Looking for some cute Christmas cards for toddlers to make? (Er, well, to make WITH your toddlers?)

I’ve mentioned a time or two how crazy I am about Christmas.

I’ve been this way since I was a little girl and I honestly don’t see it changing anytime soon. The magic of Christmas is just too hard to deny and now that our little family has grown, Christmas traditions are something that I can’t wait to explore further- including getting my kids involved in making cards.

I’m super stoked to be a “crafty mom”, and get my kids excited about crafting too.

I LOVE to create and use my hands and mind to make things beautiful so it just seems logical that I’d do that with our kiddos as well, right? What better way to conjure up some holiday cheer than by finding some Christmas cards for toddlers to make?

(Ok, I know that MOSTLY, at toddler age, mom is making the cards, but these card ideas are definitely ones that the kids will enjoy AND be able to be involved with if you are patient. And it’s always good for mom to practice her patience. 😉 )

And who doesn’t love to receive a Christmas card in the mail? (I mean, anything that’s not a bill is always a win, right?!)

Creating these Christmas cards with your preschooler will get you in the holiday spirit, and it’s also a totally awesome time to be able to bond with your child as well.

And sure, they might not look 100% professional (I mean, we are making Christmas cards with 3-year-olds after all) but I think anything that looks like your kid had fun making it is more awesome than some piece of laser-printed cardstock.

Leave those premade Christmas cards on the shelf and break out your creative skills instead. The results are certain to be pure magic.


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Christmas Cards for Toddlers to Make

These homemade Christmas card ideas are perfect for toddlers and little kids to help create! All they’ll need is just a little bit of supervision from you to whip up this adorable holiday cards.

The Night Before Christmas Poem Card

This is probably the most well-known Christmas poem of all time.

And it goes perfectly with this cute footprint card . What I love most about this handmade (footmade?) card is that it has the poem and the mouse that’s on it is actually the imprint of the foot of your child!

Just another awesome keepsake that you can share with all your loved ones, too. (If you can stand to actually send it away. I know I would have to keep the best copy of these feet for myself. lol.)

mouse footprint craft

Finger Print Christmas Tree Card

Another one that lets your little get a tiny bit messy!

(You know that’s what they want, lol.)

These fingerprint Christmas tree cards are super cute. Instructions here.

finger print card for kids to make

“Quilled” Christmas Tree Cards

Oh. My. Goodness.

This Christmas tree card is adorable. Like, crazy cute. (Have I mentioned that I love anything and everything Christmas?)

Being able to roll up the paper and create these quilled trees is something that I still love doing as an adult. (Don’t judge me… I’m just a big kid myself maybe!)

This Christmas card is one that you need to have on your radar because it’s just that adorable. And totally simple, too. This is one of those easy holiday crafts that you can whip up in no time at all.

making christmas cards with 3 year olds

Handprint Christmas Cards

Get out. These handprint Christmas cards are just the cutest.

And not only are they adorable to give, but they’re such a great keepsake as well!

It’s like taking a moment of time and showcasing just how little and adorable your child’s hand size it. Such an awesome card to gift to family and friends.

christmas cards for toddlers to make

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3D Reindeer Card

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t in love with this card.

First off, reindeer are amazing. Secondly, it’s sooo unique and 3D!

Enough said, right?! Your parental guidance and assistance will be a little more needed with this Christmas card activity but the result is 100% worth it.


Snowman Card

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Of course, you do. Who doesn’t?!

They just might be the cutest things ever…those coal eyes, though!

And while this might not be your traditional Christmas card, who says it won’t work? I for one would love to receive this in the mail or from the hand delivery of any adorable little child.

snowman Christmas Card

DIY Christmas Pop-Up Tree Card

This Pop-up Christmas Tree card is awesome.

Just picture this…you’re sitting in your chair, grateful for the handmade card that you’ve been handed by a smiling and enthusiastic toddler and you’re giddy to open it up and see what’s waiting inside. Then…surprise! That made-from-scratch Christmas card that you already loved just got a million times better!

A pop-up card is a fun wait to take an ordinary card to a whole other level.

Christmas cards for toddlers to make

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Cut-Out Dots Christmas Tree Card

I LOVE the look of this homemade Christmas card.

But just a little prepping from one momma to another, making Christmas cards with your 3-year-old (or any age child) for this card will need some extra supplies. Make certain to double-check all you’ll need to create this Christmas beauty and if you can make it happen, do so! The end results are stunning

More Christmas Card Ideas For Toddlers

Now that we’ve viewed the cutest Christmas card ideas for toddlers to create, let’s take a peek at a couple more awesome handmade Christmas card ideas for kids to make as well. When it comes to being creative, you can never stockpile too many adorable creations to try and make later.

Snow Globe Christmas Card

Did you know it’s entirely possible to create a Christmas card without even having to worry about glue and glitter? I know, I was just as shocked as you. But this homemade Christmas card idea for kids and adults is one of the cutest that I’ve seen. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve ordered our own Christmas cards online but that gets expensive really fast! Why not print off and just make your family Christmas card at home? You’re going to be amazed at how truly simple of a process this really is.

DIY Whimsical Family Portrait Christmas Card

Getting family portrait Christmas cards every year is actually a lot of fun. It allows people from all over the chance to see what everyone currently looks like now. But now that social media and staying in touch via Facebook is so prominent, everyone pretty much already knows what everyone looks like, right?

This is why this Whimsical Family Portrait Christmas Cardis so much fun. It takes your family and creates a family picture that is unique and fun. There’s nothing truly really about it but it shows a “cartoonish” look of your family, instead.

And while I think that this idea is totally genius and fun, I can guarantee you that it’s also 100% unique, too.

Christmas Coloring Cards

While these might not exactly be homemade, I do feel like they deserve to be on the list!

I love how simple these are for toddlers and kids to color. It just helps to get them in the holiday spirit and pass on that happiness.

Plus, if you happen to have a preschool or school party where you’re needing something “crafty” to take, these will do just the trick! Have all the kiddos color and decorate the cards and then gather them up to give to a local hospital or nursing home. It’s such a fun Christmas activity where you can pass them on and give back to others, too!

Three-Dimensional Santa Claus Card

There is so much happiness and holiday spirit going on with this Christmas card! Just look at how adorable Santa Claus is. And your toddler can make this beard super fluffy if they want. Since most children associate Christmas with Santa, this is a really fun Christmas card idea for kids that they’ll really love and enjoy.

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Other Christmas Card ideas for toddlers

Keep one thing in mind when trying to figure out what Christmas cards to create…your toddler is going to have a mind of their own.

Give them all the options and let them choose what they want to make. That way, they’ll be in the spirit of creating and getting to show their independence as well in making their own creative choices.

The entire purpose of creating Christmas cards in the comfort of your own home is to get as creative and as messy as you want! (Well, maybe not AS messy….)

Bring out the paint, the glitter, the pom-pom balls, the glue and just let your toddler have all the fun that they want.

The end result just might be a masterpiece that you can’t wait to share with all your friends. And if not, it’s something that you can at least hang proudly from your fridge at home!

What are the benefits of crafting with toddlers?

Don’t forget that creating together is a blessing in itself. Taking time out of our busy everyday lives and just sitting and being with your child is priceless. All your little one wants it to spend time with you and to be with you so combining those loving moments in life with creativity and fun just seems like the perfect fit.

Creating crafts and homemade cards together not only encourages communication and engagement with your toddler, but it also gives you the gift of providing so many wonderful memories as well. It’s your chance to create your own holiday magic at home.

Have fun creating these toddler-approved Christmas cards!

They’re all so stinking adorable and cute!

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Do you have a favorite homemade Christmas card on this list?

These homemade Christmas card ideas for toddlers are adorable. Not only are they simple and easy, but they're perfect for holiday fun and Christmas activities as well. #christmascardsfortoddlers #holidaycards #homemadeChristmascards

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