I don’t usually share recipes.

But these wedges have been on my menu ALOT lately – sometimes you just a need REALLY easy side dish. Like if you’re massively pregnant and life is hard.

When I lived in Australia (which was quiet a few years ago now, so maybe things have changed…) the most popular bar snack you could order was potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce.

Oh. my. goodness. Is it weird that one of the things I miss the very most about Australia (and this is a place I love with my whole heart) is a bowl of potatoes?

I hesitate to buy pre-made potato wedges ‘cus not only are you paying a premium for one of the cheapest foods out there, but lots of the stuff they’re coated in has gluten (and all manner of other stuff) in it. (But seriously, the price of pre-made wedges vs. the price of a potato! Craziness.)

Anyhow, a few years ago I was watching my sister make dinner and she solved ALL my potato wedge dilemmas. And she made it look so easy I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it myself before. Plus my husband LOVES these, and doesn’t mind if we eat them multiple times per week.

the easiest yummiest (gluten free) potato wedges ever

The easiest potatoes you’ll ever make (probably)

♥ 1) Chop your potatoes into wedges (I usually use baby potatoes and just cut them in halves or quarters, so mine are mini wedges these days).

the easiest yummiest (gluten free) potato wedges ever

♥ 2) Toss them with a couple tbsp of olive oil, a healthy sprinkle of seasoning salt and garlic powder in a mixing bowl. (By the way – if you have never tried the Johnny’s garlic spread and seasoning pictured above – you are MISSING OUT. I don’t know if it’s 100 % safe for celiacs… you might want to stick to garlic powder. Johnny’s doesn’t bother my husbands stomach at all however.)

the easiest yummiest (gluten free) potato wedges ever

♥ 3) spread on baking tray bake them at 400F for about half hour (maybe 45 minutes if you make really big wedges).

the easiest yummiest (gluten free) potato wedges ever

♥ 4) I turn them (well, I toss them around with a flipper) once during cooking.

the easiest yummiest (gluten free) potato wedges ever


Gluten-free, scary additive free, cheap-cheap, and easy. Oh and My favorite thing – yummy.

The Easiest Yummy (and gluten free) Potato wedges ever