30 Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Girls

You are probably so excited, you recently found out that your new little bundle of joy is going to be a girl! Congratulations! Now your head is probably swirling with pink, flowers, and sparkles as you plan all the little girl things you will need. Blankets, the nursery, but first and foremost comes the baby shower. I’ve rounded up the 30 best baby shower themes for girls so that you can get ready to celebrate your new little lady on the way.

Girly Baby Shower Ideas

I’m not going to lie, these baby shower ideas are going to be girly! So if you are looking for a gender-neutral theme for your baby shower, this isn’t the right post.

Not every theme is going to be exploding with pink, sparkles, and ruffles, but they ARE all girly. Some will be more neutral like a boho or rose gold vibe but this post for the most part isn’t featuring the most gender-neutral themes.

But don’t worry, I’ve got another post of the 30 best boy baby shower themes and right now I’m putting together a post of the 50 best baby shower ideas overall! (If you are looking for a more neutral theme check that post as well.)

I have one girl and one boy, so I’ve gotten the pleasure of enjoying a baby shower for each and I can’t wait to share with you these stunning baby shower themes for your new little girl.

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The Best 30 Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Unicorns Theme

unicorn cake

Unicorns have been hugely popular for a few years now. Whether it be for baby showers, birthday parties, or just putting them on EVERYTHING for little girls. There will be no shortage of unicorn decorations for a unicorn-themed baby shower. Check out 15 more amazing unicorn baby shower ideas too.


Tropical Flamingos Theme

flamingo cake idea

I think this is a perfect theme to enjoy in summer. Flamingos are naturally pink, so they make a great girl baby shower theme. They are also a summer decor staple so finding flamingo décor should be pretty simple at the right time of the year. Imagine a billowing pink and green balloon tower, lawn flamingos scattered about, and pink drinks with little pink umbrellas on top.


Parisian Theme

Eifel tower statue made from balloons

A classy and fancy baby shower theme for your little girl is a Paris theme! Use the Eiffel Tower, pink and black, and maybe some lace and polka dots to properly decorate for a Parisian themed baby shower. Don’t forget to add some fun baby shower games into the mix that people will actually WANT to play!


Cactus Succulent Baby Shower Theme

cactus succulent girl baby shower theme

A cactus/succulent baby shower theme can take more of a desert vibe or more of a light green and pink succulent twist. Succulents are just so cute and make great indoor or outdoor décor.
Pull together your own unique baby shower theme featuring a succulent on every table or maybe even try your hand at creating these amazing succulent cupcakes!

Mermaid Theme

mermaid themed baby shower cupcakes

If you are a Little Mermaid fan at heart you are going to love hosting a mermaid themed baby shower for your little princess. Mermaids are quite a popular decor, especially if you live anywhere near the beach. Decorate with sequins and other things that look like sparkling scales, fill candle holders/jars/vases with sand and shells for centerpieces, and make everything feel just a little bit magical while keeping a beachy vibe.


Pink and Gold Theme

pink and gold baby shower theme

You don’t necessarily have to have an animal or creature in order to have a put-together adorable baby shower theme. Consider pairing together two classy colors like pink and gold for a stunning look. Using a color scheme as your theme really opens up a lot of room for a stunning dessert table, an excellent balloon tower, and your personalized touch. A pink and gold baby shower theme is classy and pretty.


Sweet Pink Vintage Theme

pink vintage baby shower theme for girls

Vintage is a very en vouge baby shower theme that fits the times. It is so easy to be cute and classy with a vintage baby shower theme. Who knows, you might even have a lot of vintage things around your house (or maybe your mom does) that you can use in your décor. Be sure to pick the right color combo to really give that vintage vibe.


Floral Theme

floral baby shower theme

Whether your baby shower is planned for outdoors or indoors, having a heavy floral theme is immediately gorgeous, cheery, and feminine. It will be easy to find plates and décor covered in beautiful flowers. Plus you can customize centerpieces, décor, and even desserts to feature your flowers of choice.

Garden Theme

garden baby shower theme for girls

This is similar to the flower theme but should definitely be taken outside. You can host a garden theme baby shower in your own backyard or rent an even fancier garden for this event. I’ve been to a beautiful rose garden that would be perfect for a party like this.

Bring as much nature and garden into this fun theme as you can. You could use watering pails to feature beautiful floral arrangements, set up little fairy gardens for décor, and tie off each napkin roll with a sprig of a tree and a flower tied right in.


Lady Bug Theme

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Think of everything red and black. Everything! Using the bold colors of ladybugs is a fun step away from the typical pink girl baby shower but no less girly. Anything with red and
black spots or anything red or black will make this theme really easy to pull together.


Sunflowers Theme

There is just something about sunflowers. Their beautiful awkwardness with a huge center and tiny little leaves, how they grow so tall above everything else, and the cheeriness of their yellow leaves. With a sunflower theme, you could choose to decorate with yellow and pink, yellow with black and white checkers, or even yellow and green for a phenomenal sunflower baby shower theme.

Of course, each table should have a sunflower centerpiece and if it were my party, I’d tie in sunflower kernels into the decor, sprinkle them atop the meal, or both!


Lil’ Princess Theme

It’s safe to say that we all view our little girls as our little princesses. This sweet and classic theme is easy to decorate for and can be cute as cartoon crowns and plastic tiaras or as elaborate as setting up something that is reminiscent of an actual castle down to the king and queen thrones and royal scepters.


Rainbow Theme

rainbow baby shower theme

Whether you are celebrating a rainbow baby or you simply love rainbows this can be a very cute girl baby shower theme. In case you don’t know, the term “rainbow baby” refers to a baby born after the loss of another, such as a miscarriage. Many people choose this theme to celebrate how special this baby’s life is after a tough loss and a rainbow theme can help others share in that excitement.

You can choose to go with bold primary and secondary color décor like a traditional rainbow or choose a muted theme as well which is a more modern twist on rainbows.


Butterfly Theme


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There is not much more graceful and beautiful than a butterfly. A butterfly theme can go with almost any color scheme and can stand alone or be blended with a garden theme, floral theme, or even an English tea party theme. A butterfly theme is great featuring pastels but in no way has to be. You could feature the bold orange and black of the famous monarch or even the bright blue of a Morpho.


Confetti + Sprinkles Theme


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This festive theme is so easy to make! Of course every dessert should be covered in sprinkles but you can also put sprinkles inside your cake or cupcakes, sprinkle the tables under them, and more.

Use clear balloons with confetti inside when decorating for a confetti/sprinkles theme. The confetti sticks to the edges inside the balloons and looks really cool, just be careful not to pop them! Though it looks impressive, it’s messy when they pop.

Here’s another cool reason to choose a sprinkle theme: a baby shower for a second, third, or even fourth and beyond baby is sometimes referred to as a baby sprinkle instead of a baby shower. The reason is, it’s likely that you don’t need to be SHOWERED with gifts and supplies as you do for your first child. Instead, you need only a sprinkling of gifts but still want to celebrate the new life in your family.


Rose Gold Theme

rose gold baby shower theme for girls

A classy baby shower look is a rose gold theme. Rose gold is light and youthful but still classy and fancy. Pair rose pink with rose gold or even lilac with rose gold for an impressive baby shower décor. From ribbons and balloons to tablecloths, and confetti, rose gold puts a beautiful spin on traditional decoration colors.


Bees Theme

There is just so much that you can do with a bee baby shower theme! Many invitations and ever banners at the baby shower will feature a catchy baby shower phrase. If you use bees as your theme your phrase to feature can be “sweet as can bee”, “parents to bee”, “mommy to bee”, or even “it’s going to bee a girl”.

How fun right? I challenge you to think up your own pun to pair with your baby shower theme, even if it isn’t this one.


Duckies Theme

Because of rubber ducks when you think of babies or baby showers ducks come to mind. There are already a ton of rubber duck baby shower supplies because the little yellow duck is so synonymous with baby showers. You could choose to feature the classic yellow rubber duck or even pink ducks for your theme. Back to cute baby shower puns how about, “Getting Our Ducks in a Row for Baby?”


Bohemian Theme

bohemian baby shower theme for girls

A very modern and en vogue baby shower theme is a bohemian theme. You can take this theme in so many directions. It is great to have an outdoor garden bohemian themed baby shower but it isn’t necessary.

You should definitely use more muted and light earthy colors, I would absolutely include some macrame, and you could even consider having huge floor pillows for guests to sit at instead of tables. Bring all things lace, airy, and organic for a perfect boho baby shower.


Desert Theme


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This is one of the more neutral girl baby shower themes that I’m featuring that is also very modern. Muted oranges and greens make a perfect desert feel for your desert baby shower theme. Use little cacti to adorn each table with and maybe even scatter down sand before you place your centerpiece.


English Tea Party Theme

I’ve already got a phrase to base this theme around, how about “Baby is brewing?” Try making this theme reminiscent of the best tea parties that you hosted or attended as a kid. Lace, doilies, fancy hand-painted teacups and saucers, and maybe even fancy hats.

There are so many varieties of teas and sandwiches that you can feature at this theme of a party. Don’t forget to lift that pinky!


You Are My Sunshine Theme

Consider dedicating this song to your new baby and share that with everyone with a sunshine theme. Whether you prefer a more realistic sun, a smiling sun in a baby yellow color, or want to incorporate the moon or stars with it, the sun can make a beautiful baby theme. Make everything yellow and bright. Serve lemonade and celebrate your special little one.


Ballerina Theme

If you are a fan of ballet or maybe even a dancer yourself (even if you used to be) this baby shower theme might speak to you. As most things feauture ballarinas in light pink attire, it will be easy to pull together some ballerina décor for this baby shower. I bet you could make a bunch of cute baby shower games with a dancing twist to play as well. There are lots of other great baby shower activities aside from games you can do too.


Sugar and Spice Theme

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Or at least we’d like to think so. Either way, use this classic rhyme as your baby shower theme. I would definitely
feature a cinnamon cake or cupcakes. You can also decorate with cinnamon sticks and cloves, stacks of sugar cubes, and lots of other “nice” things like baby’s breath and ribbons.

I’ll tell you one thing, no other baby shower will smell as nice as this one!

Minnie Mouse Theme

Are you a huge Disney fan? Then why not have a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party? If Disney is hugely a part of your world (see what I did there?) then keep that theme rolling right into your baby shower!


Pastel Theme

pastels baby shower

Babies showers have always been associated with pastels in our minds. Which is funny because babies can’t even see pastels well at first. Either way, baby pink, baby blue, and any other pastel colors are perfectly suited to celebrating your new baby. If anyone sees a party decked out in pastels they will immediately know it’s a baby shower. You can simply use the color scheme as your theme or you can blend it with another theme on this list as well for a unique twist.


Swans Theme

Swans are such elegant and beautiful creatures, perfect for celebrating your new little lady. They have become such a popular baby shower theme even your local Party City will carry a bunch of swan baby shower decor. You don’t have to go all out with a huge swan ice sculpture… but you can! Pick up some swan balloons and cute tableware for a beautiful theme.


Heaven Sent Theme


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You can feature “Heaven Sent,” “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” or even another phrase on your baby shower invitations. But safe to say, heaven is a pretty appropriate theme for a baby shower considering that most people consider their little ones to be sent to them from God.

If you want to celebrate the miracle that life is, consider a heaven themed baby shower with clouds, maybe sunrays, cherubs, or maybe a castle in the sky. This theme is open to interpretation and can turn out very pretty.


Berry Sweet Theme

You can take this theme different directions or into different colors. You can feature all berries and end up with some very decadent foods and desserts. Or you can feature strawberries only to stay within a red and green color scheme. This unique baby shower theme looks so pretty paired with some matching flowers and can look super classy with a lot of white and berry colored accents.


Fairy Theme

You can make this theme be either all fairies and magic or head over to Disney themed and Tinkerbell if you are a Disney fanatic. Either way fairies are playful and mysterious and can be a really pretty way to celebrate your baby shower.

I love pairing drooping strands of tulle and extravagant flowers with this baby shower theme, but you can take it any direction and with any color scheme that you want.

girls baby shower ideas pin: text reads 30 unique and adorable shower themes for little girls


Wrapping Up the 30 Best Girl Baby Shower Themes

Pulling together all these amazing baby shower themes for your little girl has been so fun for me! There are so many beautiful ideas for little girl baby showers these days. Whether you decide to go over-the-top with your decor and party or decide to keep it beautiful and simple and more low-key know that it will turn out just perfect.

Have you used any of these themes before or attended a shower that did? How did it turn out? Let me know below!

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