I’ll be the first to admit…I’m a sucker for Christmas movies. All of them. Every. Single. One. Now that I’m a momma, I’m always adding to my list of Christmas family movies that I have to watch every year.

And each year, my list grows bigger and bigger. There’s no shame in my Christmas game. I love all types of Christmas movies. Action-packed, animated, Hallmark, family-friendly, comedy…you name it.

Honestly anything that can make me smile, make me laugh, or make me cry tears of happiness is going to make it on my holiday movie list. And now that we’re going to have a second toddler in a few short years, I’m searching high and low for some of the best animated Christmas movies to add to my favorites as well.

(Watching a Christmas movie together is a GREAT Christmas tradition for kids if you’re looking for something kid-friendly to do as a family.)

In my life, the Christmas season starts when I see the shelves at the store being lined full of all that holiday cheer. And to me, that means endless nights of family-friendly Christmas movies that we can enjoy and use to get into the Christmas spirit.

This year, I’m preparing and am ahead of the game with this Christmas movie post. Not only am I using this as a way to track down all the best Christmas movies for toddlers, but it’s also allowing me to be a bit organized and have an actual list to follow and refer to. (it’s seriously like an early Christmas present for myself!)

Get ready to buy up some of those Christmas popcorn tins from the store and create epic family movie nights with these awesome holiday movies.


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Live movies are great, but there’s nothing quite like an animated Christmas movie. Not only are they cute and jolly but they’re also always chocked full of holiday spirit.

Here are just a few of my top picks for some of the best animated Christmas movies that you just can’t miss.


This one won’t be fondly remembered from your childhood, but if your kids have seen Frozen (the Disney movie) they are almost guaranteed to LOVE Olaf’s frozen adventure. It’s a cute short film (24 minutes) about Christmas traditions, complete with songs and giggles.

We watch it (over and over and over) leading up to Christmas on Disney+.

(If you don’t have Disney+, I’d definitely consider getting the subscription as a Christmas gift for your kids this year. I personally prefer to not buy an abundance of plastic-toy home-clutter gifts… and Disney+ is something the whole family will enjoy all year, so it’s a major win.)


“He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch”. And no matter how mean he is, millions of families from all over the world love him nonetheless. Help his “too little heart” out by cuddling up with your children and tuning in. You might know how the ending is going to happen, but it never gets tiring to see over and over again.


I’m sure by now there is a newer version out there, but the one that I’m referring to is the classic one that was made in 1964. This one is a gem! There’s a reason that it’s been played for over 50 years on TV every single Christmas season.

I’ve probably tuned into this thing at least 20 times (showing my age a bit, right?) and I don’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon. I love the message, the story, and the characters. It’s pretty safe to say that the world fell in love with them from the moment that they were created.


Short by sweet, Peanuts lover unite over this Christmas classic. This is where the “Charlie Brown tree” comes into play year after year. It’s a cute movie that really shows how getting over the holiday blues is possible with the help of good friends.

The Peanuts gang always delivers no matter what. That Snoopy just nails it.

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If your toddler is crazy about this adorable monkey, then they won’t want to miss out on this holiday movie. The entire show is focusing on what the Man in the Yellow Hat and George should get each other for Christmas, and to be honest, I still act surprised every time I watch it.

The shenanigans are innocent and cute and make for a fun way to spend the evening cuddles up watching a family-friendly movie.


This is such a classic Christmas movie. This version actually has Jim Carey in it which had me hook, line and sinker. The graphics are really cool and in 3D so that makes it really appealing and does a great job at keeping the attention of the kids as well.

If you’ve seen any version of this movie, they all are actually pretty similar. I just like this one for the kids because of the 3D action and actors in it.


I swear I need a napkin for my tears every time that I watch this Christmas movie for toddlers. It’s wonderful and happy and then suddenly becomes very real and sad. And while the movie does a great job of showcasing it, it still always tugs at my heartstrings every single time.

But, even though I know the outcome of how it ends, I also know without a doubt that I’ll be anxiously waiting until I see it on the TV line up this holiday season.


Mickey Mouse never disappoints. And even though this is just one of the Christmas films that he stars in, he does a darn good job in it, for sure. I’ve watched a ton of different versions of The Christmas Carol but I actually really like this one the best.

Seeing it animated just makes it all that much more fun.


Now that we broke it down and put the animated holiday classics out there first, it’s time to dive in and talk about all the other Christmas movies for family fun that need to be on your radar as well.

Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for all things Christmas? If I didn’t have adult responsibilities to tend to every day, there’s a good chance that you might find me sitting on the couch binge-watching a few Christmas movies right now…don’t judge. (Maybe my love for Christmas movies is why I’m always on Santa’s good list every year…just a thought.)


There is literally a Christmas movie about EVERYTHING. And while I’m a big fan of the pups, I will say that this movie is definitely one that the kids are certain to like.

Seriously. Who can deny puppies wearing Santa hats? I know I can’t which is how I hooked myself into watching it in the first place. This Christmas family film is all about reminding what the reason is for the season.

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There’s no denying that Miss Piggy and Kermit have it going on. The whole crew joins in on this one to showcase just how fun and feisty the holidays can really be. It’s packed full of laugh out loud moments and honestly takes me back to when I was younger watching these same characters in my Christmas-themed pajamas.


This movie gives me all the feels. I love the way that it incorporates the doubt and wonder of Christmas and perfectly entwines it with the magic as well. It really is a great family film that I feel is appropriate for all ages.

And there’s a very good chance that if you turn on your TV around Christmas time, you’ll find this playing as well. If you ask me, any Christmas movie that can withstand all the changes in our media and entertainment and still hold strong as a classic is a true holiday classic to watch.


Take your pick of any of The Nutcracker movies that have been made. They’re all wonderful and great. Some focus more on the storyline while others focus more on the music and dancing. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve probably seen them all!

Can you believe that there are so many great Christmas movies for toddlers? And this is just a short list. Once you find one that you like, there are always more out there to add into your Christmas movie rotation.


While I know that the focus here is on toddler-approved Christmas movies, I’d be said if I didn’t add on a few of my other favorite holiday flicks. I’m NOT saying that these below are toddler-approved as that choice is totally up to you as a parent as to let them watch or not…but what I am saying is that these Christmas movies are great for family fun.

These are literally some of MY favorite Christmas movies that might just become yours as well.


I can’t get enough of this hilarious movie. I always watch it during the holiday season and probably have half of the movie memorized as well. It’s quirky, fun, and has Will Ferrel in it…so in reality, what more could you possibly need? 

If you’re feeling like you need a bit of laughter and fun in your holiday future, cue up Elf and get ready to fall in love.

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Even as I sit here and think about this movie, I’m laughing at how truly unbelievable it is. What parents would forget their child at home and not even realize it till they were on their plane heading to their Christmas vacation?

The part of the movie where the son has a heyday being on his own? Totally believable, without a doubt. I’d do the exact same thing if I were that age and had a massive home all to myself. I’d raid the cupboards, eat all the chocolate, sleep the day away and probably order in a ton of Chinese takeout.

Sounds like the perfect plot for a Home Alone 3 movie, right?!


This is the best Christmas movie, ever. Hands down winner, without a doubt. The storyline is genius, the actors and actresses were cast perfectly, and the dialogue is beyond hilarious.

I highly recommend watching this movie with the closed caption on so you don’t miss out on any of the words. I never knew how much I was missing out on until I turned them on once when I was watching. So many new laughs that year.

“You’ll shoot your eye out” is one saying that most people know. And The Christmas Story is truly an awesome Christmas classic.


I never thought that Tim Allen would make a great Santa Claus, but he does! Honestly, I was shocked the first time that I saw this movie…I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well done.

The way that they have him slowly transforming into Santa Claus is perfect and certain to draw a ton of laughs. There is even a Santa Claus 2..and yes, I’ve watched that one as well. (it’s still good but the first one is my favorite of the two!)

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This Christmas movie was actually released directly by Netflix last year and received a ton of positive praise. Of course, I had to line up and watch it as soon as it came out…and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. The dynamic duo that they cast to play Santa and Mrs. Claus are perfect and you’ll just have to tune in to find out who it is.

It’s full of excitement, family and a bit of sadness as well but the ending is one that will have you smiling for a few days.

I told you that I love Christmas, right? Literally, everything about it. The holiday food, the Christmas giving, the love, and holiday cheer…and, of course, the never-ending options for Christmas movies.

If you start now, you just might have enough time to get all these Christmas movies watched…and if you don’t, don’t fret. You’ll have next year and the next to catch up and see them all!

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie for toddlers or your family that you love and look forward to every year?

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