Perfect Sibling Gifts (From the New Baby)

The birth of a new baby is exciting, but it can also be a very upsetting and confusing experience for your former only child. Your first child (especially if they’re young!) is bound to feel jealous or ignored once a new family member comes into the picture, so getting them a small gift “from the new baby” may help them feel better about the situation.

If you’re at all worried about how your kiddo will handle meeting their new sibling, consider diffusing some of the tension with a gift! Here’s some fun ideas to help you choose the perfect sibling gifts from the new baby!

Make Older Siblings Feel Special with a Gift from the New Baby

One of the biggest worries I had while expecting my second child is how my firstborn was going to react to someone new and unfamiliar in the household (taking attention away from them!)

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Children are often set in their ways and famously dislike change (don’t we all?!) Young children, especially toddlers, may feel a sense of sibling rivalry pretty quickly after baby’s birth.

As you know, your firstborn NEEDS to be acknowledged and paid attention to just as much as the new baby. Your firstborn probably won’t understand why you need to spend so much time with the new baby. Even though there’s a good reason your newborn baby is taking up a good amount of your time (what FEELS like all of your time), your oldest may feel as though you’ve begun to care more about the baby than about them. Of course this isn’t true, so it’s critical to make your older child or children feel special during this transition.

Sometimes, something as simple as getting your child a special gift “from the new baby” can help lessen the jealousy, the acting out, and the cries for attention that come with the addition of a new family member (because unfortunately there’s NO avoiding it completely). 

Acknowledge their feelings, and try to get them a gift that will allow them to help you out with baby-related tasks. If you’re looking for the perfect gift ideas for siblings from the new baby, we’re here to help you out!


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Special Gifts for Siblings from the New Baby

If you’re about to have a baby, or if you’ve recently had a baby, you probably don’t really know what to get a sibling when a new baby is born – I mean, there’s nothing you can give that is more valuable then your love and attention. What is a good gift for a new big sister or brother?” 

No matter what kind of gift you choose to go with to curb jealousy and sibling rivalry, the key is to make it from the baby! If your eldest is younger, they may truly believe that it was ACTUALLY the baby giving the gift. Regardless, there are obviously TONS of options when you’re looking for a gift from the new baby to their sibling, including:

  • Books
  • Matching outfits (although this is not the most “fun” gift for them)
  • Crafts, movies, and activities your oldest can enjoy with Mom, Dad, or their new sibling!

The Best Books for New Siblings

Spending one-on-one time with your older child is a very important factor in ensuring the transition to older sibling-hood goes well. One of the best ways to do this is by reading a book “from the new baby.” Let your partner take care of your newborn for a couple of hours, sit down, read, and spend time with your firstborn child. Books can make some of the best sibling gifts from the new baby (and added bonus – this is the BEST way to prep your child for a love of reading), so here are some of our favorite picks.

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Babies Don’t Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza was written by Dianne Danzig, a mother of two and nurse educator for children in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. This book highlights everything your child ever needed to know about being an older sibling, in a kid-friendly tone and with a sense of humor! 

It covers:

  • Feeding
  • Adopted babies
  • How babies are born
  • Babies with special needs
  • Playing with the baby
  • How babies grow and behave
  • Helping out with the new baby
  • How older children might feel about a new sibling

A review by Jennifer Schultz, a youth services librarian at the Warrenton branch of the Fauquier County, VA Public Library System, notes that this book “empowers children in interaction with their new brother or sister,” and the School Library Journal claims it “will bring comfort to expectant parents and siblings alike.” 

It has even won the California Readers 2010 Mom’s Choice Award Gold – Elementary Division, so you know it’s a great choice!

I’m a Big Brother or I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

Joanna Cole, a former elementary school teacher, librarian, and contributor to Parents’ Magazine, has written  I’m a Big Brother and I’m a Big Sister to help prepare children for their new role and responsibilities as an older sibling. 

It encourages older siblings’ excitement by discussing all the positive aspects of a new addition to the family and by discussing how they can help their parents out with their baby brother or sister!

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According to Brightly, these books have remained bestsellers over the years due to their ability to “empower first-time older siblings by filling them in on their new role: Mommy and Daddy’s helper with the new baby.” If you want to instill big brother or sister responsibility and excitement in your child, go with this book!

I Used to Be the Baby by Robin Ballard

I Used to Be the Baby shows older siblings, who aren’t quite sure what to think of the situation, how to be a good older sibling to the new baby in the house. It’s refreshingly optimistic and sets a great example as it shows the older sibling sharing his toys, playing with his new baby brother, and knowing when to step back and let his new brother get the attention he needs from the parents.

This positive take on older siblinghood is praised in a review by Martha Topol from the Traverse Area District Library in Traverse City, MI. She writes, “There is a feeling of serenity to the art, even when the little one is distraught…Yet, in accentuating the positive, this title does present many feel-good ideas. Certainly, there’s no harm in basking in its intentional idealism.”

How to Be a Baby…by Me, the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones

The New York Times has called Sally Lloyd-Jones’ book How to Be a Baby…by Me, the Big Sister “adorable, original, well-illustrated, and fabulous.” It’s all about a young girl who shares her knowledge of being an older sister, thanks to her new baby brother! 

It uses child-friendly humor to tell older siblings all about what babies do (and don’t do!). It includes silly tidbits of information, including “When you’re a baby you don’t read books. You eat them.” The narrator also mentions that, as her brother grows, he will one day become a great playmate and ally for her!

How to Be a Baby really highlights unconditional sibling love. Linda L. Walkins at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, MA mentions in her review, “The comical cartoons subtly convey the love that the rosy-cheeked girl feels for her round, placid sibling despite his limited abilities.” 

This funny book makes the perfect gift for siblings from the new baby and encourages sibling allyship now and forever.

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The Super, Incredible Big Brother and The Super, Incredible Big Sister Personalized Books

The Super, Incredible Big Brother and The Super, Incredible Big Sister books allow you to personalize the cover and contents with your child’s name, making it an even more special sibling gift from the new baby. Children love finding anything with their name on it, so your older child is sure to appreciate a personalized gift from their new sibling that tells them all about what a great big brother or sister they are!

Matching Clothing Gifts for New Siblings

Matching outfits may help foster a bond and relationship between an older sibling and their new baby brother or baby sister. They’ll instantly feel a connection to the new member of their household once they realize they’re wearing the same thing! The nice thing about matching outfits is that it’s a GREAT opportunity for siblings photos!

You can even try bringing the baby home from the hospital wearing it and immediately giving your older child a gift bag with theirs inside! This can help make the experience positive from the very beginning.

Hanna Andersson Sprinkle of Stars Matching Pajamas

What better way to foster a sense of camaraderie between siblings than with fun matching pajamas?! When your older child sees that “the baby” has gifted their sibling with something they can share, they may feel less “left out” while guests oogle at baby’s cute new clothing. Extra points if you find pajamas in a pattern your eldest LOVES (for my friend’s daughter it was unicorn EVERYTHING).

Hanna Andersson has a huge variety of matching pajamas for the entire family, so you might even want to take it a step further and invest in some for Mommy and Daddy, as well (or at least Mommy if your partner won’t agree to it).

Matching “The Crew” T-Shirt and “New to the Crew” Onesie

This 100% cotton grey t-shirt is super adorable, and an older toddler may appreciate the language and meaning of the top. It’s a little more unique than the typical “Big Brother/Sister” and “Little Brother/Sister” matching shirts.

“Oldest, Middle, Youngest” Matching Shirts/Onesie

These matching shirts and onesies from Etsy are perfect for families with more than one child adjusting to the change. You can choose shirts that say:


  • Oldest
  • Middle
  • Middle (with “Youngest” crossed out!)
  • Youngest

These shirts and onesies work well no matter how many children you need to get sibling gifts from the new baby for! I also recommend checking out other Etsy tops because you can find almost ANYTHING you could think of.

Personalized “Big Sister/Little Sister” Shirts and Onesies

Younger children love personalized things, and any toddler will be excited to get a shirt with their name on it from their younger sibling! These personalized big sister/little sister shirts and onesies from Etsy make a great gift for new sisters, and your older child will definitely be excited to wear them.

“Big Brothers Rock, Little Brothers Roll” Set

If you come from a family of music lovers, you might like this set of sibling gifts from the new baby! The older child’s shirt reads “Big Brothers/Sisters Rock” and comes with a matching “Little Brothers/Sisters Roll” onesie! These two outfits are sold as a set, and you can choose from:

  • Big brother/little brother
  • Big brother/little sister
  • Big sister/little sister
  • Big sister/little brother

Personalized “Big Jedi” “Lil’ Jedi” Shirt and Onesie

Remember my example involving my friend and her unicorn-obsessed daughter? This is like that – except perfect for the Star Wars loving child. What better way to foster this interest than with personalized “Big Jedi” and “Lil’ Jedi” outfits?!

You can customize these shirts with both your children’s names, which is super exciting if your older child can recognize their name in print.

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Toys that Make Perfect Sibling Gifts from the New Baby

You might feel reluctant to get your oldest child yet another toy, even if it is from their new sibling, but sometimes the simplest gifts are the best (and the reality is, it’s probably the gift your kiddo would prefer most). Here are some of the best toys to get new siblings from the baby.

Melissa & Doug 12” Jenna Doll

Although it might not make sense for your newborn baby to get their big sibling a baby doll, I wrote in this article that this is a great way for your child to develop a connection with their new sibling. As you feed and rock your baby to sleep, your older child can do the same with their new baby doll.

A baby doll can help prevent issues with jealousy by making the older sibling feel like they’re helping or are doing an activity with you. It’ll also teach them how to act around them and let them know what they can and can’t do with their new sibling.

Ask your older child to grab a diaper for their baby doll while you’re changing their new sibling. Buy a set with a pretend baby bottle so that your oldest can feed their baby while you feed your new family member.

Litti Pritti Baby Doll Stroller

A baby doll stroller to go along with your child’s new baby doll is another perfect gift from their new baby sibling. As you take your newborn baby for their first stroll with the family, you can keep your oldest occupied by pushing their “baby” in their stroller! Just like with a baby doll, this is a great way to bond with your child while still giving the baby the attention they need.

Matching Big and Small Hand-Knit Lamb Dolls

These CUDDLE + KIND, 100% cotton, hand-knit big and small dolls are the perfect matching gifts for siblings from the new baby. They are a bit pricey, but you can feel good about purchasing because they’re super great quality and the proceeds go to a good cause. Each doll purchased provides 10 meals to children in need, and they’re produced Fair Trade, meaning the woman artisans who craft them are provided with equitable, fair employment in Peru.

They’re made using premium cotton, designed to withstand generations, and become a family heirloom. Your children can give these dolls to their children, and their children can then give them to their children. They even come with a lifetime guarantee, so if you ever have any problems, CUDDLE + KIND will replace the dolls for free.

Disney+ Subscription

Disney+ features tons of beloved Disney movies, new and old, that the new baby and your older child can enjoy together. This can be a great bonding activity, and your oldest will certainly be excited to see all their favorite shows and movies with the push of a button!

Family Tree Keepsake Craft Kit

If they’re feeling a bit neglected after you’ve brought your new baby home, your child will probably jump at the chance to do a craft project together. This Family Tree kit from Crayola will give them a chance to do a craft with Mom and Dad while also learning just how their new sibling fits into their family! 

Let them know that this gift is from the baby, and that they want their big brother or sister to see just how they relate to them, you, and your partner.

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The Best Gifts for Siblings from the New Baby

To curb the jealousy, your older child may feel over the new baby in your household, try gifting them with a new book, outfit, or toy “from the new baby.” Some sibling rivalry can be expected, but a simple, small gesture like this can foster a lifetime of friendship between your children!

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