New Year’s Resolution ideas that could actually change your life

Pick one (or two) new year’s resolution from this list, and GO AFTER IT – and make next year your best year yet.

Some of these new year’s resolutions are really hard things to do.

But I say do the hard things! They are the things that need doing the most. (Just so you know, coming up with new year’s resolution ideas and then not following through with them won’t change anything, so make a plan to make sure you can follow through.)



Get Healthier

Seriously, we could all do with some more healthy – no? The older we get the more obvious it becomes that we can’t treat our bodies the same as we did when we were younger and expect to feel… well, human.

I know I don’t sleep enough, and my diet is terrible. I FEEL like my diet is terrible. This is big on my list of things to address this year… not just for myself, but for my family too.

Make Your House a Home

If you can’t come in and sit down in a clean, relaxing space at the end of a long day at work – there’s something wrong. If you (like me,) have to move a pile of tiny socks and pjs off your couch before you can put your feet up, there is a problem. I KNOW not having laundry on my couch would change things for me. My house would feel… free-er. 

It’s frustrating that the only person that can make this happen for me is me.

This is the year to DO that. Maybe you want to:

Get Your Finances In Order

We want to buy a slightly bigger house in the near future.

Sometimes it feels like we’re doing ok in the saving department, but when I really step back and look at what we spend, I know we can do better. There are big holes all over our budget.

You too? Maybe this is the year to:

Live On Purpose

When we look back at life, there isn’t a whole lot that we spend our time on that will really matter. 

This is a terrifying thought to me, and one that spurs me on to consider new year’s resolutions like these:

  • read your bible regularly
  • make time for friends
  • improve your marriage
  • make family time a priority
  • start a hobby that you enjoy
  • get happy in your skin
  • address your mental hang-ups
  • break your worst habit
  • volunteer your time
  • learn a totally new skill
  • give up busy
  • make a new friend
  • get out of bad relationships
  • travel
  • become a published author
  • start a family
  • buy a home
  • become a better person
  • learn to prioritize
  • learn to be content

What are your best life-changing new year’s resolution ideas? Have you made a life-changing new year’s resolution this month? Tell me about it!

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