theme

peter rabbit baby boy shower themed decorations

Peter Rabbit is such an old classic but was brought to everyone’s attention again with the recent new movie release. You can even have a sweet and whimsical celebration based on the classic series even if you didn’t love the movie’s modern twist. You can decorate the room with elements from Beatrix Potter’s books like carrots, cabbages and watering cans.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This winter themed baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a little bundle of joy coming in the cold weather. You can decorate with all things cozy and wintery like snowflakes, reindeer, trees, and hot cocoa.

Set up a hot cocoa bar with delicious toppings and loads of whipped cream. I love how it’s a “thing” now to decorate sugar cookies custom to your baby shower theme, it makes it really easy to tie everything together.


Elephant Baby Shower Theme

elephant baby shower

This theme is perfect for either a baby boy or girl shower. Elephants are such sweet and gentle creatures, and they can be your focus. Decorate with greys and any accent color of your choice, you can go for pink, blue, or something more neutral. Baby elephant decor should be pretty easy to track down.


Bun in the Oven


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This is a fun and clever way to celebrate the mom-to-be. Decorate with all things “baking” related like rolling pins, whisks, mixing bowls, muffin tins and more. The dessert table can really shine with this theme when you adorn it with cinnamon rolls and all sorts of baked goods.


Candyland Theme

candyland baby shower theme

This theme is perfect if you want a baby shower that has a lot of pizazz and color. It also is great for any mama with a serious sweet tooth or a love for the classic board game. Decorate with gumdrops, lollipops, and all sorts of candy-inspired items. The dessert table should be the highlight of this party too! A classic candy bar would be a perfect feature for this baby shower theme.


Minions Theme

minions baby boy shower themed decorations

This is a great theme for any mom-to-be who loves the fun and mischievous minions from the movie Despicable Me. Decorate with yellow and blue balloons, streamers, and other minion related items like goggles and overalls.


Dr. Seuss

dr seuss cupcakes

Almost all of us have fond childhood memories that involve the silly rhyming books from Dr. Seuss. Decorate with bright colors and lots of Dr. Seuss inspired elements like The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, and a Wocket in my Pocket. Don’t forget the classic book quotes that you can use to dress up your walls. Oh the places you will go…


Star Wars Theme

star wars baby shower theme

May the force be with you. Are mom and dad-to-be Star Wars fanatics? Well then you can’t pass up the opportunity to jump right into a sci-fi space theme featuring all your favorite Star Wars characters!

Black, blue, green, and red make great colors for this theme featuring light sabers and more. Nothing wrong with using decor originally designed for birthdays to make this theme come to life! Learn how to make your very own Star Wars shower banner.


Donut Baby Shower Theme

donut baby shower theme

Whether you adore this sweet treat or just think they look really cute, consider a fun and modern donut baby shower theme. Of course, the dessert table should have some available, but you can also incorporate donuts into the party games and table decor as well.


Tropical Flamingos Theme

flamingo cake idea

Consider a poolside baby shower featuring pink flamingo decor! What a great theme this would be for a baby shower that invites the guys and kids too for the entire family to enjoy together.


Cactus Succulent Baby Shower Theme

cactus succulent baby shower

A few years ago succulents were everywhere, they just became a huge decor theme that we are still seeing today. Why not blend that with some cactuses for a very unique and modern cactus and succulent baby shower theme? Use them as centerpieces and let everyone take one home too!


Sunflowers Theme

There is something so beautiful and awkward about sunflowers, they are truly unique. Whether you want your theme to be purely sunflowers or blend that with a rustic farm, black and white checkerboard, or fall theme is your choice! All work together perfectly.


Rainbow Theme

rainbow cake

This theme can mean so many different things. Did you know that a baby born after losing another is referred to as a rainbow baby? Whether celebrating a rainbow baby or if you love rainbows for any other reason this is a beautiful baby shower theme. Decorate with all colors of the rainbow for a vibrant party or use muted pastels for a modern twist.


Sprinkles Theme


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Ah sprinkles, they just make everything special don’t they? Make the dessert table the star at this baby shower! Decorate with sprinkles in any color combo you desire, set up a fun and colorful photo booth, and satisfy your sweet tooth on that day.

Another thing to note, sometimes the baby shower for a second baby and beyond is referred to as a baby sprinkle instead. So this theme can have duel meanings.


Berry Sweet

This theme is perfect for a party hosted in late summer with warm long days when berries are in the peak of season. Enjoy decadent jams and jellies, play pin the berry on the vine, and serve up your favorite berry lemonade combinations.


Moon and stars


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This baby shower theme is perfect for any mama who loves the night sky. Create a magical atmosphere with lots of stars, moons, and other celestial elements. You can adorn the walls with starry garlands or hang a crescent moon for decoration. Don’t forget to add in some twinkle lights for extra sparkle!


Tropical Baby Shower Theme

This is a great theme for any mama who loves the beach and tropical vibes. Decorate with lots of bright colors, tiki torches, and tropical flowers. You can actually host the shower on the beach, at your pool, or even inside.


Lamb Baby Shower Theme

lamb baby shower theme

This sweet baby shower theme is perfect for any mama who loves their little lamb. Adorn the room with lots of soft and snuggly decor like cuddly stuffed animals and pastel colors.


Storybook Theme


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Perfect for the book worm mama. Tie together all the classic baby and story books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, and more. Be sure to get some custom storybook cookies made and stack books and set a slower arrangement on top for centerpieces.


Zoo Theme


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Love the zoo? Then this theme is for you! Bring together all your favorite zoo animals: zebras, giraffes, lions, and tigers for a fun and bright baby shower theme.


Pastel Baby Shower Theme

pastels baby shower

Nothing screams baby more than soft light pastel colors. This also is a very broad theme and sometimes that is better. It’s a lot easier to decorate around a color scheme than a super specific baby shower theme.



Have you gone to a Baby-Q yet? It’s a barbeque baby shower. This is a really great theme if you are wanting to include the entire family in the shower (men and kids invited too!)


Dinosaur Theme

dinosaur baby shower theme

Are you into science, dinosaurs, or love Land Before Time? This might be the theme for you. You can stick with realistic dinos or baby dinosaurs to pull together a really fun and unique theme.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star



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A twinkle twinkle little star themed baby shower is perfect for a nighttime celebration. Think of all the things that sparkle and shine and go with it! You can decorate with a lot of colors, glitter, stars, moons, and planets. You can even incorporate a photo booth with props like star glasses, moon hats, and more.

Nautical Theme

nautical baby shower themed food table

This is a great theme for any mama who loves the ocean or has a “baby on board”! Create an ocean-inspired atmosphere with lots of navy blue and white stripes, anchors, sailboats, and life preservers. Don’t forget to add in some beachy elements like shells, starfish, and even a jellyfish or two!



black and white baby shower

This is a great theme for any mama who loves minimalistic and modern design. Create a monochromatic look with lots of white, black, gray, and cream decorations. Perfect, simple, and classy.


Beach Theme


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Do you love the sand between your toes? Then how about a beach baby shower? Of course, it can be hosted at the beach but you can even turn your own backyard or house into a little beach too! Include a sand pit for toddlers and babies, definitely set up a photo booth with fun signs and sunglasses, and include cocktail umbrellas in every drink.


Green and yellow

green and yellow gender neutral baby shower

This is the most classic gender-neutral baby shower theme there is. And there is nothing wrong with that! Use this soft pastel color combination to bring this classic baby shower theme to life.


There are so many fun and creative baby shower themes to choose from

This list of baby shower ideas was pretty extensive! Did you find the perfect theme here so that you can start planning food, drinks, and decor? I hope so!

But if not please check out 30+ best baby shower themes for boys or the 30 best baby shower themes for girls.

I hope your party turns out perfectly and now that you have your theme, you can start incorporating it into every aspect of your party. From drinks, to favors, to centerpieces.

Don’t let it overwhelm you, just enjoy every minute of this special time.

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