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2016 Blog Expense Report

What does it really cost to start (and run) a blog in the first year?

My blog isn’t quite a year old yet, but for tax purposes I need to figure out exactly what was spent in 2016.

(When I decided to blog, I never dreamed that what I spent would matter at tax time less than a year later. As you can imagine, there has been some going through of old mastercard bills.)

Why an expense report?

At the end of last February, I was researching how to blog on Pinterest. And I landed on this post with a little timer counting down in it. Some blogging course that was only open once per year was available now and going away in less than 24 hours. The thought hadn’t crossed my mine that I should be thinking about spending money to start this blog. I wanted to do it for free.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: December

I have almost totally ignored my blog for exactly one month as of Christmas day (so for more like 6 weeks as of the time this is posted)! This will be short, because my blogging time is short. And oh my, this is an income report I am excited about. NOT because I made a ton of money or had wicked awesome page views. I made less money and had over 40k fewer page views than I did in November.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: November 2016

I had always HOPED that I could make a living blogging, and I had HOPED that I could generate enough passive income to make it “worth the effort” – but until this past week I have been putting in about 1000% effort. (Not kidding, I’m talking about 6-10 hours per day, every day, for the past 8 months.) Waking and sleeping (yes, even in my dreams) I have been blogging.

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Blog Income & Traffic Report: September

SO. It’s been a month since I received my first real “paycheck” (as in, deposited money into my bank account) that was earned through my blog. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to transfer the money into the checking account, because I am so certain it can’t possibly be real. (Also since I’m still at my day job for another month and a half we aren’t desperate for the money yet.

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