Thinking about starting a blog?

Maybe it’s been on your mind for a while. You know you have important things to say. You want a new hobby. Or You’ve read the income reports and thought “why not me”? (And yes, why not you?)In this post I’ll show you exactly how to start a blog.

Blogging completely changed my life (and I make over $10,000/month in under two years with my blog!)  It’s absolutely crazy that a hobby you can start for less than 4$/month (there is a special 60% discount on hosting for my readers available through this tutorial) can turn into something like this.

Click here to start your blog  – then click the “get started” button (and follow the tutorial below for more guidance if needed.)

Remember – there’s nothing quite as bitter as regretting not trying something you KNOW you want to do. I knew I wanted to try blogging – for profit – so I could work from home. And I knew the only way to find out if I could do it was to jump in with both feet.

And I have to say, I’m pretty happy I jumped. I love blogging. I’m making (real) money. (Read my income reports here!) Blogging is one of the best risks (if you can call less than 4$ per month a risk) I have ever taken.

You’ll never know what you could create for yourself if you don’t try. And the best part is, you don’t even have to put on real clothes or leave the house. You just need to be committed to putting in the effort.

From your couch.

It is worth doing.

How to start a blog:

STEP 1 – choose a hosting plan.

You can click here to register your domain name and start your blog. (Click the “get started” button on that page! Then follow along with me here):

I honestly think the basic cheapest plan is just fine for most people starting out!


STEP 2 – choose a domain name:

Your domain name is your www.blogname.com.

PICK ONE YOU LOVE (this is hardest part of starting a blog). I made the terrible, no good, very bad mistake of picking one I was ok with. And then I wasted a month of my life (and some money) moving everything I had already created to the new website, one with a name I do love.

You can see if the name you want is available by plugging it in at bluehost.com(just click get started under any of the plans, and the first screen that comes up will look like the image below, this is where you can check domain names.)

Things to keep in mind while choosing a domain name:

  • Short is good. Short is easy to remember, and easy to type.
  • Don’t use something that sounds just like something else that’s already famous. Be your own famous!
  • Your own name is always a good fall back (www.yourname.com comes with the added bonus of not trapping you in a box regarding the subject of your blog).
  • Really think long and hard before purchasing a name that doesn’t end in .com. It’s the most professional looking, and you’re more likely to be taken seriously with a .com


STEP 3 – create your account:

This is where you fill in your personal info and payment details.

One thing to note – they will try to upsell you on a few things… in my opinion, brand new bloggers only need to get the Domain Privacy and Protection. This keeps your personal information from becoming public, and you ABSOLUTELY want to have it.

Skip the other “extras” for now!

STEP 4. – Complete your set up

Follow the prompts! (This part has changed a little since I bought my last blog, and I have to get updated images + info)! It’s all very straightforward, however, and if you run into any trouble, contact bluehost support! That’s what they are there for.

STEP 5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Go to your website and login. In your internet address bar enter www.yourdomainname.com/admin. This will take you to your login page, (and WordPress is already installed on your website, because you did that with the customer support people).

how to start a blog and make money

Once logged in you will see your WordPress dashboard.

(You’re gonna get really comfortable here.)

Congratulations – you own a website! Your own little piece of the internet, where you will create something amazing. And, if you do it right, you will inspire readers, connect with new friends and make money while you’re at it.

It’s gonna be awesome.

If you  have no idea what to do next, be sure to check out my completely FREE 13 part mini course – How to Start a Blog and MAKE MONEY! 

Or just move right on to the next step – and it’s the fun part. Choosing and installing a theme. Your theme is the way your blog looks. It’s the fonts, the colors, the layout. There are THOUSANDS of free and paid for themes to choose from. It’s mind boggling actually!

Oh, and there is a little bit of picky house keeping we can do in WordPress before we do anything else too.

So let’s get started on that… shall we?

On to the next step – Choosing a theme →


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