Why Clutter-free Christmas gifts?

I personally have a VERY difficult time with clutter – (or should say, I DID have a very difficult time with it. I’m getting better at conquering clutter all the time)! So Clutter-free Christmas gifts are absolutely the way to go for me.

I strive to live as clutter-free as possible, and try to be mindful of the things I bring into my home… and of the things I send to OTHER people’s homes as well.

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I think it’s easier to buy clutter-free for little people than ANYONE else, because they can’t buy anything for themselves and they’ll be excited about whatever you’re excited about… don’t miss out on these great clutter-free Christmas gifts years 😉


First, the basic clutter-free Christmas gifts rules:

To fall into the “clutter-free Christmas gifts” category, a gift has to be something that either a) doesn’t exist physically, b) is consumable c) is desperately wanted and LOVED by the person receiving it, or D) is USEFUL. (But very few people want a cheese grater for Christmas.) Gifts that fall into the “C” category are gifts I don’t make assumptions about. If you’re getting a “C” category gift from me, I’ve checked with you to see if you WANT this, or it’s returnable at the very least. So the following rules apply:

  1. Ask the people on your list what they want. Seriously, do this. It’s OK if the gift isn’t a complete surprise. (Case in point. I have wanted a gorgeous globe like this one for YEARS – my sister asked me what I wanted, and now I have one. I asked her what SHE wanted, and now she has this pretty blanket for her living room. I would never have chosen that for her in a million years if I had been left to figure it out on my own. But it’s what she wanted.)
  2. Gifts that are useful but STILL enjoyable are GREAT gifts – and they DO exist. There’s some on this list. Just make sure the person receiving them thinks they’re enjoyable!
  3. More gifts is not better. You don’t need to buy everyone 10 things to open. (Plus, you can spend a bit more when you’re only buying one or two things.)
  4. When in doubt, go with something consumable / experience-able / digital. 
  5. Make a family rule about no one getting offended if someone wants to return a gift. 

Great Clutter-free Christmas gifts:

For the little people ~

Things you won’t trip over (or have to pick up ten times per day are good things). Things that don’t last forever in your home are good things. This doesn’t mean you can’t give them anything fun…Just maybe LESS of that stuff, and some good consumable, clutter free things! (I personally love the idea of something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read!)


  • Craft supplies – colored paper, crayons, scented markers, sidewalk chalk and coloring books are things I consider “not clutter” because they are consumable.
  • A bed sheet set with their favorite TV show or superhero– like these super cute paw patrol bed sheets. (Might make bedtime more appealing too!)

  • A cute piggy bank with a few coins in it – if that’s appropriate for their age. Start teaching your kids about money!
  • Audiobooks (and maybe a CD player?) for quiet time. 
  • Sticker Books – (I can still remember the sheer excitement of stickers. I think I’ll always love them.) – you can get them in favorite TV shows and characters too – like Disney’s Frozen or Marvel’s Super Heros. Bonus, they won’t be around forever.  
  • Playdough – Don’t buy playdough accessories – those ARE clutter. Use fun things from the kitchen (like cookie cutters) that you already have. Or you could get something like this awesome Kid’s Tupperware Baking set. (Which I totally bought for myself, despite the fact that I won’t have a kid big enough to use it for a few years. Almost all the things in it are USEFUL in the kitchen, so it’s not clutter! There’s a roller, spatula, sifter and cookie cutters – all great for playdough. The mixing bowl and measuring cup are my personal favorite pieces tho.)

(By the way, if you are planning to order many gifts from Amazon this year, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial, and get all your purchases shipped FOR FREE. If you are planning to cancel after the 30 day trial make sure you order everything in the 30 days to take full advantage of it!)

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For slightly older (but not, say, old enough to drive people) ~ 

  • A night out at the movies with mom and dad – movie of their choice.
  • Tickets to a sports event they’d love to go to. 
  • Science Kits – So much fun, and consumable or “use-up-able”. (There are all kinds out there, like this awesome one that grows colored crystals, or something more “experimenty” like this one to make them feel like real mad scientists!) Or something basic – like this one where you break open geodes to find treasures inside. All fun.

  • mobile apps / games for computer / ipad.
  • A fairy garden kit ALMOST clutter – but you can build it in a potted plant that already exists in the house, or even better, outside.
  • Their own bank account with a debit card – (and some money in it). TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY!!
  • A beautiful jewelry box – not the cheap throw-away kind, and no pink plastic. Something they can keep and use for YEARS, like this one.

  • Sports equipment and the opportunity to use it – like joining the soccer team or hockey team.
  • Their favorite athlete’s jersey – more fun than regular clothes but still “use-able”.

For Teenagers ~ 

Things they can’t afford to buy for themselves – as long as they are things they will use! This list could be endless.

  • iTunes gift card – (movie theater gift cards, gift cards to their favorite stores etc.)
  • Make-up and nail polish.
  • Perfume or cologne – the good stuff, that they can’t afford to buy with babysitting money.
  • Permission (and help) to re-decorate their room. Maybe buy the paint – whatever color they want!
  • Concert Tickets.
  • A cute purse/wallet. This is one I’d make sure they want or is returnable.
  • Ear Piercing or Earings.
  • High-quality earbuds. Beats by Dr Dre have great reviews.
  • PlayStation / Xbox games.
  • Skip gifts and plan a family holiday – agree on a destination everyone would like. (My vote is still for Disney.)

Other clutter-free Christmas gifts suggestions for little people or teens? I’d love to add to my list! Leave your ideas in the comments, please!

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