Meet Tracy:

Simple living blogger, 2 years in, making $2000-$3000/month

Q: First, tell us a little about you and your blog income journey –

when did you start, what do you blog about, how much time do you put into it etc. I understand that you’re not blogging about blogging, so talking about your income in specific numbers is something you might not do – but IF you’re willing to share how much you earn on average in a month, we’d LOVE to know.

A: My name is Tracy Lynn and I have a little blog called Simple Living Country Gal.

I blog about all things that have to do with simple living. Homesteading, decluttering, frugal living tips, and gardening. I teach folks how to grow it, make it, raise it so they don’t have to buy it.

I began blogging in 2016 for my second attempt. That first attempt resembling a crash and burn, which basically means money was spent but not a single penny was earned. This time around I was fiercely determined to make it work. I dove in head first learning all I could working long intense hours. And I am happy to say it paid off. Within 6 months I was consistently making $500 a month. No, not a lot of money by any means but to earning any money at all writing about goats and chickens was pretty much mind blowing to me so I was thrilled to make anything!

I kept working for the next 2 years taking the absolute longest path possible (meaning I did most of the things in the wrong order. Tip: do not do this.) I slowly kept my income growing until eventually I hit my stride at about $2,000 a month with some months hitting over (gasp) $3,000.

Again, it’s not a lot, it get it. But you know for me my goal was to quit my two jobs and blog full time. And yes that is what I am doing today. No more 9-5’s for this gal. I am making money on my little farm even if it is not in the most conventional way.

3K writing about goats and cleaning a fridge?! It is simply too cool to put into words!

Q: Why do you think your blog is able to make money when so many others aren’t? What have you done differently?

A: I truly believe when I stopped looking for that magical secret ingredient that would get that income rolling in and just realized it took hard work and determination my revenue became steadier and grew. I know you read all the time, “How I grew my blog to 2 million pageview 6 months” and “How I make 100k a month blogging” and I totally fell for them too.

But there is no secret out there.

It’s hard work, it’s long hours, it’s gritty determination, it’s loving to help others live a better life and be a better person and you really need all of these things to succeed.

I am going to jump in here and tell you that yes there might be just one secret to creating a money making successful blog. Are you ready? I am going to share it with you right now….

Read what other bloggers are doing in your niche and DO IT BETTER.

Yep, that’s it. Easy peasy yet so incredibly hard. Do that and you will kill it!

Q: What was your biggest hurdle to earning an income with your blog… and how did you overcome it?

A: My hurdle was pageviews.

Ugh, I know right?! But ad revenue is not the way to make money. Not if you want to sleep at night. When you are dependent on Pinterest and Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and for that traffic to click your ads to make money… you are setting yourself up for a stressful job that is not fun at all. And hey, blogging is supposed to be fun! When you depend on pageviews to earn an income you have put yourself at the mercy of algorithms and updates and nobody wants that.

Pageviews and ad revenue should always be your plan “B” and nothing more than that.

Q: Can you share you best advice for how to make money with a blog? 

A: If you want to make money blogging. Real money. Honest to goodness money. Then you need to put your main focus into building a dedicated email list. A list of dedicated readers that want to read what you have to say and want to buy what you have to sell or at the very least what you recommend. The secret sauce to any successful blog is an email list of raving fans.

My best advice to you is to spend 1 hour every single day working on growing and nurturing your email list. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Write up an amazing welcome letter that lays everything out as to what your new reader will get from you. Be specific and direct so there are no surprises.
  2. Turn that welcome letter into a mini sequence of 2-4 emails with each letter containing some amazing advice, a killer tip, or a freebie that will knock their socks off.
  3. Work on creating opt-ins that are blog post specific. When you do this you know exactly the type of reader you are getting and you can categorize them in your email service so that you only send content specific emails. This will turn that new subscriber into a loyal fan.
  4. Visit social media outlets and put an amazing free offer there as well. This will really help to get your blog name out there in front of more eyes and we know that is a good thing. A very good thing..
  5. Work on email subject lines. These few words are usually the key to an awesome open rate. Whenever you are working keep a pad and paper close by. If a catchy phrase, helpful tip or funny quote jumps out at you… write it down! Keep a list of amazing one liners that will help you to get those emails opened.
  6. If you find something is working, a subject line, a free offer, anything at all…… I want you to do this. DUPLICATE IT! If it worked once it WILL work again. Trust me I have done the legwork. 🙂
  7. Above all never stop improving. I rewrite welcome letters constantly and create new opt-ins every single week. Keep trying new things until you find the recipe that works for your niche and your blog and the money will most definitely come rolling in – no matter what niche you are writing about.

You can read my very best email generating blog post and opt-in.

I encourage you to check it out here and see what you think!

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Listen blogging is hard I get it, but if you love what you do and you are doing what you love it no longer feels like work. And that after all is our goal. To be happy doing what we absolutely love.