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Anxiety and Diet – The Ultimate Guide to Living (Well) With Anxiety, Part 4

There is a possibility that your anxiety has nothing to do with your diet. Totally. If your anxiety is a product of a very traumatic experience, maybe it’s 100% a mental disorder. There is no real solid way to determine the cause of an anxiety disorder, unfortunately, because there are so many possible causes. There’s a chance that improving your diet won’t help. But there is also a (good, I believe) chance that it could help. Anxiety is complex, our bodies are complex. I have been absolutely convinced, through experience, that my diet directly affects my anxiety.

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Dealing With Anxiety in Pregnancy

Dealing with anxiety in pregnancy isn’t something I had ever given much thought to before – and I had shared (more or less) all the basics of the things I know about living well with anxiety. But of course, there’s always more to learn. In fact, every new experience offers me a choice – A) choose to learn how to deal or B) spiral into full blown prolonged panic mode.

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