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Ever think about quitting your day job?

Never waking up again at 6 am to commute, never again worrying more about someone else’s bottom line, never missing another one of your baby’s firsts… never (ever) smiling like you mean it (but really, really, not meaning it) – when you’d rather just flat out punch the guy in the throat? (I worked in customer service. Can you tell?)

I’d be willing to bet you’ve thought about it.

But you’re a responsible person. You have bills to pay, and you’re smarter than to think you can chase some pipe dream all the way to the bank. You’re gonna put in your time and do what needs to be done to make sure you’re making a decent enough living.

That’s what grown-ups do.

I get it… ‘cus I’m that way too.

No really, I really am that way – when it comes to living the dream, I am a hard sell; I am a skeptic.

But I am also a success story.

One year ago, I was in a very different place in my life.

Here’s the abbreviated version:

I was settling in as a receptionist (at a job I loved, but didn’t make a killing at), after 10 years of terrible customer service work (at a job I hated, but made lots of money at).

I was ready to accept the pay decrease to finally be happy. About three months in, we found out I was pregnant. (Not unplanned, but still unexpected. We had been trying for a long time, and I was giving up on the idea of becoming a mom. Praise God for His many blessings ♥.)

It didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to decided that if we were finally going to have a baby, then I was going to raise the baby – not pay some strangers to do it for me. (This is not a slight against working moms – this is what I wanted for me and my family.  I want to be the one there with my baby, day in and day out.)

But, I had no idea how I was going to do that. (Like none. It was blank inside my head.)

I had tried and tried over the years to figure out how to quit your job and work from home – as a travel agent, as a photographer, as a “crafter” (yes that’s a real thing). I had started a blog on a whim once… and given it about two weeks of “effort” before I abandoned it. I had considered transcription. But none of those things were working for me. They all felt a little like wading through waist deep mud – maybe this is why I am a skeptic? Maybe these experiences had “proven” to me that working from home is a pipe dream? (Baffling, because both my parents work from home. I’ve seen it done!)

Then a little voice inside my head said  “You love to write – there has to be a way you can write”!

That first blog experience I had was pretty scarring. I lost 70 bucks and WordPress had made me feel about 103 years old. (Am I the only 30 year old woman in the western world who never took a single computer class in high school?) So you wouldn’t think blogging would be the thing I would choose to do.

(I honestly can not even tell you why I chose blogging… except that God must have directed me here.)

But this time there was a big glaring difference in how I approached it.

This time, I decided that I would not fail. I decided to be all in.

I did a.l.o.t. of research. I invested a decent chunk of change (into a blogging course – which is what I believe was largely responsible for my success – Elite Blog Academy. It’s only open for enrollment once per year, so I highly recommend getting on the waiting list here – they’ll give you a free blog structure blueprint just for joining the list.)

And then I worked.

I quit watching TV, quit surfing Facebook, quit shopping and cooking and showering and sleeping. I worked 50+ hours per week on the blog, while still working my desk job 4 days per week. (I was on a baby imposed deadline. It probably doesn’t have to be quite this intense – HA.)

I put in the time. (And the tears, and the money. Yes, it cost me money.)

And one year later, I am making a full time income from blogging. (You can read my income reports here.) I will not be returning to a desk job (or any job). I am raising my baby and working for myself from home.

It’s not a pipe dream at all.

How to quit your job and work from home AS A BLOGGER.

First of all, start now. Just do it. (It really is dirt cheap to get started. Follow this easy, step by step tutorial here: How to Start a Blog.)

There is no time like now. If I hadn’t started a year ago, the year would still have passed. 

Whatever reason you have for not starting, it’s probably not good enough. You are capable – if you decide to be.

I am nothing special.

No, really. That’s not a self-esteem “issue” statement – I’m a pretty confident lady – it’s just a fact. I have no education, no special talents, no anything about me that sets me apart from you or from anyone else. I am not more qualified than you. (Maybe I am more determined, but that’s something that you have complete control over!) I just decided to do it, and then I did it. 

As far as the secret to making a full time living BLOGGING in less than a year, I believe it really does come down to a few key things.

I go over HOW to do all these things in more detail in this free mini course, but in a nutshell:

  • Start your blog the right way, (with an understanding that it is not going to be easy) and with a great hosting company. 
  • Invest in learning how to blog. You need to treat your blog like it is your business.
  • Do not get distracted by the rest of life. Your blog needs to be a priority.
  • Write ONLY profitable content that will get you clicks and views and shares – AND MAKE YOU MONEY. Don’t bother writing fluff. 
  • Have 25 or more AWESOME, clickable posts written BEFORE you start promotion.
  • Learn how to get easy page views with Pinterest. (This was essential to my success.)
  • Learn how to get page views from OTHER sources too. (I STRONGLY recommend Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide .)
  • Don’t be afraid to jump into monetization strategies right away.
  • Try ALL THE THINGS! Don’t just put up some Ads and Amazon links and call it a day.
  • Have patience in those first few slow painful months. Don’t give up!

I’ve put together a FREE course on how to start a blog (and make money) to help you get going in the right direction for profitability. Starting a blog for profit is different than just “starting a blog”, and there are things – important things – that you need to understand to make money blogging. ESPECIALLY if you want to make money quickly. This free course will help you get a solid foundation set up. 

(Also, do get on the wait list for EBA enrollment. This course will change your blogging life. It usually opens in February.)

I’m not saying that blogging has to be the thing for you.

But I am saying find your thing and DO YOUR THING. Choose to make the change. Stop whining about your job and fix your life.

If you’re looking for other work at home suggestions, consider becoming a virtual assistant, or try freelance writing.

I’ve always thought that transcription or proofreading looked like awesome options – more about both of those work from home ideas here.

Just start. And then don’t stop until you succeeded. THAT is the secret to how to quit your job and work from home.

Does this apply to everyone? Does this apply to you?

Fact of the matter is, if you don’t think it DOES apply to you, then it won’t.

This only applies to you if you let it.

If you are ready to work for yourself, then do it.

Let’s be real. (There’s an awful lot of not real on the internet, and I hope you know you won’t find that stuff here.)

I am not (even though I do joke about it) working from my couch in my jammies. I am putting on pants, and choosing to work when I would rather not. I am spending every free moment I have learning more to improve the way I do what I am doing.

It is hard to work for yourself. It is hard to make something – with your bare hands – that amounts to anything.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

But here’s the thing. It’s also hard to hate what you do, hate paying some else to raise your kids, hate that you’re trading two hours of sleep every day for two hours on the train.

It might be the path of least resistance, but it’s still hard.

So choose your hard. 

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