THIS blog income report will show you why blogging is worth the effort

For me this isn’t just any old blog income report…this is the one that changes everything. 

I had always HOPED that I could make a living blogging, and I had HOPED that I could generate enough passive income to make it “worth the effort” – but until this past week I have been putting in about 1000% effort. (Not kidding, I’m talking about 6-10 hours per day, every day, for the past 8 months.) Waking and sleeping (yes, even in my dreams) I have been blogging.

I have nightmares about email service providers and pinterest crashes. I have never been more invested in anything in my life.

And it was TOTALLY paying off, so I knew I wasn’t “wasting my time”. (By “totally paying off, I mean I earned over $8000 in the past two months alone – with a blog I started in MARCH. So less than 7 months to a full time income.)

BUT, there has always been a little picky doubt at the back of my mind as to if the blog could generate an income if I wasn’t able to invest as much of my time. What I’ve been doing – the time I’ve been putting in – isn’t REALISTIC as far as what’s possible long term. And so I’ve worried… what will happen to my blog when I’m forced to put it on the back burner for a few minutes?

And this month I got my answer to that question.

I have not pinned to pinterest, I have not written new content, I have not responded to emails or comments in a timely manor. I have not done a speck of email marketing.

Instead I had a baby – and I did not blog at all. I’m just enjoying my time with him and letting my body recover without worrying about “work”. I am in awe of his tinyness and blogging is the farthest thing from my mind.

And, while I’ve adored my little man, I’ve made over $4000 in passive income. So I have the answer to my question – I can absolutely make a 100% passive income with this blog, and blogging is worth the effort.


(Speaking of, are YOU ready to start making REAL money with your blog? Grab the FREE guide 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight here!)

Don’t get me wrong, traffic fell this month AND I missed taking part in two of the biggest online sales days in the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – not to mention I missed out on promoting the ultimate bundle gift certificate sale… so I absolutely lost income by being un-involved in blogland. I just don’t care. I have a baby ♥ and I have enough passive income to allow me to spend far less time on the blog and still pay the bills (and buy things).

And to be honest, this is all because other bloggers shared their income report and inspired me to start a blog.

UPDATE: I have decided that I will no longer share new income reports on the blog. Because I understand the value of income reports as a learning tool, I am still sending these reports out to my blogging email list. To read all of 2017’s income reports and receive new ones each month Get on my email list here. (I’ll send you a PDF of the 2017 reports right away!)

I am not great with computers. I never even took a computer class in high school. I am not formally educated on any specific topic, I have nothing more interesting to say than anything you have to say. ANYONE who can write well and is willing to persevere when it’s tough can start a blog and make a living online. There’s an easy to follow tutorial here that will help you start a blog for less than $4 / month.

What are you waiting for?!

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November 2016 Blog Income Report (& Traffic)

(I am reporting in Canadian dollars at the exchange rate for today of 1.3283 USD to 1 CND. Some of the money comes to me in CND and some comes in USD, but it all ends up as CND dollars in my account.) Note that this does not include expenses or taxes. Next month I plan to publish a blog expense report- what it has cost me from start to finish this year for getting going with my blog. THAT will be an interesting read (UPDATE: read it here!)!

Total November Income: $4768.47

Adthrive Ads – $2917.63
Travel Hacking book affiliate program – $19.92
BestMark affiliate program – $6.64 affiliate program – $386.78 affiliate program– $12.30
Elegant Themes affiliate program– $224.46
Ultimate Bundle affiliate program– $463.87
Amazon affiliate program- $378.92
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing affiliate program- $104.70
Transcribe Anywhere affiliate program- $106.27
Proof Read Anywhere affiliate program- $41.88
Amy Lynn Andrew’s Knowtbook affiliate program- $ 22.32
Traffic Transformation Guide  affiliate program- $39.86
Survey affiliate programs – $22.92
Various – $20.00

November Traffic: 168,665 users & 223,907 page views

Like I said, traffic really tapered off towards the end of the month as I was in the hospital with my babe for five days and didn’t pin a single pin for NINE days… and even now, nearly two weeks later I am hardly doing any pinning or promotion. (I’m pretty thrilled that I can maintain 4 – 5k pv per day with NO promotion! WooHoo!!) I expect December traffic to be down even farther as I do NOT plan to get back to my computer in the same capacity I was able to be there before. I need to spend my hours with my little boy. Priorities!

What made it possible for me to start making full time income in just a few months?

I invested in a blogging education. I did not waste my time with trial and error and google and not knowing which advice was good advice and which advice was outdated. I firmly believe that investing in learning to blog properly will take you far.

I highly recommend getting on the waiting list for Elite Blog Academy (it won’t open until February, but they’ll give you a great FREE blog structure blueprint – just for signing up for the waiting list). Elite Blog Academy is the course I took in February 2016 that taught me how to blog. I didn’t even have a blog when I bought the course. Totally worth it.

Since EBA isn’t opening until again 2019, (and I think that when you decided to do something you should start NOW) – I have a FREE tutorial on how to start a blog for you to follow along with that will help you get your blog going in the right direction.

And regardless of where you are in your blogging journey I would also suggest Amy Lynn Andrew’s Knowtbook. Amy Lynn is potentially my very favorite blog-advice-giver ever, and this book is her constantly updated notes on blogging and online business. It. Is. Awesome. (And it is cheap. Can’t go wrong with cheap.) It’s actually bookmarked on my computer for quick easy access!

If you have some blogging experience but you aren’t “getting anywhere”:

If you already have a blog up and running and are struggling with getting page views, (and let’s face it… when you have enough pageviews to get accepted by a great ad network then pageviews = income): You need Lena Gott’s book, the Traffic Transformation Guide . She talks about strategies I had never even heard of before. This book is a must read as far as I am concerned. (I’ve read it three times, and will read it again.)

I also STRONGLY recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, especially if you are already blogging and failing all over at affiliate marketing. Michelle knows what she’s doing. My affiliate earnings went from a few hundred dollars in August to over $2200 in October, after I took this course. So I made my money back on this course… in one month. 10 times over.

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Did you publish an income report for November? Link to it in the comments so we can check it out! Are you thinking of starting a blog? Feel free to get in touch with questions!

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